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A Splendid Passion
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fiction H named "Phemie/Euphemie" runs from arranged marriage. [s]

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Clarissa | 33 comments Read this book in the 90's but it's older.
I believe H is named "Phemie" and is lower nobility. She finds out her uncle has arranged a marriage for her but she wants to be independent & see the world so she runs away. Ends up having a few romantic/sexual relationships (unusual for that time period) across the globe (a philandering Spaniard & a ghost haunted soldier in the south - New Orleans/plantations, slaves, voodoo) before returning home disguised as a servant.


She meets & falls in love with the noble man originally picked for her... she tells him of her travels/experiences it upsets him; he confronts her asking "Why why did you tell me I didn't want to know" she replies "because I love you."
HE results w/o either of them knowing they were picked for each other/supposed to marry years earlier anyway.

Clarissa | 33 comments Yes that's it! Ha horrid reviews but my teen self was riveted lol... thank you!

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