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message 1: by James, Group Founder (last edited Mar 16, 2017 02:43AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

James Morcan | 11370 comments Excerpt from GENIUS INTELLIGENCE: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ:

“The purpose of education in the future will not be to create people with heads crammed full of knowledge, but to rear children who know how to efficiently use the whole brain. Rearing children with enormous ability, rich creativity, and the capability to make use of a high proportion of their brain should be the goal of child rearing.” –Professor Makoto Shichida

There is a specific area of the brain known as the mesencephalon, or more commonly referred to as the midbrain, that some modern educators (especially in Asia) believe can greatly enhance intelligence when fully activated.

In recent years, millions of children in India, China, Malaysia and Singapore have been enrolled in schools that specialize in activating their midbrains.

Such radical learning institutions are apparently churning out geniuses. These schools claim to teach pupils how to learn very fast and study almost effortlessly by absorbing tremendous amounts of knowledge via their midbrains.

The Mumbai-based news media outlet DNA India ran an article on August 5, 2014 headed ‘Make superkids through midbrain activation in Mumbai centres’.

“Want your child to be a super kid?” the article begins. “Get him midbrain-activated. That’s what the latest child development programme in town is advising parents. At least 20 centres of the ‘midbrain activation programme’ have already come up across the country.”

Just like most of the other genius techniques and technologies mentioned throughout this book, the article mentions that “Midbrain-activation experts say the trick lies in the equal use of right and left sides of the brain.”

The theory behind creating geniuses in this fashion is about optimizing the middle brain, which connects the left and right brain. Building a bridge like this between both brains apparently allows easy exchanges of information between the left and right brain, which in turn allows for smooth and efficient learning.

The end result of midbrain activation is said to be a brain that functions as a whole rather than having the usual division between left and right.

According to the DNA India article, “Midbrain activation experts claim they can enhance imagination power, intuition and super intelligence among children in the age bracket of 5-15 years.”

And it’s not just children who are able to have their midbrains activated via such methods. Adults are also apparently accessing untapped reservoirs of mental capabilities.

Some of the abilities of those who have fully activated their midbrains are said to include photographic memory, performing complex mental calculations, mastering foreign languages in rapid time, speed-reading and even converting images to words, numbers and symbols in their minds.

Studies have consistently shown that around 80% of the world’s population have a more developed left brain.

So what are most of us missing out on by having an underutilized right brain?

According to experts, a lot!

Scott Williams wrote in a Sinorama Magazine article titled ‘Waking the Right Brain –A new approach to pre-school education’ that “the right brain is believed to possess extraordinary powers which have their origins in instincts which pre-date education and civilization.

“As early as 1975,” the article continues, “brain specialists had discovered that the cerebral cortex, unique to primates, was responsible for intellectual activities such as language and reasoning. The limbic system lies below the cortex and pre-dates it. Sometimes called the mammalian brain, it is involved in the expression of emotions. On the lowest level lies the brain stem, sometimes called the reptilian brain. It controls basic bodily functions such as breathing and heartbeat.”

Many intelligence researchers believe the right brain and the limbic system is where genius abilities come from.

As in-depth studies on stimulating this part of the brain have yet to be conducted, it remains to be seen whether geniuses can be created via midbrain activation or not. In the meantime, more and more students in Asia continue to swear by the method.

“The Midbrain can put us in the creative domain in no time at all.” –Dr. Baskaran Pillai

GENIUS INTELLIGENCE Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ (The Underground Knowledge Series, #1) by James Morcan

message 2: by Tony (new)

Tony (paigetheoracle) You might like to look up Dr Jill Taylor, who had a stroke, which knocked out her left side but opened up her right side consciousness and Dr Diane Powell, who worked with Dr John Mack, also researching this side of the brain and its effects. You might also like to look up Grant Cameron (whitehouseufo@gmail.com), who has interviews / lectures on You Tube about expanded consciousness and UFO contact.

