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Dark Angel | 157 comments Mod
Full Name:

Birth Gender:
Gender Identification:
Sexual Orientation:
Relationship Status:




Do you believe in ghosts?:
What do you think happened to Dawn?:
What are your thoughts on Elizabeth and the 'it girls'?:

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities, and if so, what are they?:


Important Miscellaneous Information:

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Dark Angel | 157 comments Mod
Full Name: Elizabeth Audrina Farrow
Nickname(s): E, Liza

Age: Sixteen
Year: Ten

Birth Gender: Female
Gender Identification: Female
Sexual Orientation: Undiscovered bisexual
Relationship Status: Liza is currently in a fragile relationship with long-time boyfriend Lucas.

Secret(s):(view spoiler)

Appearance: Elizabeth is, without question, an ethereal question. She's that girl you can't help but glance twice at as she glides past you in the hall, that girl that, try as you might, you can't tear your eyes from as she hands you £100 to pay for her latest handbag. Her looks have been described by many as angelic, others as ethereal, and a fair few as haunting. Indeed, haunting may be closest to the truth, for once you have seen her, her image is eternally burned into your mind, never to be erased. For who could ever forget such eyes as hers, that change as easily as the weather? One moment light as mist, the next dark as the clouds that seem to hang above her family forever. And who could dare forget hair in such a rare shade? Silver-gilt, falling in glossy strands over her shoulders like moonrays and sunbeams entwined. Her delicate face is oval, with small, feminine features. Her thin brows are always perfectly plucked, her nails always filed to the ideal length and the polish never chipped. Rather than following trends, she sets her own. Sometimes she wears classic staples, sometimes she mixes modern pieces such as jeans with long, flowing tops that have patterns on them that might have easily fit onto a renaisance dress. No matter what she wears, she always looks polished and put together. Around her neck, a gold 'E' hangs, glistening with diamonds. It is a symbol of her power that her initial necklace is gold, while the others are silver and have smaller diamonds. Elizabeth is very conscious of such things.

Personality: Like a rose, Elizabeth has a very complex structure; like an onion, she has many layers. At first glance, she would appear to be your average spoiled rich girl, surrounded by an inner circle who are more like handmaidens than friends, and an outer circle that are literally referred to as 'minions.' She is accustomed to getting her own way in everything, and should she fail the first time, she is willing to resort to all sorts of schemes to ensure that it turns out 'the way it should' in the end. In Elizabeth's mind, nothing is as it should be unless everybody is bowing down to her and acknowledging her as the most superior being, but that does not make her evil.
For instance, it is well known that she truly loved her sister, Dawn, and is heartbroken over her death. She is furious with her boyfriend, though nobody knows why, but from what they can gather, he was inattentive to Dawn. She loved her sister more than anything else in the world, more even than her many material possessions. She once claimed, in total honesty, that she would give them all up to make her sister well. But of course that can never happen now.
Rather than lying, which she avoids whenever possible, Elizabeth has this clever trick of twisting and bending the truth so that it is almost unrecognisable. She has a gift of swaying adults to her side, captivating them with her sweet smile and honeyed words. But that is not to say that she is being insincere. Of course, she recognizes that insincerity is sometimes necessary, but there are some adults that she dearly cherishes. Elena, for example, is fiercely guarded by her, and if anyone were ever to make a move against Elena, she herself would act against that person.
Elizabeth is vain and materialistic. She likes nothing better than to be told she looks pretty in her new dress, or to go on a three-day shopping spree over the weekend. Those who spend more than five minutes with her know that she is much deepr than that. She has a love of the arts; she has a strong belief in ghosts. She always tries to stay within the school rules, as she wants to make her parents proud, and has always felt a heavy burden to do so as they have always put pressure on her to 'make up for Dawn's failings,' and now to work even harder as their only living daughter. Sometimes, she feels as though she will crack under the weight of the pressure her parents put on her, though she tries not to show this.
She forbids anyone in her clique from teasing the disabled or less fortunate. In fact, she tries to be kind to them, seeing Dawn before she went crazy with the need for revenge in some of them; seeing Dawn when she was innocent. However, if anyone dares cross her, insult her, or try to make a play for power in any way, she is quick to put them in their place. She is quite happy to help almost any girl with a problem they might have, but she expects reverence in return, which in her mind is quite a fair trade.

Do you believe in ghosts?: "Of course I do. In a place like this, you would be mad not to."
What do you think happened to Dawn?: "I think she wanted to die, so she did."
What are your thoughts on Elizabeth and the 'it girls'?: "We're amazing, obviously!"

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities, and if so, what are they?: Fashion design, student council (president), yoga, cheerleading

Biography: Elizabeth Audrina Farrow was born exactly ten minutes before her sister, Dawn, in a private English hospital. By this time, her father had already inherited the school and named himself headmaster. The children were therefore sent to live with Sybilla's mother, Vivian, in her enormous stately mansion. Elizabeth grew up a healthy and happy child, the favourite of all who met her for her wit, charm and intelligence. But Vivian soon noticed that something was wrong with Dawn. Though they all tried everything, the girl simply would not talk. Many visits to the doctor confirmed that she could not. As the years passed, Elizabeth matured mentally, while Dawn lagged a few years behind. Jonathan eagerly anticipated receiving Elizabeth as a pupil at Farrow Academy, but both he and his wife dreaded the return of her sister. So they came up with a plan, having a crumbling wing that had been fenced off for years restored for her to live in and appointing the English teacher, Elena, as Dawn's tutor.
Elizabeth thrived as soon as she arrived, girls flocking to her as she was the daughter of their headmaster, praising her beautiful hair and her smooth skin. Soon, she had formed the Inner Circle, and the minions came next. But through this, she did worry about her sister. She visited Dawn often, taking time out of her busy social life to check on her. After she started dating Lucas, she brought him along sometimes, and Dawn instantly adored him for his seemingly sweet, brotherly nature towards her.
That was why she had no issues leaving them alone together that night...
Now Dawn is dead, and she is forced to endure the whisper of her sister's name wherever she goes, the constant speculation. The school seems to think it's a game, one big murder mystery to be solved so that the winning detective can then be congratulated over a bottle of bubbly. They are so, so wrong. They have no idea what's coming, and if they aren't careful, Dawn's vengeance will turn on them, too.

Important Miscellaneous Information: Elizabeth wears a gold ring with a large centre diamond on the fourth finger of her left hand. It is not an engagement ring, but a purity ring. Rather than scorn her for it, most boys seem to take it as a challenge, and those who do not are respectful enough to keep their distance as they have no intention of marrying her. She likes to wear things on her head a lot, such as hats and headbands. Only those she considers friends are allowed to shorten her name, and even then, she will only accept E or Liza. All other students must call her Elizabeth. When she wants to look especially queenly, she will wear the 'crown' that her friends gave to her when they told her that she was their queen. It's a headband made of real gold, adorned with precious stones. Her favourite colours are champagne, gold, white and dusky pink. She loves rich chocolate, relaxing baths, aromatherapy and roses. Elizabeth is Head of Farrow house and Deputy Head Girl.

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Pancake Butterball (upsetbean) | 24 comments Full Name: Lui Lockwood
Nickname(s): Lui
Age: 16
Year: one

Birth Gender: Female
Gender Identification: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single

Secret(s): So Far lui has no secrets but discovered that she was Bisexual and it is only know to herself

Appearance: https://i.pinimg.com/236x/4c/96/6e/4c...

Personality: Funny, sweet, dense, Clumsy, slightly rude which means that she swears slightly at people and makes fun of people.

Do you believe in ghosts?: "Yes i do believe in Ghost and they can help us"
What do you think happened to Dawn?: " I never really knew her but i do believe she wanted to Die
What are your thoughts on Elizabeth and the 'it girls'?: " I think their amazing and wonderful

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities, and if so, what are they?: Yoga, Cheerleading, Fashion

Biography: Lui lockwood was born two minutes late then she was due, in a public american hospital, this was the reason she inherited two toned hair and pure black eyes. Lui's mother and father treated her with distaste despite being their daughter, they never acknowledged her or her talents. Being the daughter of a rich CEO therefore she was sent to Farrow to learn new skills, when she arrived she got picked on and abused by older girls for her looks. Therefore she pulls pranks and likes to leave bugs in the girls lockers but the one thing she always leaves in the head girl's locker is a Spider which is big and hairy.

Important Miscellaneous Information: Lui likes to dress like a boy with short hair, she wears a black ring's on her right hand and has both ears pierced with her lip and nose as well.
( right and left) : https://i.pinimg.com/564x/ba/e7/b5/ba...
(lip): https://i.pinimg.com/236x/e8/27/09/e8...
( nose): https://i.pinimg.com/236x/dc/04/2e/dc...

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Soft Key | 125 comments Based off multiple Missio songs.


      Female    16    Eleventh Year    Heterosexual   Winchester  

━ I

Hannah Roselen Xith is a, very, known girl, yet not for a reason you’d think. The last name Xith is known by popularity of course. The Xith family is one of models, designers, and powerful business men/women. Of course, with that, Hannah is put in a spotlight. Something she doesn’t desire. Little is known of the Xith family, or of what goes on in their mansions and houses. Neither what truly happens when one little slip up it made.

The Xith’s have some sort of, talent, a knack for knowing when something’s about to happen, like a sixth sense. They’re famous yes, but known for their high security measures and special, er, carry on’s.
The family is quiet, a handful. They often come out with new clothes for any social class. As well, they have their own shoes, makeup, perfume/deodorant, and so on.

(view spoiler)

━ II

Despite being known, Hannah is quiet an anxious and shy person. She doesn’t like crowds or being yelled at. She’s a fragile girl, a result of many years of verbal abuse from her parents.
Her mind is at the bottom of a murky sea, who she wants to be, a healthier and happier her, is at the surface. Where she’s at now, is the result of years of the problems caused by her parents.

Hannah has a, resting bitch face, but with that, she has the most charming smile, and the stupidest laugh. It’s enough to make anyone blush and smile. It’s contagious around her, when’s she’s happy- everyone’s happy. She just has that effect.


Schedule - Strengths (S) and Weaknesses (W)

1. Spanish - Foreign Language Credit ( S )

2. Geometry- Mathematics Credit ( S )

3. Creative Writing - English Credit ( W )

4. Anatomy - Science Credit ( S )

Second Lunch

5. World History - Social Studies Credit ( S )

6. Free Period - Study Hall

7. Photography - Electives Credit ( S )

8. Extra - Astronomy - Science Credit


Extra Information

[ Likes — [ Tranquility, books, heat, butterfly kisses, Polaroids ]

[ Dislikes — [ Screaming, yelling, crowds, thick bracelets]

Birth Gender: Female
Gender Identification: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single

“Do you believe in ghosts?”
“Yes, I do. It would explain the constant need to look over my shoulder when I’m alone, to see if I really am. I believe some are vengeful spirits, and some are on here on their own terms.”

“What do you think happened to Dawn?”
“I.. I believe something unnatural happened. It was by her own hand, but someone.. was controlling her? Force it perhaps... it’s stupid I-I know..”

“What are your thoughts on Elizabeth and the 'it girls'?”
“...Who? Oh, er, I don’t pay much attention to others, I keep my head down.. they seem, nice. They seem like the type of girls you wouldn’t want to cross though..”

