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message 1: by Bailey (new)

Bailey the BookNerd (bn021206) The family included 7 children; Cassandra, Cass for short (18), Philip (16), Charlotte (14), Bae (9), the twins Chloe and Christopher (7), and the baby Scarlett (7 months). And, of course, the parents: Mama and Papa.

message 2: by Bailey (new)

Bailey the BookNerd (bn021206) Cass and Philip agreed. Once Mama and Papa left they heard a knocking coming from the basement.
“Charlotte, would you mind checking the basement? I hear a strange noise,” Philip said.

message 3: by Delphine (new)

Delphine | 13 comments "You always make me do it," she whined but obliged anyway. She started the descent towards the basement, muttering curses towards Philip and his condescending arse. She flicked the light switch on, and blinked a few times, letting her eyes adjust to the light. When she lifted her head up, she screamed a sharp pitch with every breath in her. Every breath in her, because that was her last.

message 4: by luna (new)

luna | 2 comments Outside the basement, Cass and Philip heard another thud come from below. Cass looked up from her workbench and sighed heavily. “Charlotte!” She yelled.
When no sound came from below Philip looked above his glasses at Cass. They exchanged a silent thought. Philip stood up from his chair and called again in the direction of the basement. “Charlotte! Are you there?”
Philip and Charlotte shared a moment of deathly silence, waiting for their sister’s reply. “Oh no.” Said Philip under his breath.
“Chloe, Christopher, watch the baby.” Said Charlotte, never taking her eyes off the basement entry.
“What are we going to do?” Asked Philip. He looked at his sister and saw her face cast a plain and solemn expression Philip knew all to well. “Oh god.”

message 5: by marzzzzz (last edited Aug 17, 2020 03:09PM) (new)

marzzzzz They walk into the basement to find...... nothing. Nothing is left of Charlotte except her clothes. Philip looks over at Cass, her eyes are glassy. "I'm sorry!" Cass wails as tears began streaking down her face. "I didn't mean to..... it just got out of control again and....." She lets out a sob and collapses to the floor. Philip shakes his head in disbelief, slowly beginning to back away.
"Y-you did this?" Philip asks, voice shaking. He sees a dark flash in the corner of his eye. He spins around. "What was that?" He yells. He looks back to Cass and finds her turned away from him. She holding her head as if in pain. "Cass.... are you.... what's wrong?" She lets out a growl and her head snaps up. She turns around. Philips stands frozen with fear, staring into her eyes. "Cass what happened to your..... eyes?" Her eyes blaze crimson.
"Philip....." She whimpers, her eyes flicker back and forth between red and brown. "Run." She rasps. She lifts her hands and shadows shoot up from the walls. They swirl around him, growing bigger and darker until he sees nothing but darkness.

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