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The Insider (Henrietta Martinez #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fiction book about a hacker called Harry (a woman) who works at a cyber security company helping banks mainly. [s]

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message 1: by Aurora (new) - added it

Aurora (aurorareads) | 2 comments I read this book last year on a holiday and I can’t remember what it’s called or who the author is, but I think they’re female. I don’t remember the publication date but I know it’s a bit old, early 2000s most likely, but possibly the late 90s.

The main character is a woman called Harry. She’s a hacker with a very small apartment. She has a male friend called Dillon who’s her boss at the cyber security company. There’s some guy called The Prophet who leaks stock market info (or something like that) to a ring of people through weird untraceable emails, making them all rich. Harry tries to figure it all out, she also gets her father out of jail at some point and he gets hit by a car. Her father was involved in the stuff that’s been going on. Harry also teams up with a guy who I think is called Jude who works at a bank.
The Prophet loses a bunch of money over something. Harry bluffs and tells The Prophet in an email that she has the money. She goes to the Bahamas and does some stuff in a bank, opening a new account or something, I can’t remember exactly. She also talks to some older guy in a casino and convinces him to give her the money. There’s also a guy (I think with white hair) who’s following her around trying to kill her and is Dillon’s brother.
In the end Harry figures out that that Dillon is the villain just as they were beginning to form a romantic bond. In the last couple chapters she and Jude are riding in Jude’s helicopter which ends up crashing. They are then confronted by Dillon and his brother, who both have guns. At this point Dillon is practically hysterical, showing a very psychotic side of him. He tells the story of how he convinced his very drugged-up brother that he killed his mother, who simply fell down the stairs and died. After Harry stalling for a while by talking, Dillon shoots his brother and also ends up dying in the explosion because, if I recall correctly, he tries to save the money that Harry and Jude took with them. Later the police arrive on the scene.

That’s all I can really remember... hopefully someone knows what this book is called, or the author... thanks to everyone who replies/tries to help!

message 2: by Mai (new)

Mai | 1194 comments The Insider by Ava McCarthy?

Found searching online. You remembered so many details that it was easy to find. At least I hope this is it!

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Aurora (aurorareads) | 2 comments Mai wrote: "The Insider by Ava McCarthy?

Found searching online. You remembered so many details that it was easy to find. At least I hope this is it!"

Yes, that’s it. I did try searching it up a couple times, but it didn’t work. Maybe I just wasn’t phrasing it right. Thank you! :)

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Mai | 1194 comments I'm glad this is the book you were looking for! Happy re-reading! :-)

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