“Do you participate in any extracurricular activities, and if so, what are they?”
“Oh.. I’m a bit of an odd case in my family but, I’m In Choir, a soloist. Bit of an odd choice of music that I sing.. but I’m also in design, of course.”

Fc : Linnea Gröndahl

Physical Detail’s : https://lemanagement.se/model/linnea-...

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Full Name: Xzonya Miraque
Nickname(s): X-15
Age: 15
Year: Eleven

Birth Gender: Female
Gender Identification: Female
Sexual Orientation: Strait
Relationship Status: Single

Secret(s): Xzonya has no secrets as of now.

Eyes: Grey
Hair: White-ish gray
Skin: Light Peach

Xzonya is quiet because of her experience, she is afraid to speak much because she thinks she might loose her life, too. She likes to stick to the shadow's and hide. Xzonya will sometimes be very hard to find at time's which is a wreck when people try to find her. She is usually out in the open and expects harsh treatment because of her birth parents. She loves to take walks and read, but the smoking and Alcohol come from being too depressed although she takes medication for it.

Exstra pic(s):

Do you believe in ghosts?: " I doubt they exist but clues are clues."
What do you think happened to Dawn?: " Dead girl tells no tale."
What are your thoughts on Elizabeth and the 'it girls'?:" I'm Not sure I want to give opinion on the~ what was it called? oh yeah, IT girls."

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities, and if so, what are they?: no, not yet.

Biography: Xzonya comes from a family of natural grey eyed people, every 3rd daughter or son in the marqaue family has grey eyes. She was abused when she was younger and was then adopted. Then at age 8 in the time she was in the basement of her adopted parents house. she had felt to rumbles then; thunk. thunk. she went up stairs and found pools of scarlet red dripping of the the stairs to her moms room. she looked up the stairs and there in the ground was her mom and dads bodies neatly laid out on the top floor. Xzonya was devastated the sight, she cried out soft tears rolling down her face. Xzonya left the house and stayed on her own... Until she found Farrow.

Miscellaneous Information: She smokes and sticks to Alcohol often and sometimes tabacco to forget but she never can. She seems to always be able to think strait even when drunk. Xzonya added her age to the nick name to keep track of how old she is.

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Dark Angel | 157 comments Mod
Lui is approved. I'm placing her in Farrow House. When you are ready, please make a thread for her room in the Farrow House folder. If possible though, could you elaborate on her personality? For example, in which instances is she kind, and in which is she rude?

Hannah is in Winchester House. :) Just to warn you though, there are commas in random places. You might want to watch out for that. <3

I'm sorry, I can't approve X-13. There are so many spelling errors in her app. That would never be tolerated in a roleplay. I like her backstory but I would love it if you could perhaps elaborate more on it, perhaps on her personality too? Also, there's no way that any person would allow anyone to name their baby X-13. Maybe go with Zonya, the middle name you chose, instead?

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Aly (poaly1998) | 145 comments Mod
Full Name: Mihail Leander Dion Toussaint
Nickname(s): Mimi; 'Hail; Princess
Age: 17 (born April 11th, 2002)
Year: 13

Birth Gender: Male
Gender Identification: Genderfluid
Sexual Orientation: Polyamorous Pansexual Aromantic
Relationship Status: Single (although often in an unhealthy on-and-off flirtation with Sholto Quinn-Fox)

* The greatest secret Mihail has ever kept - though it has been shared with one of his sisters - is the truth of what really happened on the night of his mother's death and the amount of involvement he held.
* Absolutely no one knows how much Mihail actually spends on that truly insane collection of shoes, and that's the way he'd like to keep things.

Appearance: (view spoiler)
Tall and pale and dark-haired, there's no doubt in the slightest that Toussaint blood runs through Mihail's veins. Unlike the rest of the family, however, his eyes are darker, shaded a deep brown instead and only made to seem lighter by his thick eyelashes. In his youth, he wore his thick black hair almost to his waist, and this, mixed with the thin and dainty frame he still possesses, made it so that he was often mistaken for a girl. Now, he often retains that long dark hair, though cropped shorter to his chin so that the curls fall around his face and frame his high cheekbones: some might have said he looks almost wasting at his worst. It contrasts nicely with the pallor of his skin too, the stark whiteness accentuating the black and vice versa, adding sharpness to his features which gives him the appearance of being older.

Usually clean-shaven, he does tend to have a light stubble dusting his chin and upper jawline, the beginnings of a moustache sometimes daring to show themselves. The only facial hair he'll ever really allow to grow are sideburns, and even those are generally shaved to perfection. And, of course, there's the one imperfection he'll never be able to fix - arguably the bane of his physical appearance and the result of what might be considered a stupidly chosen dalliance and the beating Mihail received from her actual partner - that slight crook marking the break of his nose. Some have commented that it gives him a more thuggish look, and he takes full advantage of such remarks, though the half-distracted expression and side-smirk often discount from that and make him appear almost perpetually inebriated.

For the most part, Mihail takes pride in his appearance and does his best to ensure he looks handsome in that mildly unnerving yet elegant Toussaint way, whether this is through the way he dresses or merely the way he holds himself. He often ties or slicks his hair back when he wears it shorter, a habit which remains from when it reached his waist, although the volume makes it harder to handle and more often than not one can see the slightest of strands detaching themselves from the bunch and hanging down over his face. When his hair is cropped short, on the other hand, he keeps it slightly quiffed yet neat, sometimes dusted with glitter. Mihail dresses primarily in more expensive designs with a particular affinity for Louboutins and favours darker shades of red with silver decorations curved like the viper he so commonly wears across his shoulders. He adores jewellery; his fingers and ears are often decorated by a plethora of similarly snake-shaped rings which curl up his fingers and a golden pendant which addresses him as 'princess' permanently hangs around his neck. More often than not, he darkens around his eyes with heavy eyeliner and isn't afraid of whichever other make-up he thinks appropriate for the occasion. On his seventeenth birthday, Mihail also got a set of viper tattoos: a small one on the back of his neck, one curling around his left wrist and a similar one on his right ankle, and a serpentine piercing through his left nipple, which might have been the result of a drunken evening, though he is excessively proud of it.

He aims for sophistication and sinisterness in his fashion, and he usually delivers it well.

Personality: Mihail has always put on a front of personality. Whilst that Toussaint darkness lurks beneath - cold and heartless and willing to do whatever it takes to get his way - he plays the bright and bubbly persona, a far cry from what he was in his childhood. It often seems as though he could switch at any moment, half the time apathetic and haughty towards most, and yet still willing and happy to approach anyone on the street just to flirt. He is noticeably intelligent and excessively manipulative (just watch him twist the wording of all those school rules to suit himself best), though brandish a weapon and he becomes almost embarrassingly cowardly. Mihail was raised not to believe in mercy or second chances, and he thoroughly relishes the opportunity to prove it.

Raised near entirely by his sisters, he's developed a whinier personality around them; a spoiled streak brought on by their doting nature which he is startlingly unaware of, which only turns him into a diva half the time. Still, despite its obvious benefits, on the inside, he lives in stress about the sheer fact that he's the youngest in his family and he may not live up to their reputation, but, in reality, Mihail has little to worry about, and the pettiness he shows when enacting revenge for the smallest of deeds only accentuates that and his ability to get overly attached to both objects and people. He is a serious romantic, often overly judging the level of the relationship.

Do you believe in ghosts?: Mihail doesn't believe in stupid, and that's exactly where he would classify ghosts. That said...
What do you think happened to Dawn?: She died, death happens, get over it. He's working on it. Some secrets just seem better kept than others.
What are your thoughts on Elizabeth and the 'it girls'?: Darling, Mimi doesn't have time to care about these things! They do look like they have some lovely gossip to claim as his own, however.

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities, and if so, what are they?: Debate Team; Head of Winchester House; Head Boy; President of Philosophy Society; Honours Society; Captain of Archery Team; LGBTQ+ Society; Drama Club

Biography: Click here.

Important Miscellaneous Information: Mihail deals primarily in gossip, rumour and secrets. Someone has to run the rumour mill, after all, and rumour has it, Princess has a spy in every corner. That's why his hair is so big, after all. He speaks English (with a thick Italian-American accent), French, German and Italian fluently, and is left-handed.

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Dark Angel | 157 comments Mod
That's alright.

As for Mihail, he is amazing as usual, and yes he can be president of the philosophy club! <3 When I'm less exhausted I'm going to add everyone's extracurriculars in. Also, just so we're clear, the head of Winchester thing is being done JUST FOR YOU. I'm not doing that for anyone else. :D Nobody else gets to pick their house.

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Crow | 44 comments | Lucas | Carlston | House Farrow| Prefect | 18 | Heterosexual |

| Nickname | Lucky |

| Face Claim | Logan Shroyer |
Image result for Logan Shroyer

| Personality |
Lucas is always getting into some form of trouble, and getting out of it just as quickly. Though he's good at keeping the headmaster out of the loop, he values his position as a prefect far to much. Lucas is always ready to laugh, to smile, to joke, no matter how real his amusement is. He hides is own problems by trying to be someone everyone wants to be. Popularity being something that he strives for and usually gets. He loses interest in those around him quickly, moving from friend group to friend group, girlfriend to girlfriend. It's his way of dealing with his family issues, of which there are a lot. Though he never tells anyone of his troubles, preferring to keep everything bottled up so that he doesn't have to face it. He hates the school, and is relieved that he won't be here for much longer. The school is everything he hated about his childhood, he never felt like he fit in here despite everything he did. It just didn't feel right. He lashes out when people get to close to the real him and not the show that he puts on for his own benefit. He doesn't like that someone could know what he feels beneath it all, it terrifies him in all honesty. He's vain in all honestly paying absurd amounts for the Italian suits that he wears often and only purchases the very best of what is available to him. He was brought up in money and it shows.

| Biography |
Lucas was born into a wealthy English family, with his father having a seat in the House of Lords as the Earl of Carlston. He was the first born of the mother and father, making him the heir of his father's title. Something that he never wanted, but for his fathers sake he put's up with it. His mother was always quiet and reserved and was never very close to Lucas or his siblings. She had developed a rare for of dementia that caused her memory to come and go in waves. She rarely remembered her own children's names. Lucas and his younger siblings were brought up by their nana, a strict old woman who loved the children as if they were her own. She's the only person who knows the really Lucas beneath all those layers. Lucas had a luxurious childhood if not a completely normal one, his father spoiling his children in compensation for their never present mother. Yet it came as a huge blow to the family when his mother was murdered one night. The family had been out save for his mother, Lucas had been at a friends house and his father had taken the other kids to London for a friends party. When the family returned they found police blocking off the house and caring Lucas's dead mother out on a stretcher. It broke his father who had once been a lively man full of spirit. That man was still there but only partly, every now and then his father would return to his normal self. Though it wouldn't last, he would return to the depressed and cold man that walked the halls of his home, Carlston Manor, a great sadness weighing him down. Lucas tries his best to keep the family happy and jovial, but with little success. Now all Lucas can wait for is to graduate from Farrow, and get his own life away from his old one.

| Secrets |
(view spoiler)

|Do you believe in ghosts?|
"No, but if ghosts were real than Farrow is where they'd be. I also wouldn't wander at night might find something you wouldn't like."

|What do you think happened to Dawn?|
"Well officially she killed herself, but there's got to be more to it than that. Everyone is on edge because it."

|What are your thoughts on Elizabeth and the 'it girls'?|
"It's a group of girls who think they're better than everyone, but they're not to bad. Everyone here thinks there somewhat better than someone else. I won't lie I'm as arrogant as anyone here."

|Do you participate in any extracurricular activities, and if so, what are they?|
"I'm the captain of the fencing team here at Farrow. I know that's more of House Lamberts' specialty but I'm just talented."

| Playlist |
Hey Brother- Avicii
Wolf at your door- Chloe x Halle
Lost it all- Black Veil Brides
Black Black Heart-David Usher
Start War-Klergy

|Important Miscellaneous Information|
Lucas is rarely seen without a worn gold ring, a roaring lions' head the only decoration to the plain ring. It was a gift from his father, a ring that had been passed down in the family for centuries. If it's not gracing his fingers it's hanging around his neck on a fine silver chain. He has spent most of his vacation time in Italy so he is semi fluent in Italian.

