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Science Fiction > Reviews needed for book 1 of a post-apoc sci-fi adventure, prior to release of book 2!

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message 1: by R.K. (new)

R.K. King (rkking) | 10 comments Hey folks,
I'm going to be releasing book #2 in my Storm Cycle series, Heart Of The Storm, in March and just thought I'd check if any were interested in reading book 1, Eye Of The Storm, prior to that. It could always use more reviews, both here on GR as well as good ol' Amazon. Anyway, here's the link I'm providing via the StoryOrigin app

Thanks much to all interested!!

message 2: by Wmba (new)

Wmba Dams | 136 comments tell us more about the book. minimum is log line, at least a blurb would be better, and a short synopis would help motivate people better. how long is it. style of writing?

message 3: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Bannister (mommybannister) | 75 comments Do you only have it on storyorigin or can I get a physical copy

message 4: by R.K. (new)

R.K. King (rkking) | 10 comments In a far future ravaged by a planet-wide super-storm, a handful of tribes battle for temporary land and resources in the only way they know; moving as the Eye of the Storm moves. It is believed the Storm is all there is. When a crashed plane is discovered with a young woman inside, one whom speaks a completely unknown language, the question of a possible haven beyond the Storm is raised.
An expedition heads into the Storm, but not all wish for them to succeed; the concept of an outside world is heresy, and some will stop at nothing to stop the travellers. The journey will require help from those who choose to live in the Storm; Stormwalkers, a mysterious group who may not be what they seem. They may not even be human.
From childhood the tribes are taught to never enter the Storm, for its not only the Storm itself to fear. It’s the things to be found within the Storm. Those who journey into the Storm will face dangers unlike anything they’ve ever seen, and see wonders unlike anything they could ever imagine.
“Mad Max meets Dune” in a post-apocalyptic adventure, approx 260 pages, with a sequel on the way!

message 5: by R.K. (new)

R.K. King (rkking) | 10 comments Only digital copies for now. I’m in Canada and mailing even 1 book is EXPENSIVE 😒

message 6: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Bannister (mommybannister) | 75 comments Can you send a epub

message 7: by R.K. (new)

R.K. King (rkking) | 10 comments Yep, you can choose ePub as your format choice at the above link! :)

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