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Did Amy continue to deceive her readers at the end of the book?
Safaa Safaa Jan 10, 2020 05:50AM
In the second part of the book, Amy reveals to her readers her real identity and her whole agenda to frame Nick. And as I have understood, Desi never raped her. She seduced her to and in his mind, she is sort of attracted to him when she was kissing him and such. What really confuses me is the opening excerpt on page 374: “I still have Desi’s semen inside me from the last time he raped me.” Why does she narrate the event in this way?
It is like she is still deceiving her readers? I don’t think this is self-deceptive because she is quite aware of everything else.
What do you think?
Gone Girl

Honestly, I was really excited for this book and it got a LOT of hype. But I found myself hating it. I dreaded having to finish it. To me, the story was just dragged out, and it was very repetitive as far as progress in the story. Only toward the very end, when things started coming together, is when I really felt somewhat interested.

I think she was meticulous she was trying to convince herself that she was doing the "right thing" she wants her life to look like a storybook,like something out of a movie. I do agree that desi never raped her she seduced him so that when she went to a hospital it pointed to abuse and rape by her "captor". I love your view point it was a interesting way to look at it

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