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READ FIRST: How This Will Work

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message 1: by Erica (last edited Apr 02, 2020 05:43PM) (new)

Erica (daydreamingwithbooks) | 308 comments Mod
I have created sub-folders that will contain three chapters.

For example, for the folder "A Curse So Dark and Lonely : Chapters 1-3" ONLY enter it if you HAVE READ chapters 1, 2, AND 3.

** it may also depend on the books because of the different chapters or sections, so watch out for the folders!

DO NOT go in it when you have only read a page of Chapter 3 because there could be spoilers!

Finish ALL ASSIGNED Chapters to avoid any possible spoilers!

Let's all make this as enjoyable as possible. If you have read ahead and wish to go back to a previous chapter to talk about it, just be very cautious of saying any spoilers by accident.

Point being, remember what chapter/folder you are on and PLEASE no spoilers!

Ok guys, let's have fun!!

message 2: by Brittney (new)

Brittney Kobus | 8 comments This is so exciting!

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