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message 1: by Belinda (new)

Belinda (beribel) | 81 comments Mod
"... this practice of purchasing a story in order to bury it. It was an old term in the tabloid industry: "catch and kill."" (a quote from the book)

This book references more about the reporting experience of Ronan Farrow on the Harvey Weinstein story then the HW story itself. It talks about the resistance Farrow and his team faced at first in NBC, all the legal stuff involved, who to trust, and the constant looking behind one's back because of how powerful HW is (or how dirty he and his team plays). It also talks a bit about the involvement of foreign PI firm using intelligence collection methods that are of the dubious if not illegal kind. Towards the end of the book it also talks about the lengths the network would go to in order to cover up the improper sexual conducts of their stars or higher ups (which is very well portrait in Apple TV's The Morning Show). Even though the scope of the book was not what I expected, I still find it an interesting read.

Anyone interested in this book can explore the podcast "Catch and Kill" first, it is fun to listen to and which is also how I was 'lured' into reading this book in the first place.

message 2: by Eric (new)

Eric Schatz | 346 comments Mod
Better than expected, and stronger as the book progressed. The book moved from retelling the pursuit of the Weinstein story to draw linkages b/t Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Trump & the National Enquirer.

In particular, the books exposes how NBC -- by tolerating and ignoring bad behavior within its own News division -- made itself vulnerable to blackmail (or external pressure) and limited its reporting on the Weinstein case.

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