English 9- Period 6 (19-20) discussion


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message 1: by Mrs. Fuentes (new)

Mrs. Fuentes (mrsfuentes) How would you get your friend to read this book? Tell me what you would say.

I would tell my friend, "Hey, you have to read this book! Oprah recommended it and I'd listen to her because she's Oprah and she has her own book club! The book is SUPER interesting because..."

message 2: by Xitlalith (new)

Xitlalith | 9 comments I would tell my friend, "Hey I've been reading this book were different people who are considered as Hispanics talk about some moments of their lives, many of them were fun because I related to them some way, you should read it and try to find some of the things you or your family can relate on."

message 3: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Arreola | 10 comments "Have you read this book yet? It's kind of crazy and very interesting because of how weird and insane some of the characters are.

message 4: by Aaron (new)

Aaron | 8 comments I would tell my friend that "this book is very interesting and I think you should read it I liked it."

message 5: by Jesus (new)

Jesus M | 7 comments I would tell them that if they want to know how a world where animals rule and not humans look like, they need to read first "Animal Farm" because it shows the beginning of how animals will rebel against their owner and how it can expand in other places.

message 6: by Juan (new)

Juan | 8 comments I would tell my friend"Hey check this book out its dope! it talks about how Mexican American would grow up back in the days like around the 1980s and how it would be huge and still is a struggle to finding the perfect life and how life can be such a struggle if you don't do the right things in it.

message 7: by Belen (new)

Belen De | 10 comments look, this book is very interesting, since it teaches the hard life of a woman from Arabia, you knew that weddings in Arabia last days, however then women are the ones who have to do the joyful party with dances. as far as I am reading the story, she got tense for a divorce paper.

message 8: by Milton (last edited Jan 31, 2020 02:56PM) (new)

Milton Torres | 4 comments I would tell my friend that ¨this book is good and interesting you should read it. You should read this book because it talks about depression and my character in the book faces obstacles every day and how she scared every day I think you will enjoy it.

message 9: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin | 8 comments I would tell my friend, " You should read this book it is mysterious and it involves Nick (the husband) and Amy (his wife), something strange ended up happening to Amy."

message 10: by ishmail (new)

ishmail | 2 comments I would say "Read this book"

message 11: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 4 comments One way I would tell my friend to read this book is to grab their attention on how police brutality is involved in racism is included as well how it relates to us each day more nd more.

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