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message 1: by Bobby (new)

Bobby Dee | 75 comments Howard Days is set for 12-13 June 2020, and the theme this year is "Celebrating REH in the Comics."

Marvel Comics has the license to Conan again and has been promoting him heavily in multiple series, so this should be a fun one. Hope to see some of you in Cross Plains. For more information, check out:

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael (dolphy76) | 441 comments Thanks Bobby! I will sign up. I understand a lot of Marvel people will be on hand.

message 3: by Jason M (new)

Jason M Waltz (worddancer) | 21 comments And Roy Thomas is GOH.

And Rogue Blades Foundation will be delivering Robert E. Howard Changed My Life, so it will be a terrific opportunity to get many of the contributors' signatures.

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