"Damn you, and damn everything you ever said to me."

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Araluen | 33 comments Full Name: Oriana Rosalie Menoetius
Nickname(s): Ori, Queen Bitch, Countess
Age: 17
Year: 13

Birth Gender: Female
Gender Identification: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Taken

*Being a beautiful and vain woman, Oriana's most closely guarded secret is the specifics of her beauty routine.
*A peculiar love affair, with a mysterious man that none have been able to track down, no matter how hard they tried.

Appearance: Face claim- Claire Holt https://i.pinimg.com/236x/11/0e/d0/11...

In a word- bitchy.

Oriana was brought up to believe that she was the best of the best, and she agrees. It's quite obvious that she's very self-assured, vain, and undoubtedly arrogant. In her opinion, this is backed up by her obvious beauty and talent, why wouldn't she think of herself as superior when she so clearly is?

Do you believe in ghosts?: "I believe that people are lonely, and they see what they want to see."
What do you think happened to Dawn?: "Who? Oh, that girl. She killed herself, what of it? She's hardly the most important person to have died here."
What are your thoughts on Elizabeth and the 'it girls'?: "The 'it girls'? Really? Whatever."

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities, and if so, what are they?: Drama

Biography: There has only ever been one thing that Oriana has ever wanted. Power.

Where other children spent their time playing, Oriana spent her time as a little tyrant, ordering her maids children around, even going as far as to demand a crown for herself, a small, golden circlet, which quickly became her favourite accessory. Most other parents would have discouraged such open ambition, but her mother, Cassandra, was a calculating woman, obsessed with the lineage of her family, who wanted nothing more than for her only child to rise to the height of nobility. Her father, Count Menoetius, wasn't as concerned with crowns or nobles, preferring to spend his time drinking and gambling away the family fortune, but he was still full of adoration for his 'Princess Ori', and took great pride in her royal demeanour.

As she grew into a young teen, her future in the higher levels of society only became more solidified in her mind. Though her mother couldn’t secure a betrothal to the Queen’s own blood, she arranged quite a prestigious betrothal to the son one of his in-laws, Earl Leonard Grosvenor, son of the Duke of Westminster. Leonard's mother was reluctant to agree to such a marriage, clearly holding out for a better betrothal, but she did nothing to discourage Oriana's affections.

Though his mother may not have approved, she couldn't do much to keep them apart once they started at Farrow Academy. They formed an inseparable trio with another like-minded individual, Mihail Toussaint, or, as they referred to him in writing, 'Her Royal and Benevolent Highness, Princess Mihail Toussaint', or ‘Mimi’ for short, and, once they became fifteen, Leonard and Oriana finally became a couple.

Like all bright flames, though their time together had been wondrous- breaking rules, partying, drinking- it had also been short-lived. It had been just another gathering of theirs, nothing out of the ordinary, but the moment his drink touched his lips, Leonard had fallen into convulsions, and before they could so much as call for help, he was gone.

To Oriana, one of the brightest stars had been stolen before his time, yet his death was overshadowed by another girl's, and Leonard's death was brushed away without much inquiry or investigation, ruled as a mere 'suicide'.

Perhaps one would have expected Oriana to fall apart at the loss of her lover, but to acquaintances, it looked as though she moved on quickly, she was never seen to cry or mourn his death, even at the funeral she never shed a tear, she had even been rumoured to have smiled, and made jokes to her companion, as though nothing had changed.

Though seeming to be cold, if one pays close attention, they would notice that there is always an empty space by Oriana, a free chair, a space on a bench, that no-one is ever allowed to take, regardless of their need. If asked, inquiring parties are always brushed off with a snide word, and the space remains open.

Important Miscellaneous Information: Though she is vain and self-important, Oriana is more intelligent than one would expect, with a natural gift for academics, even if she does tend to skip out on homework and claim disinterest in her classes. Due to her family having roots in France, Oriana is also fluent in French, a skill which she uses only to gossip about her classmates, and to order shoes.

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Dark Angel | 157 comments Mod
Lucas -- Farrow
Xzonya -- Winchester

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Crow | 44 comments | James | Ricci | House Farrow | Student | 17 | Heterosexual |

| Nickname | Jamie |

| Face Claim | Matthew Pollock |
Image result for Matthew Pollock

| Personality |
Jamie is the kind of person that draws the attention of everyone in the room, a charismatic smile constantly gracing his face. He acts as if the whole world is a stage and he's the star actor. Everything revolves around him, or at least he tries to make it seem that way. He uses every smile, every kind word, every movement as a weapon. He'll use charisma to get what he wants and he rarely fails. It's just who he is. He barely spares those who buy into his charismatic smiles and out going nature a secound glance. It's all a game to him, if he has won you over then he simply puts you to the side. Those who don't buy into his charisma, those who see him for what he is, those people are the few ones that interest him. He sees them as a challenge, an obstacle for him to over come and use. He looses interest the moment he wins, and immediately starts to look for his next challenge. He may be unreliable as hell, but if you're looking for fun then there he is. Not many see what he really is, a boy just trying to find his way through the school the only way he knows how. With the only tools he has at his disposal. Those who think they can change him always end up giving up, it's impossible with an him. He'll never change, no matter how much he tries. He will always be the showman, the one that will always put the show before the players.

| Biography |
Jamie comes for a very wealthy family of successful business men. His family built an empire but it was only half as successful as everyone thinks. The real success story is hidden beneath the shiny surface. His family deals in unsavory, in the illegal, in the hidden. The Ricci family is a crime family to fear. They have their claws in nearly every politician in Italy. His grandfather practically runs half the country. Nothing can jeopardize the family, and Jamie has come pretty close more than once. He's put multiple operations in risk by his involvement. He never cared much for the family business so he purposefully puts in a minimal effort. His father and mother Vera and Myrcella Ricci barely keep him the good graces of the rest of the family. His family was never a close one, there was a stiffness to them. Business first seemed to be the family motto, they never deviated from it. Jamie was an only child further distancing him from his family. His father insists that he learn the family business, something that Jamie looks forward to joining. At least that's what he wants you to think. He care little for the crime part of the business deeming it to risky and prioritizing the legitimate part of it. His father decided that Jamie needed out of country experience so he sent him to Farrow. Jamie doesn't dislike the school but he doesn't like it either. As long as it suits him he won't complain.

| Secrets |
(view spoiler)

|Do you believe in ghosts?|
"Ghost are a figment of your imagination, we all want to believe in life after death so some choose to believe in foolishness. Though this it the kind of place that would make even the most sane human believe in the supernatural."

|What do you think happened to Dawn?|
"She died, killed herself. She must have had her reasons but we should let it rest the dead are dead, you should focus on the living."

|What are your thoughts on Elizabeth and the 'it girls'?|
"I think it's a waste of my time to think about them, there a bunch of close friends who have some strange rules. Though they do practically run this school."

|Do you participate in any extracurricular activities, and if so, what are they?|
"I'm a member of the fencing team here, the debate team, I show up every now and then to the philosophy society, and I do swim team."

| Playlist |
Devil Within-Digital Daggers
New Blood-Zayde Wolf
Ain't No Rest For The Wicked-Cage The Elephant
Call Me Devil-Friends in Tokyo
Raise Hell-Dorothy
Scars-Boy Epic

|Important Miscellaneous Information|
Jamie runs the underworld of Farrow. If you need something that the school doesn't allow on grounds he's the one you go to. If you need something taken care off, again you go to him. Need someone to get in trouble with the staff, he's your man. He doesn't ask questions, just demands an up front price not cheap but not expensive. Jamie is fluent in English and Italian, and has a light grasp of Spanish.

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Who's Ori? Sorry, my mind is spacing right now.

And Jamie is in Farrow House. Go ahead and make a thread for his room in the house whenever you like. :)

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Aly (poaly1998) | 145 comments Mod
Full Name: Maximilien Henri Donatien Narcisse Amereaux IV Denvers
Nickname(s): Maximilian
Age: 16 (born September 13th, 2003)
Year: 11

Birth Gender: Male
Gender Identification: Cisgender Male
Sexual Orientation: Polyamorous Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single

* His hair is not naturally that colour. Say a word about it and face eternal wrath.
* It is not quite a secret, for most have heard it when he grows stressed, distracted or angry, but Maximilian naturally has a strong French accent, obscured under years of practice for fear of humiliation.
* He has an arguably excessive collection of stuffed animals (truly, it rivals his collection of cars he cannot yet drive); adores ballroom dancing; is terrified of the dark, most horror films and birds; and has an allergy to dust mites.

Appearance: (view spoiler)
Maximilian Denvers is an exceptionally good-looking man, and he is well aware of that fact (such a point has always been drummed into him, after all). As far as he is concerned, he fits every current beauty standard to a tee, and then some. Then again, it would be impossible to be anything but, given his extensive beauty routines each day - the man is incredibly vain. A lot of work goes into ensuring what he considers absolute perfection.

Born with thick blonde curls to match his mother's, his hair both darkened and straightened with age, now a deep brunette more reminiscent of his father's hair in his youth, dyed pitch black and usually worn slicked back and tucked behind his ears. Bright blue eyes are his most defining trait, though a stormy mood more often than not dampens their sharpness: he is undoubtedly more attractive when he smiles (some girls have referred to him as 'cute', though he finds such a term to be better in describing a child). That said, his plump lips are usually stuck in a petulant pout and sharp eyebrows in an irritable frown. With a thin face and high cheekbones, Maximilian certainly looks an Amereaux and a harsh one at that.

At six foot and four inches exactly, he is the tallest man in his family; athletic but not overly so, for he does take care of himself but takes care not to be excessive, never having found too many muscles to look desirable. Most of his strength is in his upper arms: so long as he keeps his arm and abdominal muscles hard, the ladies are interested. Besides, he has an exceptional naked form, if not solely for being particularly well-endowed.

He has a silver piercing on the right side of his nose, and a similar ring hanging from the lobe of his left ear, which he often replaces to suit his outfit best. Maximilian has a particular affinity for tattoos, despite his still young age, and has no problem decorating his body in such a manner. He doesn't like to pretend there's any meaning behind them, because half were chosen solely for like of design rather than anything more significant.

