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message 1: by Florian (last edited Nov 23, 2019 12:18PM) (new)

Florian (laughingflow) | 234 comments Hey there!

I have just finished "Men explain things to me". What are your reviews about it?

I feel that her approach of the subjects such as rape culture, sexual harassment were well punctuated with facts and stories that perfectly highlight the atrocities she talks about. What do you think about her style?

Personally, the example of DSK remind me of that "file" of rape (I'm not sure how to correctly name this that's why file is into brackets). I was eleven years old when I exploded. What struck me was everyone knew this man was a pork and had sexually harassed women but nobody was doing anything. Some people even said "he should have been more careful, law in US is not the same than in France."... Gosh... I don't even understand how they could say that. Of course, this man was powerful and part of the system that was protecting itself... Maybe that's why pork get access to high positions.

message 2: by Nathália (new)

Nathália (nbarros) | 3 comments This book introduced me to the term “mensplaining” and how it’s creates an entire enviroment where women is silenced and abused.
Rebecca also mention Virginia Woolf and her contribution for the feminism, so I got to know better her work.
I loved it as my first feminism reading :)

message 3: by Cyn (new)

Cyn | 80 comments I'm halfway through it, and so far I think it's quite accurate the way she approaches the subject of rape and harrassment.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

My review goes with the fact she is really upset, as I can be with male patriarchy, their attitude toward women, always trying to find a way to control us, either implicit or explicit, but always related to a sexual intercourse and the fact that it went bad... Abuse of power, gender based discrimination, defamation as soon as they can keep their reputation safe.

The title is very evocative of what we call a deny of our capacity to decide for our self. "Mansplanning" : Men always need to give their opinion and it has to be taken as kind of an "advice", and it's for you, not for him to feel more confortable with your own decision and that will to possess you and control you, to reassure himself your not gonna leave him.

Something that is very important to me : (view spoiler) The hypocrisy around children and the way for lesbian like me to have the right to have children and to raise them up within a beloved family...

The woman should always be considered weaker implicitly than men due to their physical strength, "Little Women" is the perfect example, that back in time, not that far, men were able to knock women down if they didn't follow the rules her husband has established, the man, the husband has the right, to possess a women, in every way that can be considered slavery. Men has been made criminal against humanity by the law, in all impunity. Some of our elders must regret such a time, before the WWII, when they have such a power on us..

I loved that book so much, I can be more thankful to Emma Watson, to pass the barrier of her fear to become controversial !

Thank you so much, for that brilliant message you gave us through that book !

message 5: by Debbyanne (new)

Debbyanne Southwell | 17 comments I have not read some of these books but sound like interesting subjects especially rape and sexual harrassment. so much of it still happens and myself have been a victim of sexual abuse through domestic violence many years ago. I would like to read the book you are talking about and I think I have read all Virginia Woolf books eagerly as she is one of my most favourite authors. How do I purchase the book you are commenting on as I would like to read it.

message 6: by Debbyanne (new)

Debbyanne Southwell | 17 comments love all your comments and woman are so in the fore front in business and farms and about time.

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