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I am getting ready to take the great dive into ACIM. I just finished reading "The Disappearance of the Universe" and I was so drawn to hearing anything i could about this mysterious book. It has been on my "Toread" list for awhile and I have even come across it several times at some of my hole in the wall vintage book stores but passed it up repeatedly, (for whatever reason). I always was curious and made a mental note to buy it soon. All in good times and when is right and ready. It is a little intimidating however, understanding this vast, confusing yet simple and serene message . I feel like there is no way I could ever get through it with full understanding with out all kinds of help and insight for those that have been studying it for awhile. I am wanting to talk to anyone about their experience reading this book and how it worked for them. Bad or good. Any and all input is welcome and def. desired/needed. Also, wondering if there are any other discussions, groups, sites or study groups online. If only more people knew what this book really is. Need never pick up another self help book again after mastery of this bad boy. Hopefully the message wont be forgotten. The times they are a changing as is the general acceptance and opinion of unorthodox spiritual views. This is so cool though bc its not a complete contradiction of the Christian religion. It is a mix of historical religious facts, intertwined with new age mysticism, together to uncover a simplified message that will bring you home to God. Thanks again. Any and all input appreciated.

Hi. May God bless you. A course in miracles changed my life for the better. I regard the course as authentic revelation. After reading the text three times over, a lot of things in my life were clear for the first time. I have supplemented it with Biblical commentaries and the books of Jane Roberts/Seth. Please, do read A course in miracles; it will work wonders on your mind and you will feel more alive than ever. You will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.

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