Henriette taught her son to dress well, and that the first thing anybody should ever notice about him is the finery of his clothes and the sparkle of his jewellery, which should always noticeably be from the most desirable brands around. Maximilian thus cares significantly for his appearance, and, as such, he wears the very best he can find, preferring silk shirts and dark colours and, usually, garments that have been made specifically for him. A man's wealth, power and prestige are first seen in his outer appearance, after all, and the current Denvers heir knows precisely the image of himself he wishes to convey.

Personality: Maximilian thinks himself a far more complicated individual than he likely is. There is perhaps some truth to that statement: where many might look at him and see little more than an airheaded mummy's boy, there is some intellect buried within, even if it does manifest itself far more in charming others and composing musical masterpieces than his academics. He knows full well he has been over-indulged, as some might put it, past the point of expiration, and yet even at sixteen, he does not hesitate to shed a tear before his mother if he thinks it might gain him what he desires, uninterested in the thoughts of others as to such an action. Primarily, Maximilian thinks of himself, and has no time to panic about the feelings of most others. Mummy taught him that two things matter above all, and those are himself, and the good of the Amereaux family. The world be damned if either is harmed.

With most, he expresses the kind of superiority and arrogance that could be deemed impressive were it not so thoroughly despicable in nature. There is a particular joy in belittling others, he has found, and in ensuring they know the place that he wishes for them. In romance, he can be almost caring - unnaturally so, given his typical demeanour - and yet domineering, for he was raised not to comprehend disobedience, and any who stray from that norm are subject to both his confusion and wrath.

Do you believe in ghosts?: Maybe. Maximilian is still struggling with that possibility. Mummy says that the supernatural isn't real.
What do you think happened to Dawn?: Maximilian was once told that people kill themselves because their lives are miserable, and has hence decided without question that that is what must have happened to Dawn, for he does not wish to expel too much energy on other possibilities. Murderers are scary and Mummy has already had to hire him a security guard.
What are your thoughts on Elizabeth and the 'it girls'?: Someone has to keep the girls in line, he supposes. He's known her as long as he's attended Farrow Academy, and he does not mind her.

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities, and if so, what are they?: Fencing Team; Swim Team captain; Choir (soloist); Orchestra (first violin)

Biography: click here.

Important Miscellaneous Information: Maximilian has developed a somewhat less-than-savoury reputation around both Farrow Academy and the gossip magazines which slander his family name. He likes to sleep around, and he won't deny it. What shame is there in expressing sexual aptitude?

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Dark Angel | 157 comments Mod
Araluen: Ooooh! I LOVE Oriana! Winchester for her. It's a shame she's not too fond of Liza or I totally would have asked if you wanted Ori to be one of the it girls. ;)

@Varius: OMG MAAAAX! MY DARLING! <3 I have missed him! Farrow, definitely Farrow. Just so you know, his room would probably have a balcony and an ensuite bathroom, sitting room and balcony since those are extras you can pay for, so his room would probably be more like a suite. We totally have to talk more about him and Mimi's relationship to my characters later xxx

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Dark Angel | 157 comments Mod
Full Name: Myfanwy Caitriona Rhoswen Rhiannon Edevane
Nickname(s): Fawn
Age: Sixteen
Year: Ten

Birth Gender: Female
Gender Identification: Female
Sexual Orientation: Fawn has not had the opportunity to explore her sexuality.
Relationship Status: Secretly claimed

Secret(s): Her guardian has desired her since she was a young child, believing her to be the reincarnation of his deceased wife. Thus he lay claim to her when she was just a little girl, explaining to her that they were engaged, but that it must be a secret. He gave her a beautiful ring, telling her that if anyone asked, she must tell her friends that he gave it to her as a symbol of his fatherly love. Although she has been instructed to appear virginal, she is not a virgin. Her guardian has seen to that.

Appearance: Myfanwy has a rather innocent, ethereal appearance. Her skin is as white as the untrodden snow in winter, her face small and round. Her eyes are big and brown, framed by long, thick lashes which sit directly below a pair of thin, neat light brown brows. Her lips are a soft pink, her nose small and delicate. Her hair tumbles over her shoulders like a waterfall of chocolate, naturally forming loose curls. She stands at five feet and two inches, with a slender frame, a small waist, swelling hips and large breasts. The outfits she wears are like something out of a fairytale. She favours dresses over trousers and tends to look like a fairytale princess all the time,

Personality: Myfanwy's escence is hard to capture and even harder to put into words. What is she? It is hard to say. Let us, then, start in the most basic of fashions.
Is she good or evil? I am inclined to call her good, with her sweet smile and acts of charity towards those less fortunate than herself. But do not allow yourself to think that you can harm her. She is not above revenge. She is a thoughtful individual, the sort of person who would take their time to to learn what would most harm her enemy and then do just that. Those who have observed her have noted that she will do almost anything for those who are dear to her, but she will not tolerate anything that she perceives as unjust. Having suffered many injustices in the past, she is quick to defend those who are being treated unfairly, and quick to irritate, even anger, if she herself is treated unjustly.
Even though he is not with her, many of her actions are controlled by her guardian and betrothed, who writes letters to her and sends her trinkets as a way of behaving the way he wishes her to. He instructs her to obey his commands always, to be polite to all the staff. This she gladly does. He instructs her to be polite to -- but keep her distance from -- the other students. This she tries to do, but she yearns for company very badly, and it was impossible to say no to Elizabeth when she wanted to take her under her wing. For after all, whoever could say no to Elizabeth? He mostly instructs her to be true to him and their relationship, remain distant from the other students but otherwise do as she wills as long as it breaks no rules.
It has been discovered through English and drama class that Myfanwy is a magnificent story teller, and now she gets many people coming up to her asking her to tell them stories. She tries to refuse, but it is getting hard to keep up her icy exterior and remain distant from her fellow pupils when she wants so much to join them. And each day it gets harder to be true to a man she does not love, when against her will, she is falling in love with someone else...

Do you believe in ghosts?: "Of course. Who here does not?"
What do you think happened to Dawn?: "I could not say for certain. In my dreams, I see a man hovering over her, a struggle...but I have yet to see the entire picture. I hear arguments, familiar voices...but I cannot place them."
What are your thoughts on Elizabeth and the 'it girls'?: "I adore her, she has always been very kind to me, though that is hardly very surprising, as I am among her outer circle. I believe we are known as minions."

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities, and if so, what are they?: Yoga, drama club, choir (soloist)

Biography: Exactly sixteen years ago, the daughter of an English noblewoman was switched at birth. How did it happen, you ask? After setting eyes upon her newborn child, Lady Cecilia's doctor was so entranced that he waited for an opportune moment, then had the security alarms and cameras disabled, took the baby and replaced it with a realistic looking doll. By the time the cameras came back on, he was long gone, the new baby girl in his arms. But why had he taken her? Because he had looked deep into her eyes, and he could swear that he had seen it; familiarity. He convinced himself then and there that the baby was a reincarnation of his dead wife, Myfanwy. So the two stayed in a caravan while he settled the purchase of a sprawling estate in Wales, using all of his life savings to buy it. By then, her parents knew that she was missing. He wrote to them, ensuring he wore gloves so that he did not give himself away with fingerprints. In his letter, he stated that he had their daughter, he intended to raise her and treat her well. If they wanted to contribute money to her raising, they were welcome. In exchange, he would send photos. They sent money to a post office about an hour away every month, thousands of pounds. Myfanwy grew up on her parents' money, but under Alistair's care.
He never taught her to call him Dad, Daddy or Father. He taught her to call him Alistair. When she was three, he explained that she was going to marry him one day. The older she grew, the more she came to understand. He built a fairytale world for her, in which she was his beautiful princess and he her destined prince. Of course, she fell for it, as he had raised her on stories and she adored them. She gladly agreed to be his bride one day, and she started sharing his bed at age ten. Meanwhile, he showered her with gifts, called her his Princess and still kept up the fairytale narrative.
But when she turned sixteen, their perfect world started to frey slightly at the edges. He noticed that she was not as devoted to him as she once was. She began to ask why she was not permitted to leave the house without him. He came up with the idea to send her to Farrow Academy, hoping distance would make the heart grow fonder, though he still writes to her frequently and he bought her the newest phone (though their house has no modern technology) to use so that she would be able to call him if she really needed him or if she wanted to come home right away. They learned how to use their phones together, and they parted on loving terms.

Important Miscellaneous Information: Myfanwy is always wearing the ring that her guardian gave her. She wears it on the fourth finger of her right hand rather than her left, and rather than it being a diamond ring, it is set with many tiny precious stones. Fawn likes luxuriant baths, tea, medieval and victorian aesthetics and things that are both gothic and feminine at once. Her voice is a haunting mezzo-soprano, lighter than most, giving it an ethereal quality.

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Araluen | 33 comments Full Name: Selene Caoimhe Vanirion
Nickname(s): Lena, Sunny
Age: 18
Year: 13

Birth Gender: Female
Gender Identification: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single

*Amount of people she's slept with (Though only because she can't remember the number)

Appearance: Face Claim- Caitlin McHugh http://www.canyon-news.com/wp-content...

Personality: If Selene were to be a sin, it would be gluttony. She has always loved the richness of life, from gourmet foods and high-end fashion to long nights with skilled lovers, she wants it all. All this pleasure in life never left any space for spite or hatred, and, though undeniably greedy, she is always happy to share her indulgences, always being the one to encourage others to take that sip of alcohol, or another bite of decadent truffle.

Perhaps it is her generosity that endears her to others, or perhaps it's the smile that is practically always on her face, encouraging others to laugh and smile along with her, always willing to listen to a scandalous tale of a one night stand or the hilarious, scattered recollections of drunken antics.

Selene herself would admit that she has a penchant for debauchery, yet she never allows this to interfere with her desire for perfection in body and mind, spending hours perfecting both. She encourages others to pursue this goal as well, deigning herself as a personal cheerleader, always seeking to inspire those on the brink of giving up.

Do you believe in ghosts?: "Well of course ghosts exist! I've heard that they're responsible for all sorts of thefts, they're a nuisance, really."
What do you think happened to Dawn?: "It's a mystery, poor girl. There are a thousand rumours, but I've never come to the truth of it myself, at least, not yet."
What are your thoughts on Elizabeth and the 'it girls'?: "A group of gorgeous girls, to say the least. I wonder how many of them Kevin has had..."

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities, and if so, what are they?: Cheerleading, Dance Team, Yoga, Swim Team

Biography: On a cold winter’s night, Kevin Caerus Vanirion was brought into the world a full minute before his sister, Selene, a fact that he has never let her forget.

As a young girl, Selene always felt the need to outdo her brother, every time he excelled at a certain activity, whether it was running faster than her, or being better at balancing on one foot, she would practice from when the sun came up to when the sun went down every single day until she was as good, if not better than her brother.

When their parents divorced, this competition only became more fierce, with their mother having left for another country, their father became distant, only giving them the briefest second of precious attention when they ran to him telling him about their prowess in a certain skill.

It was only when they were shipped off to Farrow Academy, that they stopped competing with each other, they were all alone in this strange new place, with only one another. Of course, this didn't mean that the competition completely stopped, any time her brother showed interest in something, Selene would always pick up whatever hobby it was as well, and vice versa. It earned them a few strange looks, especially when Selene tried to join the rugby team (perhaps unsurprisingly, she was rejected), and she'd never forget the look on his friends face when they caught her brother wearing eyeliner, though it was admittedly an excellent wing.

