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La Petite Fadette
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Historical fiction about twins, separated at adolescence, one is sickly and jealous of the healthier one. [s]

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Cecília Baltazar | 2 comments It's about a set of twins, IIRC it's set in the French countryside. One of the twins is bigger, healthier, and kinder than the other, and that one is jealous. The mother might favor the sickly one (momma's boy type) but that I don't remember for sure. The healthier twin is sent to work and apprentice in a neighboring village, and the boys spend their teen years apart. There is also a girl that lives in their village, and she is very poor and badly educated. She is bullied by the other kids in the village, and there are rumors she is a witch. But as she grows up, she begins to take care of her appearance and the healthier twin realizes she is very kind and actually pretty. The sick twin gets very jealous the other twin is growing up and finding someone to be close to other than him. There is a scene where the girl scares the boys with ghosts in a bog/swamp (or something like that) but then she explains it's a natural reaction - a will-o-wisp, ignis fatuus. It's very old-timey, I read it about ten years ago but it's probably much older, and it's probably catholic/Christian in nature. Hope you can help!! Thanks in advance if anyone can suggest something.

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Mai | 1253 comments If it's the book I'm thinking of it's definitely "old-timey"! The book is called "La Petite Fadette" and it was published in 1849. The author's name is George Sand (pen name of Amantine Dupin).

According to Wikipedia it was published in English as:
Little Fadette. A Domestic Story (1849), Fadette. A Domestic Story (1851) and Little Fadette (1967)

Goodreads link: Fadette, by George Sand

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Cecília Baltazar | 2 comments Yes, that's it!!! Thank you so much!! :D

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Mai | 1253 comments You're welcome! I'm glad this was the book you were looking for!

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