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The Black Carousel
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Horror, Carousel horse(s) come(s) to life one day and terrorizes some (I think) girls and possibly more people [s]

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Hailey I heard about this book in from maybe July-September range 2019, but I'm sure it's way older than that. I have not ever read it, but I thought it sounded interesting. I also do not know the author. I think it was that a couple (or a few) people (I think girls) went to a carnival. The carousel horses were (possibly) wooden, or just the carousel itself. The horses only come alive at night and terrorize them (maybe others). I'm pretty sure that a horse drowns one girl in a lake, and the other MIGHT have gotten in a car accident because of a horse. I'm sorry this isn't much detail, but I hope you can help me find the name of this book! Even just the author would help. It also seemed like it might have been written in 1950's-1980's range? Probably not in the 2000's. This is all the information I could remember hearing.

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The rockabilly werewolf from Mars | 1450 comments The Black Carousel, perhaps? There's also a short story like this in Full Throttle, but that might be too modern.

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Hailey Pretty sure it's The Black Carousel! Thank you!

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