Important Miscellaneous Information: Though Selene has dabbled in a great variety of activities, it would not be accurate to say that she is a prodigy in all areas of life, she can become proficient in a skill quite quickly, but her interest in it only lasts so long, and she soon moves on to the next one.

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Dark Angel | 157 comments Mod
Araluen: Yes! :)

Lys: I'm so sorry. I can't approve Adalyn. Here are the reasons why.

It's alright for her to be related to royalty, but it doesn't make sense for her to be tenth in line to the throne if she is a cousin. Take Princess Eugenie, tenth in line to the British throne, for example. She is the Queen's granddaughter. Every time someone nearer to the throne has a child, she will be set down a place. And if she were as near to the throne as tenth, then she wouldn't be allowed to go running off by herself, without security, to those islands, even if her family did own them. It may be more realistic to lessen her closeness to the throne, or make her a noblewoman instead?

As for money, she can have a lot of it, but choose a realistic way to have it? One can’t just go “they’re royal and also CEOs of a big company”. It has to make sense. Mimi has money because his family is literally the Mafia, and they make money. Max has money because his family spent a thousand years making it, and used it to make advantageous marriages and friendships to make more money. Elizabeth has money because Count Arthur Farrow married smartly, and the money was passed down generations since then, plus they had a steady form of income (the school), are long-standing members of the nobility (since Count Arthur Farrow) and have always made advantageous marriages.
There are characters who have money because their parents run successful companies or are somehow famous or because they come from long lines of prestige. If one is making a character with wealth, then it should at least be somewhat explained why they have such wealth, and just slapping in that they are related to a monarch (which does not always guarantee wealth), and later that they are CEOs of some vastly undescribed company (vague comment as to their various holdings aside), is not exactly a great explanation.

Adalyn cannot be a prodigy at everything. It's frankly impossible, especially if she allegedly also runs a company (a fact I will get into later). She can be a jack of trades to an extent and have picked some random skills up over the time that she's alright at, and a few others that she is truly an expert at, but being a genius in all matters is a little too much.

It is unrealistic to be able to make "anyone" disappear so easily; it's already difficult to make even 'unimportant' individuals vanish without a trace or follow-up investigation. Even Mihail doesn't have that ability, and it is part of his family's business to make people who oppose them disappear. There are so many legal repercussions to this, and she and/or her company would be under huge scrutiny.

At the age of 13, she would not have been placed in charge of her family businesses or finances: she is too young. Under English law, it is not possible for children to inherit assets until they reach the age of 18, and this is likely the same or similar for most countries. Her parents would likely have assigned someone to manage her finances for her. Her parents' company would be controlled by a board of directors, not by a 13-year-old girl who would not have the skills to do so. She would likely have been assigned a guardian by her parents as well, and be living with them.

Finally, she is not the only person who can see ghosts here. She is also not the only person who has a talent for seeing ghosts here. This school is known to be haunted, and though many do not believe, many do, because they can see the ghosts themselves. The ghosts here only reveal themselves to true believers but a few of those true believers do have supernatural gifts. Not a criticism, but just to warn you that she won't be the only one with mystical abilities.

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2 comments Dark Angel wrote: "Araluen: Yes! :)

Lys: I'm so sorry. I can't approve Adalyn. Here are the reasons why.

It's alright for her to be related to royalty, but it doesn't make sense for her to be tenth in line to the..."

Everything else I can fix, but I will argue that some things can be done, but that will be slightly retold in the history. Also, I never said she was the only one who can see ghosts, and I apologise if you may have thought that, nor did I assume that she was going to be the only one with a supernatural ability, it was simply a secret, nothing more.
I know your opinion may differs from mine, I respect that, I really do. However, Adalyn can see ghosts anywhere, and like you said "The ghosts here only reveal themselves to true believers..." As I assume only at Farrow Academy, so was it wrong of me to write that as a secret?

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Soft Key | 125 comments

description/ description/ description/

Becklin Michell Winsh ; Abi Fox
] Seventeen ] year Thirteen ] Dancing Queen ] Soft bby <3
] female (her/she) ] demisexual ] touch starved
] Surfer ] Runner ] Swimmer ] Anything water-related she’ll do

♕ In the beginning, Beck initially comes across as a classic 'Bad Chick' type but with more sinister, violent undertones. She portrays herself as charming, irresistible, and with a 'to hell of I care' attitude. However due to the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father, she had a violent and unpredictable nature. Unlike how Cev Winsh treated his daughter, Beck reveals her broken self only to those closest to her, especially those who know to keep quiet.

Her violence toward’s her family could be read as subtle signs of previous abuse from some of them. But the first time he comes across family photos and
after witnessing her grandparents having some form of argument which left everyone visibly upset, it's also possible that due to her past experiences with her father's violence toward her and her cousins, she assumed her uncles were so much like Cev Winsh. She warns her friends to stay away from her family. Ironically, her misguided attempts at protection are violent, cold, unkind, and very much like her father's actions.

The Present

♕ Beck is a shadow of what he once was. Aside from the sarcasm and recklessness, a lot of her traits that she displayed in her beginning years have disappeared from her. She’s been shown to be incredibly shy and quiet with the guys she talks with, and the only positive male relationship he seems to have is with her cousin, Carmicheal. Her friendship with her cousin is still strong, if not stronger, and she seems to be on good terms with the rest of her family. Beck is also beginning to be more kind-hearted and tolerant of things she used to poke fun of.

♕ Beck was born seventeen years ago to a family known for their talents in activities related to water. Surfing, deep-sea-diving, snorkeling, paragliding. You name it, you’ll see their names under it.

Yet, even with the perfect life of fitness and fame wasn’t perfect at all. As seen above, Beck lived a life in fear of her father. She hated her family so much at one point where she would run away for short periods of time and come back, claiming she was at a friends house. She never had anyone over, never held any parties in fear of someone finding out about her father’s problem.

Then, there was the incident. It happened on a holiday break for the academy. It was just her, an aunt and her father. They were scuba diving. Trying to beat a personal record of who can go find the best coral structure.

Beck had checked and checked the oxygen meter constantly. When it was low, she was the surface, and waited on the boat.

Minutes ticked by. Then an hour.

Beck called for help. She begged for them to find her aunt and father. They did as she asked, coming out empty handed.

They were gone.

♕ There is no denying that this girl is beautiful. If her face isn’t enough then god be dammed just look at her hips and thighs. With a fit shape and thick legs, the girl definitely has the body that many desire.

♕ Believe it or not, Beck is a huge fan of cooking and baking. Boy, let her into the kitchen and see what healthy and delicious food she makes.

♕With such abuse from her father, being un-allowed to go talk to guys, or even have a boyfriend. (Shes never had one) Beck is completely oblivious to flirting and the feeling of love. She thinks she might’ve had a crush from time to time, but the feeling of being loved, confuses her.

♕ Secret (view spoiler)

♕ Extracurriculars

♕ Diving Team - Assistant Coach
♕ (Female) Swim-Team - Captain
♕ Art Society

do you believe in ghosts?
‶No, but what stories this manor has told, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do exist.″

what do you think happened to dawn?
‶Simple. Somebody kilt her out of pure hatred and anger. Tried to cover it up with a suicide. Shameful.″

what are your thoughts on elizabeth and the 'it girls'? ‶They stay out of my way, so I stay out of their’s.″

Important Miscellaneous Information :
Beck wears a necklace worth a quiet a handful of money. It was passed down from so many generations of her father’s unfortunate side of the family. The Ashwood’s.
The necklace, looks of this,
(view spoiler)
Yet, the necklace is more than an item from their past. It bears a curse of a spirit. Beck’s great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother. One who died of injustice, is connected to said necklace.
She haunts Becklin, changed her. And now, helps her. Though, keep quiet, it’s a secret.

description/ description/ description/

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Xander Mizuki (xandermizuki) | 39 comments Jonathan Davis - the next head of the PMC: ¨Raven Armory¨

¨Death isn´t the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.¨

(view spoiler)

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 103 comments (Sorry it took so long...)

"Dying is easy...Living is hard"

Full Name: Xena Diana Tregard
Nickname(s): Diana or Luna
Age: 16
Year: Ten (transfer student)

Birth Gender: Female
Gender Identification: Female
Sexual Orientation: Complicated
Relationship Status:
“Let the ice of the Myst chill even the warmest of heart for not even the truest warmth can break the ice of my heart. For love can’t enter an icy heart.”

Secret(s): She has many secrets... "There are few that know the truth that spirits can't tell the living.... But only if they can hear them... "

Appearance: She is a petite beauty with hair of midnight that was over taken by silver moonlight against her pale skin. Which often falls into her intense eyes of deep emerald green. But truly, no one is prepared for her uncanny resemblance to the Farrow twins. The main thing that separates her from them is her Irish accent.

Personality: With her it's hard to tell from day to day. She is kind and gentle along with caring. That is if you can get past her cold exterior that won't let anyone close. She is often mistaken as a snobby longer because she doesn't often engage with others.

Do you believe in ghosts?: Who doesn’t? Even if we don't see it, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

What do you think happened to Dawn?: Not sure of the whole story yet… but is bound to find out… Secrets tend to find their way to me.

What are your thoughts on Elizabeth and the 'it girls'?: Not sure yet… But keep wondering why they look at me strangely.

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities, and if so, what are they?: If she truly does it would be science and history club.
She would also like to try out for the Dance Team and Fencing Team

Biography: She may have been born in a private English hospital but she was raised all over the world. Her father is a famous Archaeologist and her mother is a Scientist. But this is the most you might be able to pry from her. Do to her unwillingness to just give information, it's best that you ask. As for her coming to this school, instead of being tutored... It was a matter of things that lead her parents to take a contract with a nearby college. Just keep in mind that normal is not in her vocabulary. So, If you want to know about her, ask. Just be careful how you ask.

Important Miscellaneous Information: Sometimes not asking for help can cause someone unexpected to show up.

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Brian (oscart) Full Name: Hollis Rhys Quinn Fairfax V
Nickname(s): Goes by Rhys (Reese)
Age: 16
Year: 12


Birth Gender: M
Gender Identification: M
Sexual Orientation: Hetero
Relationship Status: Always available

Secret(s): Shall remain secret. Many NDA’s make sure of that

Devastatingly handsome. Medium height, built like an athlete. Hair black enough to appear almost blue and crystal blue eyes that sparkle.

Bit of a shit, to tell the truth. Foul-mouthed, cocky, believes he is God’s gift to women and few dispute that. Life of the party.

Do you believe in ghosts?
“If their female and good looking I’ll give them a go.”

What do you think happened to Dawn?
“She broke right? I’ve always heard about the break of Dawn.”

What are your thoughts on Elizabeth and the 'it girls'?
“I’d do ‘em. Except for the fat one, there’s always a fat one.”

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities, and if so, what are they? “Are girls considered extracurricular?”

