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message 1: by Caven (new)

Caven Tootell | 8 comments Looking for well known historical fiction authors and/or characters who best display the characteristics in the table below.

Core Belief Emotional Reactive Pattern Authors/Characters
1 Perfectionist Self-righteousness
2 Helper/Giver Pride
3 Achiever Deceit
4 Artist/Romantic Elitism
5 Analyst/Observer Avarice
6 Loyal Sceptic Paranoia
7 Epicure Conceit
8 Boss/Protector Revenge
9 Peacemaker/Mediator Sloth
10 Explorer/Motivator Pathfinding
11 Encourager/Facilitator Creates safe environment
12 Promoter/People Strategist Building bridges
13 Practical Problem Solver Solving/Innovating
14 Creative Change Agent Aligning systems
15 Visionary/Planner Planning & Risk Mgt
16 Auditor/Organiser Analysing & learning
17 Driver/Completer Energising

message 2: by Michel (last edited Jan 19, 2020 09:15PM) (new)

Michel Poulin | 173 comments Caven, you have listed many positive character traits, but few negative ones. A good story can't only be made of nice guys, or it would be a rather boring one. Even mostly good historical fiction characters have negative traits, like Captain Nemo (burning hatred of the British), which only makes them more complex, realistic characters.

Some negative traits that could add to a historical fiction character could be:
- Jealousy (about any Renaissance aristocrat woman)
- Arrogance (could also be self-assurance pushed to an extreme)
- Thirst for power (Julius Cesar)
- Inflexible personal beliefs (religious, political, social)
- Misogynie
- Narcissism
- Sociopathy

message 3: by Caven (new)

Caven Tootell | 8 comments Michael, many thanks. This exercise is part of a much larger piece of work - so sorry could only include that small précis in the post.
I stuck with the Emotional Reactive Patterns to capture the ‘negative’ sides of characters - for example the few which correspond to the 7 Deadly Sins - more to create a complex character - they may have good qualities for example as an Achiever, but their reactive pattern tends them to be deceitful - which we can turn darker.

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