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UNO Pixie | 1351 comments Once the team threads are opened, all questions must be posted to team captains and co-captains. If they are unsure, they will ask in the captains group and get back to you.

In the meantime, here are some FAQs from last year

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UNO Pixie | 1351 comments If the book is a prequel and is listed as 3.5 in the series, does it still count for a 3 card? Or can I count it for a 4 card?
Only the whole numbers count for that, so in your case it would be 3.

have a question about Wonder... it says it's #1 in a series, but it's the only primary book. does it still count as 1 in series ?
It's first in a series even if no other books are listed.

I have a question about series number that only Discworld could have. The Last Continent is book number 22 in the Discworld universe, but #6 in the Rincewind series, so could I was it for card number 6?
We use what Goodreads has on their main book page. So for that one, it has #22

Where is the cut off line for when a character's name can or cannot be used for a card?
We generally want them to have some dialogue and meaning to the story. Not just a hotel bellhop called Victor that opens a door, for example

What's the rules with non fiction Books? Can the real life people of history say be used as "characters" and the same with locations used as "settings"?
I'm going to say no for the majority of non fiction books, (it opens the doors to books that have a zillion royals listed for example), unless of course the non fiction book is something like "Eat Pray Love" which is told like a novel with limited characters. I hope that makes sense!!

For location, is it just the city, state, country or are locations such as "Snowberry Manor" or maybe a specific lake or mountain name counted?
It needs to be the main setting for the book. So if the book is set in "Snowberry Manor" then that is ok. Whereas if that is just the name of the house, but not the main setting (which may be the city of London, for example) then I wouldn't count it

Can we use an author's middle initial for a letter, if it's listed in their name under author? Say Lauren E. Mitchell
No, sorry. First name and surname only

What about if it's a von, van, etc?
I use my library to work out the alphabetisation for any two word surnames. Most surnames that are van with a small v are not alphabetised as v

Are audiobooks allowed
Audiobooks fine. You'll use the page numbers from the default edition to check it meets the challenge requirements.
You can shelve the audiobook edition, or the default edition.

If I read books in another language than English, so should I use English or non-English title
Use the edition/language you are reading

Can we read books that are a collection of short stories?
Yes the book counts if the whole thing is read.

Can any of the authors listed for an anthology be used?
Use the author listed on goodreads as the "editor"

Are we allowed books that haven't yet been published?
Yes, as long as they are listed on Goodreads you can use them.

Is reverse a book a teammate has read at any time or during the challenge?

Regarding the clored Cards: Can the book be any cover...does it have to be the cover for the version you are reading?
It needs to be the edition you are reading.

Can 2 people on my team read the same book for 2 different cards?

Are embedded words allowed? For example, will Seer of Sevenwaters work for seven?
No for embedded words.

If someone is known as Princess or Professor is that allowed as P or is it just the name?
It needs to be the characters name or nickname in the book, an honourific or title wouldn't count.

What happens if a team finishes all hands before the end of the month?
Then you get to relax. That's why the estimates of how much you read is so important when signing up. We try and get the teams as even as possible, but if a few people on a team start reading well above their estimates it does mean you will finish the month faster than we would normally anticipate

Can I request to be on a team with xyz, abc, def... etc.?
We totally get that it is fun to play with people you know. And we have no problems with trying to accomodate requests for 2-3 people to be on the same team
1. We don't make "whole" teams of set people (so you can't request 10 people on one team for example)
2. Book counts play a large role in UNO because the teams have a set number of books to read each month. So if you have a group that reads 150 books in the month and the team only has to read 80 it means you'll be bored for half the month (I'm sure you don't want that!). So if you and your friends have large book counts it can be difficult to make a viable team.
--this is also why it's important to try and accurately estimate your monthly books. There is no benefit to under estimating for UNO--

So, bottom line, when you sign up, in the comments you can put your request, or you can send a PM to this account and we will do what we can

If you have signed up as a captain I'm more than happy to try and match you with a co-captain that you have worked with before. Again, just send a PM or put it in your comments

What are the rules when it comes to book cover colours?
If you have a book you think is a certain colour, post to your team thread. (It should be "obviously" that colour ; at least more than 50% of the cover). If your team agrees you are good to go. If your team or captains aren’t sure they may take it to the captains group (where the result is binding).

One of my hands is:
Draw 2
Wild Draw 4
7 Red
the Draw 2 is easy - covering off the Wild Draw 4 and 7Red.
but, for filling the rest:
- For the two Wilds, can they be for the same card - eg duplicate the 2 (say) or can each card only be duplicated once? - Also can the Wild duplicate just the number of the 7Red? (assuming a card can be duplicated more than one time!)

From the rules on the Wild Draw 4: "Each coloured card can only be duplicated once." ;-)
Basically, that is also true for the other cards. Each card can only be duplicated once.

As far as locations. Too many group challenges and different rules. Sandpoint, Idaho, it will work for 5 or 6 ???
6 - Sandpoint as it is the main location (so if it more specific than just "Idaho" then that is the location you use.

Regarding the note: For book titles starting with an article (A/An/The), the article can be ignored or used. So The Hiding Place, for example, could be used as title starting with T or H
Does this also apply to foreign titles such as Der Nachtwandler. Can we disregard the "Der" and use the N for a 9 card?


About Reverse: If I have read the Norwegian edition of a book, will it count for Reverse if one of my teammates read the English (original) edition?
Absolutely, it's still the same book.

On the colour cards, what should you do if the edition read isn't listed on GR? I came across a book on Amazon yesterday with a very definitely red cover but couldn't find that edition on GR.
Link the book in the captains group and the link to the amazon page and we can add it to GR :)

what is the rule is around titles that start with a number? Do you spell out the number or skip it and use the first letter of the first actual word? I was thinking of 99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne
You spell it out, so 99 Percent Mine would be N. :)

For books with two authors, can any of the authors be used or should it be the author goodreads uses for sorting purposes. For instance:
Cut & Run is written by Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban. Goodreads sorts it under the Rs in an author search for Abigail Roux.
If both authors are listed, either can be used :)
It really is just short story collections where there is one editor and then 10 authors.... etc... for those, the editor is used

The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, it should work for a 7, right? even if it has de 1/2 on the title?
I think if it was something like The 101 Dalmatians we wouldn't say that could be used for a 1 or a 0 ; so the same principle applies. The book is 7.5 not 7, so couldn't be used for 7

We have a hand that includes:
Draw 2
If 2 other people have read the same book, on top of the person who read it for the challenge, can we use the Draw 2 and fill in both Reverse cards? Or would we need to use the Draw 2 with only 1 reverse card + another card in the hand?
If A read the book in Jan, and B read it during the challenge then you can use B for both the reverse cards in that hand, with the D2, as you are using the one book against the two cards.
The misconception is that you have to have different reasons for the 2 cards that 1 book covers. But you don't! With a Draw 2, the same reason can be used for both cards that are covered

Come March, if you started a book in February but didn’t finish until March, can we use it on our March card? Or for the March hands, do the books have to be started and finished in March?
March and April cards both can be filled with books started in February, just not before the challenge officially started :)

A team mate read The Beautiful-Ugly. It's a trilogy in one book. She wants to know if it should be separated into three different books or as one.
treat that like an anthology. It is just boxed sets that you separate as they are physically separate books just sold in a bundle

Is it compulsory to have a Uno bookshelf ? One of our new team member does not want to have a separate bookshelf. Is it OK if she reports the books read and it is in her read shelf?
That's fine. We ask people to have a shelf to make it easier for the captains. If you don't mind, then you can just go with the read shelf (or she could create one and just delete it at the end of the challenge)

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