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth and traded it for gold soon after. He was raised in a life of privilege, the best nannies, and the best schools (too many to count). He has a knack for getting into trouble and a Daddy that will get him out, regardless of the cost. Rhys is the heir to the Fairfax fortune, which no one has taken time to count since it went past 12 zeros. Enrolled in and thrown out of every good school on 7 continents.
He discovered girls at age 8, discovered sex at age 12, and has been busy finding new ways to pull it off ever since. He has yet to father a child, but everyone assumes it is only a matter of time.
Rhys is an athlete, but refuses to compete. He has had extensive lessons in martial arts, parkour, gymnastics, and archery. He ran away from school when he was 11 and spent several months travelling with a circus where he learned the rudiments of juggling, wire walking, and trapeze. He also picked up close magic and pickpocketing.

Important Miscellaneous Information: The Fairfax fortune is very real. Rhys always carries and number of credit cards and a wad of cash, and he’s not shy about spending it on his friends, or paramours.

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Aly (poaly1998) | 145 comments Mod

@ _
Becklin is in House Lambert, on account of her / her family's affinity for watersports.

@ Xander
Jonathan is in House Farrow because of his family's private military firm likely being deemed as a valuable connection for the Farrow family.

@ Priscilla
Absolutely no worries on time <3 I can't judge :P Xena is in House Winchester because of her academic interests and also because of her family background being pretty academic too.

@ Brian
I have a couple of little niggles with this app, but otherwise, it's alright. It's a tad impossible for the Fairfax fortune to 'go past 15 zeroes' since that would be a quadrillion plus, and the richest people in the world are only in the hundred billions in comparison.
Secondly, I'm a little concerned about Rhys being 13 and having a lot of sex (particularly his 'discovering sex' aged 10, which is a little too low an age to feel comfortable in modern-day). This is technically fine, because some thirteen-year-olds do have sex, I'd just like to ask that you refrain from being excessively explicit about the fact that he is doing it (and also maybe check on the ages of the girls in Elizabeth's clique since a lot of them are likely over 16 - given her age - and that would then technically be rape on their behalf). We would like to keep the group to a minimum of the UK age of consent for marginally-explicit content, which is 16 (in DMs, however, feel free to do as you will).
If these two notes could be edited, then he is accepted and placed in House Lambert, since he is a proficient athlete.

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Fear=ꪖꪀ᥊ⅈꫀtꪗ Full Name: Célia(SAY-lia) Quentin Atkinson
Nickname(s): Celly, Cel
Age: 15
Year: Ten

"Lҽƚ ყσυɾʂҽʅϝ Ⴆҽ ƚԋҽ ρҽɾʂσɳ ყσυ'ʋҽ ʂҽƈɾҽƚʅყ αʅɯαყʂ ɯαɳƚҽԃ ƚσ Ⴆҽ!"

Birth Gender: Male (he/him)
Gender Identification: Male (he/him)
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single (OPEN)

Secret(s):(view spoiler)

Appearance: descriptiondescription (FC: Troye Sivan)

"༺You know, I'd probably like you better if you brushed your hair every now and again.༻"

Personality: Awkward, creative, funny, sassy/bossy

Do you believe in ghosts?: "I guess so. I'd honestly be kind of scared of them if I met a real one. However, I probably wouldn't show I'm scared."
What do you think happened to Dawn?: "I've heard some very strange rumours about this Dawn character. For me, I honestly don't see the reason why we should worry about what happened to her. She obviously didn't like her situation, and that's why she's dead."
What are your thoughts on Elizabeth and the 'it girls'?: "They're very... how should I put this? Sophisticated, you could say. I tend to disregard them and try not to get in their way of whatever they're trying to achieve."

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities, and if so, what are they?:"I'm the Captain of the Rugby Team, part of the Art Society, and I play First Trumpet in Orchestra."

"░▒▓█►♥ Focusing on the bad only makes things worse, so why not focus on baby sloths instead? ♥◄█▓▒░"

Biography: Célia was born to a semi-rich family. Jennifer, his mother, was a neurologist, and his dad, Majoric, is a missionary. At the age of 7, his mother walked out on them because of the constant bickering and arguments between the two parents. Majoric was devastated, but he knew that he needed to be a role model to young Célia. His father then went to online college to become an actuary. When Cel was 11 years old, his father enrolled him to Farrow Academy, hoping for his child to have the best education possible. What Majoric didn't know was the backstory and history of the not-so safe school...

- Savages by Marina and the Diamonds
- Alone by Halsey
- Fairly Local by Twenty One Pilots
- Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time by Panic! At The Disco
- The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty by Panic! At The Disco
- Animal by Troye Sivan
- Lost Boy by Troye Sivan

- Animals (has an obsession with sloths, mind you)
- Listening to music
- Hanging out with friends
- Singing and dancing
- Happy endings

- Being late (himself or others)
- People being in his business or personal space
- Hospitals (specifically shots/needles)
- Being bored (he always wants to do something)
- Math (he struggles at it)

Relations:(view spoiler)

message 26: by Aly (new)

Aly (poaly1998) | 145 comments Mod

Célia is in House Montague! He's a creative person and likes music, so he should fit in well there. :)

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Soft Key | 125 comments

description/ description/
[ Kenja Ben Penlop Lamson ] Little One Adeline Jouan

] Sixteen ] Twelfth Year ]
] Female (She/Her) ] Heterosexual ] Tired of being protected
] Elegance is her name, Dancing is her game ]



Kenja (much to her brother’s warnings ) has been hurt in a former relationship. She has low self-esteem. She finds it difficult to protect herself and feels that if a man pays her intense attention she should give in to his demands because he might be her last or only chance for an intimate relationship.
She feels that she is alone and that no one understands her predicament. She tends to isolate herself out of fear of angering her partner if she has friends. She often feels uneasy around other people, especially authority figures and individuals with strong, assertive personalities. Even though she isolates herself, she is fearful of rejection and abandonment.
Super-responsible or super-irresponsible behavior
She takes responsibility for solving others' problems or expects others to be responsible for solving hers. This is not surprising, since her abuser tells her that his abuse is her fault. She may wait for someone (including God) to save her from her abusive relationship. This enables her to avoid being responsible for her own life and choices.
She has difficulty with intimacy, security, trust, and commitment in her relationships. Because her abuser has made her focus on his needs, wishes, and requirements, she often loses sight of who she is as an individual.

In short; Kenja is a fragile person. Having been in an abusive relationship in the past for so long took a toll on her mind and body. She flinches very often, and the littlest of movement in her direction causes her to coward back.


Eight years ago, a family of four arrived at the doorstep of an adoption center in Seattle. Two boys, each separated by two years, looked around in curiosity. They wondered why they were there. Weren’t they going shopping or something?
The mother of the two smiled, waving the boys over as she stepped to the door. “Now boys, your father and I wanted to surprise you with this..” she bit her lip and looked at them. “You are gonna have a sister very soon.”
The parents had been looking for months for a daughter fitting their needs, and when they were just about to give up, they were emailed saying a girl was just brought in from some, house that was meant to be torn down.

The little girl was named Kenja Ben Penlop. And odd name for a beautiful little girl... She was just a tad bit dirty.
So, flash foreword six and a half years into the future. After almost a year relationship of abuse and neglect. Kenja suffers from it all. Her parents, having contacted the boy’s family and sending him off to some private school, and of course, suing him.
Keith, as mentioned, did something. Somethings, to comfort dear Kenja, while Kyle isolated himself from his older siblings, having never liked Kenja in the first places. Yet that didn’t mean he pitied her, and protected her.

Now here they are. The three joined the academy when Kenja was 16. The siblings have been at the academy for a year now.

⊛ Physical attributes ⊛

⊛ Extracurriculars

> Archery Team
> Dance Team - Vice Captain
> ( Female ) Hockey Team

do you believe in ghosts?
‶Yes.. unlike my brothers.. I think they’re real.. ″

what do you think happened to dawn?
‶I think she wanted to die.. that someone was kind enough to assist her needs, but went too far..″

what are your thoughts on elizabeth and the 'it girls'? “They’re pretty.. I admire Elizabeth for being able to bounce back from her sister’s passing. I try to be nice when I can to her..”

message 28: by Dark Angel (new)

Dark Angel | 157 comments Mod
Kenja is approved. :)

I've placed her in House Lambert, since she seems to enjoy sport and physical activity.

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Grace Full Name: Bella Delacruz
Nickname(s): Bells
Age: 16
Year: 12

Birth Gender: Female
Gender Identification: Female
Relationship Status: Single

Secret(s): Bella is very Guarded her parents died in a mysterious fire and since then she hides her feelings with many secrets.


Personality: Comes off as mean but it actually really nice but she never lets anyone very close to her. She very depends and doesn't work well with others.

Do you believe in ghosts?: "Yes, i do i have always had that eerie feeling of someone watching me so i blam it on the ghost."

What do you think happened to Dawn?: "I believe she just killed her self because she had given up and didn't know what else to do."

What are your thoughts on Elizabeth and the 'it girls'?: "I Dont like her thinks she too stuck up."

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities, and if so, what are they?:


Bella Delacruz is a 16-year-old teenager who enjoys Soccer and Dance. She is Nice and Loyal, but can also come off as mean and is guarded so she does not let people in very easily. Physically, Bella is in pretty good shape. She is average-height.

Her mother passed away 12 years ago, leaving her father, a builder Byron, to look after her. Bella's best friend is a teenager called Christie Young. They are inseparable.

message 30: by the_rabid_snail (new)

the_rabid_snail | 26 comments Full Name: Matthias Lucien Koehl
Nickname(s): M
Age: 17
Year: Twelve

Gender: M
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

Secret(s): Matthias doesn’t have many secrets. He’s a pretty open book, and the only thing he really hides is how lonely he sometimes feels.

Appearance: Matthias has messy, thick, dark brown hair that sticks out at all different angles, giving other people the impression that he just rolled out of bed, and big, puppy-dog, dark brown eyes that start as more of an amber color near the pupil and gradually darken to brown at the edges of his irises. He is roughly 5’8 and has a square shaped face. His jawline is fairly square and slightly bony, and he has a muscular build. His abs, biceps, and calf muscles are defined, and he has broad shoulders. His fingernails are almost always extremely short with rough edges from being bitten and chewed on quite frequently when he’s bored or stressed, and the skin on his hands and fingers is littered with callouses and blister marks. The rest of his skin has a light, even tan, except for his forearms, which are strangely a little paler than the rest of him. He has big, pink lips that, combined with his puppy-dog eyes, can persuade his older sister (as well as other women) to help him out when he finds himself in a tight spot. He has long legs, a long torso, and cheekbones that are just slightly higher than average.
He normally prefers to wear his favorite pair of beat-up, paint-splattered jeans, but his mother has tried on multiple occasions to hide them from him, since he wears them any chance he gets. When he can’t wear his jeans, he’ll resort to one of his several pairs of cargo shorts. He’ll usually wear any old T-shirt or tank top with his jeans and his favorite, brown leather belt. His favorite shoes are boots, tennis shoes, or other closed-toed shoes. The only time he will wear flip-flops or sandals (if he’ll wear them at all) is in the summer, but he generally dislikes open-toed shoes so that would almost never happen. His left ear is pierced, and he always wears a little, black hoop earring in it except when he’s on the ice.

