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James Morcan | 11371 comments Excerpt from GENIUS INTELLIGENCE: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ:

Another way to achieve accelerated learning and optimum mental performance is hypnotism – which has been shown in many scientific studies to prime the mind for intense concentration.

This technique has been used by countless renowned figures in various fields of expertise, including even Albert Einstein. The German-born theoretical physicist was known to do hypnosis sessions every afternoon. His great theory of relativity discovery entered his mind during one of those sessions and he used the hypnotic trance state to develop many of his other theories and formulas.

American inventor Thomas Edison used hypnotism on a regular basis – self-hypnosis in fact.

In Britain, Princess Diana of Wales used hypnosis to improve her public speaking skills, while Sir Winston Churchill was given post-hypnotic suggestions so he could avoid tiredness and have little to no sleep during all of WW2.

Several great classical music composers utilized hypnotism including Seigei Rachmaninoff who after a post-hypnotic suggestion given by early hypnosis specialist Nikolai Dahl, composed his much loved Second Piano Concerto. Mozart also used hypnotism as a creative aid and his opera Cosi Fan Tutte was entirely composed in a hypnotic trance.

Nineteenth Cenuty British poet Lord Tennyson, Alfred, was known to regularly write poems in a hypnotic state.

While writing the screenplay of Rocky, Sylvester Stallone used self-hypnosis tapes to assist him with will power and creativity. Later, during each day of filming Rocky in 1975, Stallone worked with well-regarded hypnotherapist Gil Boyne to help ensure the film would become a success.

Continuing with the boxing theme: In Mike Tyson’s 2013 autobiography Undisputed Truth, he mentioned how he used hypnotism and self-hypnotism throughout his career and specifically before each boxing match. Tyson partly attributed this method to his success in becoming a two-time World Heavyweight champion.

Tyson cited French psychologist Émile Coué’s self-hynotism methods including autosuggestion as being amongst those he used. Coué’s 1922 book Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion is recommended further reading on this subject.

Two other famous athletes to use hypnosis for sports performance include Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan.

Woods has been practicing hypnosis – both with a hypnotist and giving himself hypnotic suggestions – since his early teens when he started his extensive mental training with family friend and psychologist Dr. Jay Brunza.

Besides Tyson and Woods, another major sports star to have regularly used hypnosis during his career was Michael Jordan. The basketball legend was hypnotized before every game to enhance his mental focus. Furthermore, the entire Chicago Bulls team – which won six NBA championships during Jordan’s reign of supremacy in the 1990’s – incorporated hypnotherapy in their pregame routine to gain a psychological advantage over their opponents.

“Cus (D’Amato) used to have me professionally hypnotized two or three times a day – before sparring, before training and before fights.” –Mike Tyson. From a 2013 interview with UK newspaper the Daily Telegraph.

GENIUS INTELLIGENCE Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ (The Underground Knowledge Series, #1) by James Morcan

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Cosmic Arcata | 45 comments So James do you or any other member have a testimony to the effects of hypnosis? Do you think it is just as effective for us to use self-hypnosis as to have a hypnotist? How about tapes? My understanding is you don't have to be and are not conscious during hypnosis. So can you do this in your sleep? How do you know that they are not programming something that you would not consent to consciously? I mean Hollywood does it right? And do they employ methods of hypnosis in movies? Are we spellbound by the wand of the Holly Wood?

What is the difference between this and NLP?
Or just affirmations?
Or meditation? Could you just meditate on a desired out come and this is hypnosis?

message 3: by James, Group Founder (last edited Nov 23, 2014 12:49AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

James Morcan | 11371 comments Hey Cosmic.
I have done hypnosis, yes, but only ever by listening to a few pre-recorded tapes made my hypnotherapists.

The official answer to a lot of your other questions would probably be a no. Meaning, strictly speaking hypnosis is unique and the other methods you list are not hypnosis.

However, under a broader definition, I think the answer to your questions may be a yes i.e. The other methods you mention probably are a vague type of hypnosis or at least able to induce a hypnotic trance.

