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Brenda | 2888 comments Mod
Welcome Penelope and good luck :) If you'd like to know how to link your book title and author, click on "add book/author" in your comment box and follow the prompts :)

message 2: by Penelope (new)

Penelope  | 40 comments Have just completed There Was still Love by Favel Parrett, set between Prague and Melbourne in different years starting in 1939 when the sisters were separated. The role of women in families, their strengths and weaknesses but above all their love for each other and their families was just beautifully written. I loved this book as I have all of this author’s work so far. A little gem.

message 3: by Brenda (new)

Brenda | 2888 comments Mod
I agree, I loved There Was Still Love by Favel Parrett There Was Still Love and also the very catchy cover!

message 4: by Penelope (new)

Penelope  | 40 comments just finished Evie Wyld, the Bass Rock. Wonderful but one to think about for some time.

message 5: by Penelope (new)

Penelope  | 40 comments Had forgotten to add The Erratics by Vicki Laveau-Harvie. So four so far this year and on track for my 20.

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Penelope  | 40 comments Excellent book by Dervla McTiernan, 3rd in the Cormac Reilly series, The Good Turn. Excellent plot and good fast paced writing.

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Penelope  | 40 comments Lucky Galah by Tracy Sorensen. Brilliant 4 star read.

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Penelope  | 40 comments Sheerwater by Leah Swann
Sheerwater by Leah Swann 3 stars.

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Penelope  | 40 comments Rain Birds

Rain Birds by Harriet McKnight 3 stars.
Good story, covering many important subjects: dementia, despair, environmental concerns, endangered species. Unfortunately the main character was a little over the top for me. Arianna was rude beyond belief. Other characters were well drawn and for me saved the book.

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Penelope  | 40 comments Invented Lives by Andrea Goldsmith
Invented Lives by Andrea Goldsmith

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Penelope  | 40 comments Brenda wrote: "Invented Lives by Andrea Goldsmith"

Thanks Brenda, when I fill in the details on my ipad it does not give me the options to 'add book/author or the cover! I don't always think of it till later. Then when I do it on my laptop there it is.

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Brenda | 2888 comments Mod
Haha! Fair enough :) What did you think of it Penny?

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Penelope  | 40 comments Brenda wrote: "Haha! Fair enough :) What did you think of it Penny?"
I read it for my bookclub. Good in one way as may not have been aware of it otherwise. But I did feel I wanted more of the main characters, more Galina's life in Russia and then Australia, more of her romance with Andrew and not so much of the other characters' stories. I felt that the author had about three novels in there.
I plan to read more of this author.

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Brenda | 2888 comments Mod
Sounds good Penny - happy reading :)

message 16: by Penelope (last edited Sep 07, 2020 04:30PM) (new)

message 17: by Penelope (last edited Sep 23, 2020 10:46PM) (new)

Penelope  | 40 comments ]I had read some of the essays in the book Details before but I really enjoyed reading them again plus the ones I was not familiar with. I happened by chance to be in Katoomba, Tegan Bennet Daylight's home town when I was reading this collection. That added something to my enjoyment of it. I think she was actually at the Melbourne Writers Festival interviewing Charlotte Wood!

message 20: by Penelope (new)

Penelope  | 40 comments Hi Brenda. Could not record this properly as my laptop which allows me insert the link has locked me out! I thought it was an interesting concept and was familiar with the people she interviewed and their circumstances but was a little underwhelmed overall. Disappointed because I truly admire Leigh Sales.

message 21: by Brenda (new)

Brenda | 2888 comments Mod
That's bad luck although there's often one or two that disappoint in an author's work. Hopefully her next will lift your spirits :)

Sorry to hear about your laptop.. hope you can get it working again..

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Penelope  | 40 comments Thanks Brenda!

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Penelope  | 40 comments The Weekend by Charlotte Wood
I read this in January 2020 but in trying to edit the entry I lost the date. This was the first book I read for this challenge. Feel I could read it again!

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Penelope  | 40 comments Helen Garner Yellow Notebook: Diaries Volume I 1978–1986

I love this author and have read and reread her work many times over many years. I really enjoyed the Yellow Notebook and could not stop highlighting various passages. I have read this volume now for my book club meeting and will be interested to hear others' views.

Good news too about the second volume being released in early November.

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Penelope  | 40 comments A Room Made of Leaves by Kate Grenville

This was a wonderful imagining of the life of Elizabeth Macarthur. I always enjoy a book which sends me off to check the historical records of the time and place and I did exactly that with this book.

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Penelope  | 40 comments Flying the Nest by Rachael Johns
This is my first Rachel Johns and I can see from comments about her books that she is a very popular writer. I really enjoyed this book and liked very much the way it was divided into chapters about Perth and then Ragged Point.

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Penelope  | 40 comments My Story by Julia Gillard Julia Gillard I listened to this on audio during 2020. Thought it was interesting, well researched and enlightening.

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Penelope  | 40 comments The Majesties by Tiffany Tsao
I read this book for the Read around the world book club. This author lives in Sydney so qualifies for AWW.
This may contain a spoiler!!!
This was a well paced story about the blindingly rich families enjoying amazing lifestyles, educated and involved in all sorts of businesses. It was well written had enough plot, mystery and a brilliant exploration of marriage and filial relationships to keep readers interested. Unfortunately the puzzling shift towards the end was too much for me and overall I was disappointed.

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