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message 1: by Hank (new)

Hank Quense | 18 comments I recently finished converting my book How to slef-publish and Market a Bookinto a series of video lectures and made them available on Udemy. I’m lookig for a few plucky individuals to watch the lectures adn write a review on Udemy. If your interested, let me know and tell me your email address so I can send you a link that will get into the class free of charge. /readers

message 2: by Ibrar (new)

Ibrar Malik | 1 comments Announcing the release of a new Formula One book which I am look for reviews for.

You can kick aside those January blues because, Team Lotus: Struggling Beyond The Post Colin Chapman Era is now available to buy in audio book format or e book format here

A free sample is contained within those links,

You can find out more about the Lotus book: and it will be just as good as my last book was. Here is a review of which

There are some shocking stories to be told between the years of 1987-1989. I'll just say at the start of that aforementioned period Team Lotus had decent funds and active suspension. Whereas by the end of 1989 they had squandered their active advantage, their title sponsor was threatening to leave them and were a shadow of their former self having undertaken significant management changes. The new book investigates...

message 3: by Sheila (new)

Sheila Reid | 3 comments If you are an older woman who belongs to lots of organizations and loves art, please write to me. My book Art & Creaky Bones would like to be introduced to some senior groups. Or perhaps someone would like to write a review?

message 4: by Ajith Kumar (last edited Feb 14, 2020 04:16PM) (new)

Ajith Kumar (ajith-kumar) | 5 comments New books need reviews:
"The Murder of Alexander the Great' (two books- The Puranas and The Secret War.)

The untold chapters of Alexander's Indian invasion and the secrets form the Indian Sanskrit texts.

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