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message 1: by Bix (new)

Bix (bixfrankonis) | 17 comments What's the policy if a publisher website does not itself list their ebook version on its own website but from their own website page for the book does something like include a link reading "Access this eBook from one of our digital partners" that then leads to a list of all the places to get the ebook edition?

Does a publisher website itself linking to ebook retailers count as sufficient an endorsement to get a cover from an external site, or are those ebook editions simply SOL and never, ever get a cover here?

(Asking because ebooks seem to be the things that most get short-changed here when it comes to covers, because not all publisher websites bother to specifically list/present them.)

Thanks for any clarity.

message 2: by Scott (new)

Scott | 17321 comments No, the stores are not valid sources for the cover image.

message 3: by Bix (last edited Jan 13, 2020 07:00PM) (new)

Bix (bixfrankonis) | 17 comments So how do those ebooks ever get covers? It seems like there's got to be a policy exception of *some* kind, somewhere, for the generic ebook editions when publisher websites don't specifically list them but do acknowledge their existence.

message 4: by Emily (new)

Emily | 13208 comments Authors and publisher representatives sometimes add their own file.

message 5: by Renske (last edited Jan 15, 2020 12:23PM) (new)

Renske | 10803 comments An image made of your copy of a book is a valid source, so people can make a print screen or similar from their ebook.

message 6: by Bix (new)

Bix (bixfrankonis) | 17 comments Renske wrote: "An image made of your copy of a book is a valid source, so people can make a print screen or similar from their ebook."

Is there an example somewhere? I do now see this in the manual, but (and this might seem a daft question, but at this point I've learned to over-ask on Goodreads rather than under-ask) it's not clear to me from the language if this literally means a photo of a book cover, or the photo of a book cover is being used as a reference to then match to an actual piece of cover artwork online that's then what is used.


Elizabeth (Alaska) | 6592 comments Bix wrote: "this literally means a photo of a book cover"

Yes, it means an image you take of a book you own or have in your possession. When it is a photo you take, you have the copyright to it and can freely disseminate. Please keep in mind that it must be a for the ebook edition you are asking it to be added to. We don't transfer cover images from one edition to another.

message 8: by Bix (new)

Bix (bixfrankonis) | 17 comments These policies are deeply weird.

message 9: by lethe (new)

lethe | 13676 comments Not that weird. It all has to do with copyright.

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