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message 1: by Pogacean (new)

Pogacean Bogdan | 40 comments

for this book that I own in my library, the correct number of pages is 313. The book has 320 pages in total, but the story ends at 313, from 314-320 there are short previews to other books from the same author.
Also, the ISBN shown on the detail page is not complete....the real ISBN is 9786064303165 (as you can see now the last 3
numbers from the ISBN are missing).

message 2: by Pogacean (new)

Pogacean Bogdan | 40 comments can any librarian help please??

message 3: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 23748 comments There is already an edition with that isbn, however, it doesn't have a cover and wasn't combined with the others.

I've separated the cover edition and combined it with the edition with the isbn, so that the supers can merge one of them.

They'll then recombine it with the other editions.

message 4: by Pogacean (new)

Pogacean Bogdan | 40 comments ok, but the page number is still wrong....on the edition i linked it is postet 320. in reality the book has 320 pages, but from 314-320 are commercials for other books

message 5: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 23748 comments I changed the one with the isbn to 312 which was on Worldcat.

I'm presuming the supers will look at that, if they don't please post again. I'm not sure when they'll get to it though. So maybe wait a week or so.

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