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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Adult rom-com: best friends accidentally marry in Vegas and have a buffet food fight with Barry Manilow lookalike and stripper

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Mikaela | 71 comments Read C. 2015.

I think this book was part of a series of (Irish/American?) brothers with one sister. This was the sister’s book. H and h are best friends and she always gets him into trouble while he is very laid back. After accidental Vegas marriage H decides to convince h to stay married and begins to seduce her. However, there is something about a bag of money and they end up running all over Vegas looking for a stripper and meeting a Barry Manilow (?) lookalike who can’t sing. There is a food fight scene at an all-you-can-eat buffet and I’m pretty sure one of the bad guys gets dropped off in the middle of the desert and has to walk back to Vegas. Story is very silly/light-hearted.

Thank you!

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Mikaela | 71 comments I found it! It was a Wayne Newton look alike, not a Barry Manilow. Book is called 'Saturday Night Special (Wild Irish #6) by Mari Carr" Saturday Night Special (Wild Irish #6) by Mari Carr

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