Personality: The words that pop into most people’s minds when they think of Matthias are arrogant, pompous, strong, tough, and irritating. He enjoys behaving like a cocky jerk around other people and doing things just for shock value. He likes saying things to mess with people’s heads and doing the exact opposite of what people either want him to do or think he will do.
As a long-time hockey player, he’s gotten pretty tough over the years and built up a lot of muscle. He’s become accustomed to tuning out other noises while he’s playing and performs well under pressure. However, if someone pisses him off or insults him, he won’t hesitate to punch the daylights out of them, including girls. His solutions to most problems are confrontations and physical violence, although he could never bring himself to hurt his older sister, Lindsay.
Even though he’s learned not to show it, things like teasing or jokes at his expense do bother him, and it hurts him to see people he cares about in pain. He could care less about people he dislikes, though.
He has a secret soft side that doesn’t come out often, and he’s embarrassed just thinking about it. He can be a real sweetheart when he’s around someone he trusts and cares about a lot. When he’s like this, everything about him becomes quieter and gentler. The hardened, guarded expression on his face melts into something vulnerable and quiet. Even his voice becomes softer, and he seems to have turned into a completely different person. He will find himself sharing things he never would have before when he was acting like his usual jerky, irritating self, and he can be quite sensitive and thoughtful when he’s in this rare mood. He’ll even be quiet, an impossibility at all other times since he’s usually joking around or goofing off.
The only other time he’s serious and quiet is when he’s on the ice. It’s one of the only times he feels peaceful and at home. He’ll act light-hearted and like his usual, rambunctious self around the guys, but when he’s playing a game against another team, he’s dead serious, even when he wins or scores a goal.
Since other people are wary of him, even his friends, he’s never had a best friend since seventh grade or a girlfriend. Sure, the other girls might think he’s attractive, but they’d never want to be in a relationship with him. He’s too rough and gets into way too many fights. Plus, he teases them until they break down crying. He acts like his lack of close friends doesn’t bother him, but it does, something he’s only confided once in his older sister when she was home for the holidays from college. Even though he wishes he had a good friend to just hang out with since his sister is away at college most of the time, he can’t bring himself to find someone to hang out with and then actually hang out with them. He feels weird and awkward approaching people and inviting them to do something, and in the past, he usually got turned down anyway. Other than the fights and playful banter he engages in at school or at the ice rink, he never participates in any kind of social activity, except for the occasional party every now and then when he feels up to it.
Even though he jokes around with the guys, has plenty of casual friends in the jock crowd, and has a great sense of humor, he’s a very lonely guy but can’t fix his own problems, despite always wanting to do everything himself and never accepting any kind of help from other people. He might appear to be popular and well-liked, but many people are really just wary of pissing him off. The whole school has seen what he does to people he gets fed up with. His hockey teammates seem to be the some of the only ones who aren’t as scared of him as everyone else is.
Although he would never admit it to anyone, Matthias has a secret weakness for kittens and little, baby animals, especially baby foxes. He helps out at an animal shelter nearby over the summer break whenever he can but refuses to make friends with any of the other workers there. He’s very patient and kind with all the animals there and would probably adopt nearly all of them if he had the space and money to do so, even those weird hairless cats.
He loves chocolate, action movies, comic books, video games, fights, hanging out with his older sister, and socks.

Do you believe in ghosts?: "Don't know."
What do you think happened to Dawn?: "Don't care."
What are your thoughts on Elizabeth and the 'it girls'?: “They’re alright to look at, but as long as they leave me alone, it’s fine.”

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities, and if so, what are they?: Matthias is one of the alternate captains on the hockey team. As an alternate captain, he has the letter ‘A’ stitched onto the top left of his jersey and has all the privileges of the captain while on the ice if the permanent captain is not present (injured, on the bench, etc.)

Biography: Matthias lived in the same house he was born in with his older sister, Lindsay, for most of his life. Growing up, he wasn’t that close to his sister, but as all siblings do, he wanted to be just like her. He followed her around, copied her, tried to hang out with her all the time, and even let her and her friends dress him up and paint his nails. He also played the part of Rapunzel in their make-believe games more than once. Still, his sister mostly ignored him, except when she was bribing him to do something (he never got whatever reward she promised him, though). Eventually, he stopped trying to get her to like him and instead, made his own friends and terrorized her with plastic bugs (she was terrified of them) and other mostly harmless pranks.
After a while, the two siblings became worn out from all the fighting and instead, became very close. They were nearly inseparable and insisted on doing everything together, at least until Lindsay entered her early teen years. When that happened, Matthias was left to his own devices. At first, he tried to make her spend time with him again by giving her presents and doing favors for her, thinking she didn’t like him anymore because he’d done something wrong. Once he’d figured out that wasn’t the case, he left her alone and concentrated on his hockey. He’d been playing since he was six and had been skating for even longer.
At least once a week, his family played “living room hockey” (they’d been doing it since before he and Lindsay were born). The puck was usually a pair of folded up fuzzy socks or wadded up newspaper, and the hockey sticks were whatever the players could find. Ever since Matthias could walk, he’d been playing hockey in his own living room. Even Lindsay played when she wasn’t over at a friend’s house. This is what sparked his interest in hockey. That combined with the fact that while other families watched the football games, his family always watched hockey instead.
By the time Matthias entered high school, he’d gotten extremely good at hockey. He was one of the star players, despite starting a lot of fights on the ice and being one of the team leaders in penalty minutes. Although he still hadn’t reconciled with his sister, he was happy just to play hockey and look after their gray tabby cat, Baudelaire, and their two English Mastiffs, Beowulf and Themis. It wasn’t until his sister entered her senior year of high school that the two siblings became close again, but now that Lindsay is away at college, Matthias hardly ever sees her.

Important Miscellaneous Information: Matthias is a center on the top line of the hockey team and is one of the team leaders in goals, points, and penalty minutes. He hopes to someday make it the NHL and play for either the Stars (Dallas) or the Avalanche (Colorado). He made alternate captain during year eleven and is one of the toughest players on the team.

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Dark Angel | 157 comments Mod
I can't approve Bella because she doesn't have an appearance yet. It would also be more helpful if you could write a little more in some of the sections so that we could know which house to place her in.

Matthias is in House Lambert due to his love of hockey. Also, if you're interested, I quite possibly have an idea for him and one of my as-yet-unfinished characters that I'd like to discuss with you? But of course you don't have to agree to it. :)

message 32: by the_rabid_snail (new)

the_rabid_snail | 26 comments @Angel, I’d love to hear your ideas! If you want, you can pm them to me or we could talk about it in character seeking or something :)

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Aly (poaly1998) | 145 comments Mod

I'm putting Bella in House Lambert, since she enjoys sports.

Just a quick head's up that this is set in England, so they'd be in secondary school system rather than high school. :)

message 34: by the_rabid_snail (new)

the_rabid_snail | 26 comments @Varius, I’m sorry! I thought I had edited out all references to high school in his form. I’ll fix that as soon as I can get to my laptop.

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Soft Key | 125 comments


[ Keith Fen Lamson ] Doggie Adam Dragun

] 17 ] Year Twelve ]
] Male (he/him) ] Heterosexual ] Protective Older Brother
] The Stereotypical “Jock”

⊗Secret⊗ (view spoiler)

⊗ Personality
The Bad Boy: the irresistible rogue who has the dizzying ability to drive women wild" with a "laissez-faire attitude about life and love"
Keith is an aggressive player. When it comes to hockey and swim, he pushes himself beyond the limits of others expectations. Every game, Keith outdo’s himself every time. He became captain of the hockey team for this very reason. He knows how to get others to push themselves to be better than before. Keith knows how to dig deep into another and find what drives them.

Although Keith is a passionate player, he doesn’t take certain things lightly. If he ever gets called out of carded, he’ll be glaring at whoever did it. He’s a bit of a sore looser, having put his mind into this, state of “Do it right, or don’t do it at all.” With a father who pushed him a bit too much, he’s the same with his team. Each practice is merciless. Even the younger players have to participate in the workouts far too difficult for them.

In short; Keith doesn’t know how to relax. He thrives on other’s success, knowing that some of them pushed themselves because he pushed them. It brings him a sense of pride.

⊗ History

Keith was born on April 17th of a year of wealth.
Where? Obviously in a luxurious hospital close to the heart of Hollywood, of course. For Pete’s sake, his parents were the Adam and Jennifer Lamson! Hello? Famous directors, actors. Anybody? Ugh
Keith grew up side-by-side with his older brother, Kyle. Often, people mistook them for different ages. It was a running joke at first that Keith was the eldest child, but it soon got very annoying.

Everything was perfect, until the day they showed up at the adoption center. Lord have mercy, Keith might’ve only been nine, but he knew what the fuck this meant. He had a sister. Not good. It was a difficult adjustment on all of them. He no longer had all the attention on him when it came to sports. Kenja was a, natural athlete. He had to share the shelves for trophies that was meant for him. Soon, the amount his younger sister was given, rivaled his. He hated her, and her stupid boyfriend. Hated his older brother. Hated his dogs and house. He really just, hated Kenja.
But then.. her heart was broken.
At first, Keith didn‘t know what to feel. Happy? Annoyed? He wouldn’t have to see that bitch named Mike anymore.. but.. Kenja was hurting so much. It hurt him.
So he did what he could, and distracted her in a way he knew that would take her mind away from it all.

Now, here he is, happily at the top of his team, and happily single and notorious for breaking hearts.
But, his has yet to be broken.

⊗ Physical Attributes ⊗

⊗ Extracurriculars

> (Male) Swim Team
> (Male) Hockey Team - Captain
“Look, I know Mattie wants to be cap’ and all. I’d let him if it weren’t for the fact my father would beat my siblings asses, so.. sorry kid. You’ll get it next year, I guarantee it.”

do you believe in ghosts?
“Not really..?”

what do you think happened to dawn?
‶Well, I think she was kilt. Simple as that. With that eye popped out like a pen cap, that shit isn’t natural..″

what are your thoughts on elizabeth and the 'it girls'?
“They’re cute ‘n shit.”

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams)

Seventeen | Year 13 | Lambert?
↳ Male
↳ Heterosexual
↳ Leo (August 16)
↳ *love interests open*

"Some things are better left unsaid."
(view spoiler)

charming | friendly | determined | proud | strong | boisterous
(view spoiler)

From London with love.
(view spoiler)

Harvey speaks fluent French, and is a particularly good cook. He is the older brother of Erin Danfort, the school's resident loner and self-appointed outcast. He mostly listens to 80s music and his favourite activities include driving, playing sports and attending parties. His dream is to play football professionally, but if not he'd settle for career in law or business. The Danfort family golden child.

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities?
⟜ Football takes up most of my time, but I'm also on the swim team and the fencing team.

Do you believe in ghosts?
⟜ I'm a sceptic. Maybe it's possible, but I'm not so sure.

What do you think happened to Dawn?
⟜ God knows. She took the answer to the grave with her.

What are your thoughts on Elizabeth and the 'it girls'?
⟜ Elizabeth is an absolute knock-out. Her friend's are petty as hell, but you can't deny that they're hot.

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Aly (poaly1998) | 145 comments Mod
Full Name: Kevin Caerus Vanirion
Nickname(s): Caerus; Kev; Kevinski
Age: 18 (born December 6th, 2001)
Year: 13

Birth Gender: Male
Gender Identification: Cisgender Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single

* One might hear Kevin frequently claim that he is a full minute older than his twin sister but, in truth, Mom mixed up the birth order when she told the pair, and Kevin is actually the younger of the two.
* He's totally failing French. He's not gonna lie: he thought it was Portuguese when he signed up. It's been a bit of a letdown.
* Yes, yes he did hack the infamous 2016 Halo showdown against Selene.