For example, they say Adolf Hitler was using rare occult methods to induce "mass hypnosis" on crowds - which may explain why his ridiculous and illogical ideas were even considered.

With sleep, that would be hypnopaedia, or sleep-learning as per this post here: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...

With Hollywood, yes I think some films a form of hypnosis is being used but it's probably done in the form of subliminals as per this post here: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...

I think with strict Hypnosis, and all these interrelated methods you bring up, these techniques all simply move people from everyday beta brainwaves into less common (and more "suggestible") brainwaves like alpha, theta, gamma and delta as per this thread here: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...

So on the positive side, when you are in these less common brainwaves, then you can influence your subconscious mind much more easily...And therefore override or replace unwanted or destructive beliefs/habits at the subconscious level - which of course is where all real change occurs.

On the negative side, I agree with you that the danger is the hypnotist could load things into your subconscious while you are unconscious and therefore without your awareness. This thread here covers some of the well-documented history of the CIA covertly employing hypnotists for this exact purpose: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...

Harry Whitewolf | 1745 comments James, that's a great summary of how hypnosis is very probably used every day upon us in one shape or another.

I think the most intriguing story I ever heard about hypnosis, was also one of the simplest. (I believe I came across it in a Lyall Watson book.)
A hypnotist hypnotised this guy so that he couldn't see the woman stood right in front of him, and to prove it, the hypnotist held a pocket watch behind her, and asked the man to read the time, which he accurately did. If it wasn't a cheap trick and the story is true, as it seemed to be, then that certainly leads one down strange paths of thinking.

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James Morcan | 11371 comments Harry wrote: "James, that's a great summary of how hypnosis is very probably used every day upon us in one shape or another.

I think the most intriguing story I ever heard about hypnosis, was also one of the si..."

Interesting story, Harry. Sounds very believable to me. Hypnotism shows the potential we all have within us. We're all only scratching the surface of our potential...

Harry Whitewolf | 1745 comments The story certainly fits into ideas about quantum reality and being deceived by the senses and the matrix, that we've touched upon in other threads. A simple hypnosis can make you see straight through things! That'd be a secret for the elite to hang on to.

I think I read it in one of these books, which even if not, are brilliant reads nevertheless:
The Nature of Things The Secret Life of Inanimate Objects by Lyall Watson Supernature by Lyall Watson

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James Morcan | 11371 comments Closely aligned with hypnosis are subliminal messages, which the latest research suggests may also have the potential to instruct the subconscious mind and access higher intelligence. Indeed, some hypnotists have been known to incorporate subliminal messages in hypnotic audio recordings made for specific clients or the public at large.

Subliminal messages – also known as subliminals – are probably more controversial and slightly less proven than hypnosis however.

Subliminals are any sensory stimuli that occur below an individual’s threshold of conscious awareness. What this means is messages can be sent to your mind without you being aware of the fact.

Subliminal messaging is nothing new of course. The technique has been around at least since the advent of radio and television.

By the late 20th Century, a whole host of scientific studies had concluded subliminals were not remotely effective.

However, more recent studies have shown the reverse. Science may be beginning to show just how effective subliminals can be.

For example, very recent studies involving functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) have revealed that subliminals activate crucial regions of the brain including the hippocampus, the amygdala, the primary visual cortex and the insular cortex.

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Lance Morcan | 2913 comments Hypnosis: Researchers Starting To Uncover Its Scientific Basis http://reliawire.com/hypnosis-researc...

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Helen Ellison | 1 comments According to me it is possible to hypnotize someone instantly. Hypnosis is used to treat many medical health issues nowadays including insomnia, high blood pressure and anxiety. so yeah, it can also be used to increase IQ.

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Maheen Fatima | 1 comments Thanks for sharing this article; I know that hypnosis is really helpful to reduce anxiety and depression etc; but is it possible to control mind by hypnosis. if yes then how to do this, i also did research on this topic that you can check in my blog or you can share the info about this topic with me.

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James Morcan | 11371 comments Was Hypnotism the Reason for Mike Tyson's Success? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPjxF...

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