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message 1: by Jess (new)

Jess Montgomery (jessmontgomeryauthor) Good morning! Remember, at the end of the week, on Friday January 17, I will draw a winner of THE HOLLOWS (either hardback or ebook)! To enter, just comment on at least one of my posts here on our Facebook Group, or on our Goodreads Group, today through Thursday January 16.

One of my favorite things to do--besides write and read--is to bake pie. So, of course I made Sheriff Lily Ross, the sheriff in my Kinship Historical Mysteries, a pie baker as well.

In the debut novel of the series, THE WIDOWS, I discuss buttermilk pie--a sweet yet tangy pie that is her husband's favorite. But he dies in the line of duty, and she is assigned to fill out his term.

In THE HOLLOWS, Lily decides to run for the role of sheriff in her on right. It's a bittersweet decision. After all, she wouldn't realize how much she loves the job of sheriff if she hadn't taken the role because of her husband's death.

Now, she isn't such an enthusiastic pie baker. (Before his death, she won blue ribbons at the county fair for her tasty pies.) But her Mama chastises her that, even as she runs for sheriff, she is expected to enter the pie contest at the fair.

Nearly out of ingredients, she finally makes a vinegar pie! Vinegar pies (like molasses or sorghum pies) were considered 'desperation' pies for lean times or times when the pantry was running low. Like the buttermilk pie, it's sweet but tangy, but of course, the name 'vinegar' implies a deeper tartness--which reflects Lily's mood.

I found a surprising number of vinegar pie recipes in my research. Here's just one. What's your favorite pie? Have you ever made or had a vinegar pie?

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Amanda (drpowell) | 376 comments Pie! No to vinegar pie. My favorite? Apple.

message 3: by Jess (new)

Jess Montgomery (jessmontgomeryauthor) Amanda wrote: "Pie! No to vinegar pie. My favorite? Apple."

LOL! But yes--Apple is so great! Do you prefer a double crust or French apple--or both? I've been thinking of experimenting with a double crust caramel apple pie--a regular apple pie but dotting caramel candies on the apples, but under the top crust.

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Joe Krakovsky | 12 comments Will Lily be packing a shootin' iron?

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