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Broken Destiny (Hidden Academy #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fantasy / Paranormal Reverse Harem book with a ghost H. [s]

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Serpentine | 14 comments Long shot, I can't remember much about the book other than there is a ghost that is part of the reverse harem, perhaps at some point he isn't a ghost anymore. Read in the last year on kindle unlimited.

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Tammy | 36 comments Hi Ash, you may already be aware but if not, you can go to your amazon account and scroll to manage content and devices. Once there, select under the show: Kindle Unlimited and then sort by returned. I love kindle unlimited and like you have remembered pieces of a plot and had to go back through my returned books to try to locate. Good luck.

Serpentine | 14 comments Thank you, unfortunately I read over 250 books last year so it can be pretty hard to try to find the right one 😆 but I always scroll through and try to figure it out before asking.

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Anna | 509 comments Can you give any additional info? Because it looks like there is actually quite a bit of reverse harems with ghosts. Just a few examples: City of Demons, Gypsy Blood, Broken Destiny.

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Mikaela | 69 comments In Four Psychos by Kristy Cunning the heroine is a ghost for most of the book. Reverse Harem.

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MJ | 1355 comments Very long shot as it’s not actually a RH, but there is the ghost element... and I’ve had too many ‘long shots’ pay off to not mention one jic.

Black Heart

Serpentine | 14 comments Thanks everyone, It was broken destiny I was thinking of, but I read some others and really loving the ghost element so happy to have further suggestions.

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Kris | 34460 comments Mod
Ash, glad you found your book. If you'd like suggestions for similar books, please create a new thread in the "Suggest books for me" folder (https://www.goodreads.com/topic/group...) -- or comment on similar request threads. Your thread is now marked Solved and not many people are likely to view it.

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