Appearance: (view spoiler)
Kevin is a handsome sort of boy, in that classical way which reminds one of ancient statues from of a time long forgotten. He has the look of an athlete, tall and well-muscled from countless years of attempting to show up his sister in any sport possible, and that somehow awkward grin of someone with far too many teeth who is thoroughly confident in his own success. It's the kind of face that one would look at and be immediately convinced he isn't all that smart, which would likely be a fair assessment.

Despite being twins, however, there are few similarities in appearance between Kevin and Selene Vanirion. Where her hair is long and dark, his own is a sandy blonde shade, and cropped into short curls that linger just above his ears. His eyes are lighter than hers too, a hazel brown tinged with flecks of green so that they seem the latter in the right lighting, and his cheeks are devoid of the smattering of freckles which covers hers. His face is chiselled squarely, with a clearly marked jawline and thick eyebrows, and the only features for which he might claim embarrassment are his ears, which stick out marginally more than the average.

Kevin does not see much purpose in putting excessive effort into grooming and, although he does all the basics and might sometimes be noted to smell a little more strongly of cologne than other times, or to have a stray strand of his hair curled just right over his forehead, his sense of style leaves plenty to be desired. He dresses mostly in casual t-shirts and jeans, with a hoodie or letterman jacket thrown over the ensemble, and even for a more formal occasion, a polo shirt is likely the best anyone will get out of him. The only times he's genuinely made an effort in his dress are when challenging his sister, but, in general, his fashion reeks of the average sporting teenager.

Personality: The very first thing most will notice upon a conversation with Kevin Vanirion is that he is, undoubtedly, the less intelligent of the siblings, at least in the educational sense. He has little interest in academics, and though he could be far smarter if only he learned to try, he is hindered by lack of interest. Really, the only times he cares to apply himself in his studies is when it becomes a necessity to compete against Selene (likely the cause behind his surprisingly reasonable GCSE results), and even then he tends to forget about them twenty minutes later when he's found some other way to challenge her.

After all, that is what his life is all about: the thrill of the challenge and, more importantly, winning. And Kevin isn't without his skills in that regard: where he might frequently fail in his studies, he has always done brilliantly in sports, be it tennis or rugby or rowing (but never cycling - he hates cycling). It's to these physical activities that his mind inevitably wanders in any otherwise dull class, and where he lays claim to most victories against his sister. Though sometimes to the boy's detriment, he will never shy away from any trial presented, and tends to work at it until he finds success.

Socially, Kevin excels, with an arguably idiotic sense of humour stemming from comedic arrogance which inexplicably draws others into his social circle and allows him to slip seamlessly into theirs. He doesn't care for rules in the name of challenge or entertainment, and if there's some unauthorized party held on a Friday night, then you can guarantee that's where he'll be, even if he can't stay too late because he needs to be up in time for Saturday morning lacrosse.

Do you believe in ghosts?: Kevin would like to make clear that he definitely saw a ghost that time in Mallory Hall, and it wasn't a curtain waving a bit in the wind, which puts his number of alleged ghost sightings up to one, and Selene's on a firm zero. Suck on that one, sis.
What do you think happened to Dawn?: Selene doesn't know, which means Kevin doesn't know yet either. But he's going to find out, and he's going to find out before his sister does, so help him.
What are your thoughts on Elizabeth and the 'it girls'?: Kevin has made a list of his Top Five Fave Bangable It Girls. No one tell Elizabeth she's only third.

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities, and if so, what are they?: Rugby Team; Lacrosse Team (captain); Football Team; Hockey Team; Yoga Club

Biography: click here.

Important Miscellaneous Information: One time, he touched his nose with his tongue. It was pretty lit.

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Everyone is in Lambert suddenly.

Keith is in House Lambert!

Hi, Harvey is a beautiful man and also in House Lambert!

Uh, this app is a bit weird because I'm fairly confident it is written for Hogwarts, so please fix this.

Kevin is in House Lambert, but you knew that already.

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full name: emmeline marie holland

date of birth: 14 may 2002

age: seventeen

year: thirteen

gender: female

nationality: british

sexual orientation: heterosexual

relationship status: single

secrets: none... yet

personality: emmeline is the epitome of delicateness and propriety. she is dainty and kind, and never impolite. she's always calm and collected, and smooth under pressure. she has anxiety, though she tries to hide it. emmeline prefers to be alone, since she's never had many friends. she loves to paint to de-stress, and is rarely flustered.when she is, though, she becomes a completely different person. first, she turns to ice. her voice hardens and she becomes unnaturally still. then tears bite at her eyes, and she flees. she has been taught that it is incredibly improper to cry in public.emmeline also deals with ocd, though she doesn't know it yet. she's a bit of a perfectionist, always having things neat and organised, and rarely showing emotion.nobody has cracked her layer of ice around her heart, much less shattered it. she has sworn to never let anybody see the real emmeline.

appearance: emmeline is described as being a living porcelain doll. she has a delicate build, and is very small, barely reaching 5'2". her skin is clear and very pale, and she has a dotting of small freckles across her nose. her eyes are a pale blue, framed by thick, fluttery lashes and neatly groomed eyebrows. she has a dainty button nose and full rose lips that rarely part into a smile, but when they do, they reveal straight, perfectly white teeth. her hair hangs down to her waist and is a soft pale blonde with a gentle natural wave.her build is very slight. she has nearly no fat on her body; rather, she is made up of lithe, lean muscles. she has scars on her arms, but they have faded over time to be nearly invisible. she is very light, and has been described as a sort of bird due to her build. she walks daintily, appearing to float rather than walk. emmeline wears white or cream dresses that are made of chiffon and other dainty, flowing materials. she wears a silver necklace with a tiny songbird on it, a gift from her father. she never wears makeup, due to her natural beauty.

biography: emmeline was born to two unknown parents in an alleyway. those parents left her in a basket, hoping someone would come take her, but not caring if they didn't. eventually, an earl and his wife came across her and took her in. she was raised as a lady, with a proper education, manners, and instruments. when she was eight years old, lady cora gave birth to a baby girl. the family grew even closer, and eventually emmeline blossomed into a beautiful young woman, taking violin lessons and getting good marks in her schooling. emmeline's father eventually ended up taking a liking to emmeline and doing... things to her, though nobody else knows.
since the home they lived in was so large, emmeline normally found a place to hide. there were many dark corners and crawl spaces, and eventually the house was outfitted with electricity.
one night, the breaker went out. nobody knew how to fix it, since they were all so new to it. emmeline's father tried to fix it whist the others looked on anxiously.he touched a live wire and a bolt of electricity went into him, stopping his heart immediately. the entire house went up in flame. emmeline and her family sobbed, and emmeline tried to wake her father and start his heart again. the others were gone, and as the smoke rose over her, emmeline gently kissed her father's cheek and lay down next to him. the smoke entered her lungs and she drifted into unconsciousness. then emmeline was taken away and has lived here since.

family: father--matthew holland--deceased
mother--cora holland--unknown

do you believe in ghosts? yes, i do! there are many things that are inexplicable. they can only be the doing of ghosts!

what do you think happened to dawn? i honestly have no idea... it's terrifying to think of what could have happened to her!

what are your thoughts on elizabeth and the 'it' girls? i think elizabeth is lovely and a wonderful example! more girls should follow her example and be more like her!

do you participare in any extracurriculars? if so, what are they? i am on the dance team, and i participate in the art society, choir, dramatics society, and orchestra.

important miscellaneous information: emmeline plays the violin and piano. she also loves to sing, dance, and act.

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Emmeline is in House Montague!

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lucia india hayes | luc; luci | 17 | year 12


birth gender: female
gender identification: female
sexual orientation: heterosexual
relationship status: single


secrets: lucia was in an abusive relationship from year 10 to the start of year 12 which causes her not to trust as easily || she caught her father having an affair with their maid and has kept it a secret from her mother for 8 years

appearance details:
face claim: bellamiie

lucia's beauty varies depending on the person. her sister once described her as a fairy. lucia has very rare features but the ones that stand out the most are her beautiful big green eyes and her flaming red hair. luc was blessed with a heart shaped face and a cute button nose. because of her minor rosacea she has a beautiful blush that gives her face a look of innocence. her lips are full and have a natural reddish tint to them. naturally, she has a smattering of ginger colored freckles across her nose and cheeks but lucia will often cover them up. she stands at about 5 feet four inches and has a slender body type with a smaller chest and slight curves. luc loves to accentuate her body with flowy shirts tucked into pretty little skirts or nice loose dresses.
personality: lucia is the kind of girl you meet at a party and your heart ever forgets. even if you never see her again, she always stays in the back of your mind until one day you see her in a coffee shop and you feel yourself falling hard. i guess one word for her is bubbly. she's bubbly and though she can be shy at first, she is rather talkative when you break past that shell. she's the type of girl who has a thing for meaningful conversations. she isn't charismatic per say but she's more of a likeable kind of girl. she's sweet and gets along with almost everyone she meets unless you strike her the wrong way. because of her past, lucia isn't one to trust people very fast. she isn't as delicate as she looks. she's more adventurous yet she somehow manages to make everything she does look graceful. luc is a very colorful and fiery girl at times. she can be boisterous when she wants to be and a lady when she chooses to be. she's rather messy and loves a good laugh.


do you believe in ghosts? "do you believe in god? just because you can't see something doesn't mean it isn't there.."
what do you think happened to dawn? "what do i think? well i prefer not to think of the cause at all... it's rather dreadful isn't it.."
what are your thoughts on elizabeth and the 'it' girls? "i can't have any thoughts until i've crossed paths with them. it's not fair to judge someone you haven't met, don't you think?"

do you participate in any extracurricular activities and if so, what are they? "i'm a proud member of the art society and i participate in almost every play and musical put on in the school though i prefer to be backstage instead of on stage. i'm the genius that paints all the sets."

biography: lucia was born into a very happy family. her mother and father had been high school sweethearts and when lucia came into their lives, they were beyond ecstatic. when lucia was 5, her mother became pregnant with another baby. about 20 weeks into the pregnancy, her mother went into labor early. the baby died at birth. the death affected lucia's family greatly. her mother became more and more distant to lucia and her father as she spiraled into a deep depression and pill addiction, straining their relationship with her very much. their once laughter-filled house was now completely silent and desolate. her father, who was a very wealthy business man, filled up his silence with work. he would leave for months at a time for business trips and such leaving lucia all by herself. she sought solace in the maids' quarters with the staff. when lucia was only 10 years old, she spotted her father disappearing into one of the maid's rooms. when he exited the room he saw her and chased her back to her room, blackmailing her into never telling her mother. the weight of this secret destroyed her relationship with her mother and lucia fell into the wrong crowd at her old school. she got into a very abusive relationship with a man named jack and stayed in it for about a year. her father transferred her to farrow academy, hoping to keep her away from jack so that she could focus on her art and her studies.

micellaneous: luc is a rather talented singer but she prefers to keep her voice hidden. she has trust issues and a slight anger problem as well. she adores art and loves to paint.


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Lucia is in House Montague!

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