You might also like top look up the work of Dr Norman Don and a previous study on reaching higher consciousness that he mentions, by a world renowned French expert on epilepsy (Google: topografia cerebral de pessoas abduzidas - study in English, even though site is Portuguese). His work covers the fact that contact with alien beings changes your brain wave state abilities and only Indian Yogis as a group can duplicate this but only after years of practice but with abductees, this is instantaneously achieved: I suggested to various UFO orgs that this was the way to sort the wheat from the chaff, when it came to genuine claims of alien contact as hoaxers or the self-deluded couldn't duplicate this effect (ignored as you'd expect).

You might also like to look at the last eight images on my site below as this shows in diagrammatic form what is happening and how it affects humanity or settlers and pioneer mentality: http://flyingsaucery.weebly.com

message 3: by Tantra (new)

Tantra Bensko (tantrabensko) | 74 comments Norman Don's work is fascinating. Great detail.

I was regularly tested with unusual brain-wave activity when I was 11, because I could go immediately at will into Delta, while remaining conscious, eyes open, sitting up. I wish the technology I had had been as sophisticated as Don's.

As far as I know I had not been "abducted" at the time, but just did a lot of diligent practice with Silva remote viewing and healing methods along with Tantra yoga.

I developed and expanded such abilities. Then when I had an experience people who believe in greys (I don't) would call an abduction around age 29, after a sudden brief dip from the moment it happened, my skill in raising people's kundalini with shatipat, etc. became more pronounced.

On the other hand, I also studied highly advanced Tantra not long after, so it's hard to say what caused which level of the continually escalating effect. I was able to maintain the Delta brainwaves for months at a time, with no need for sleep, and did the quantum thang of appearing to people long distance: they could tell me exactly what I was wearing at the time, including what essential oils and jewelry.

I don't dismiss people's abduction experiences. I just have come to my own conclusions about how to interpret them after decades of examination.

Has anyone familiar with the abduction phenomenon ever heard of seeing small clusters of flashing red lights? I experienced that often, and some other people saw them at the same time. I never saw them before that event at age 29.

message 4: by Tony (new)

Tony (paigetheoracle) Yes you don't need to be abducted by aliens, to have this effect (all roads lead to Rome). As I said the only group to have this effect were yogis but it can happen spontaneously too. Also shamans can achieve this state too, either through drugs or by mind alone (intention as Carlos Castaneda mentioned in his Don Juan books).

message 5: by Tantra (new)

Tantra Bensko (tantrabensko) | 74 comments Very interesting topic. I'd imagine it might happen out of the blue if someone had a spontaneous kundalini awakening -- rare, but it happens, such as when someone falls on his tailbone.

message 6: by Tony (new)

Tony (paigetheoracle) Yes I have heard of that happening (used to belong to a Kundalini discussion group). I also believe people can come into this world in the same state of grace. When they do, we call them saints, angels, avatars - venturing into this world or returning to it, to help its progress.

message 7: by Tony (new)

Tony (paigetheoracle) The circuitous nature of time is that we arrange the past to build the future we want and this applies to the bigger and smaller picture

message 8: by Tantra (new)

Tantra Bensko (tantrabensko) | 74 comments Yes, well put. And sometimes people arrange the past to build the future they obsessively fear.

message 9: by Tony (new)

Tony (paigetheoracle) It's not so much build the future as protect themselves from it.

message 10: by Tony (new)

Tony (paigetheoracle) To quote my own observations (twin posters) What keeps us where we are is the belief that tomorrow is the nightmare and yesterday the dream. What drives us forward is the belief that tomorrow is the dream and yesterday, the nightmare

message 11: by Feliks (last edited Dec 17, 2016 05:05PM) (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) I disagree with the belief in any kind of rosy future in the field of education. The advent of cellphones and www is showing us that we are allowing a disaster to unfold. Giving this trend
'more time' will not reverse this slide away from literacy.

We have kids growing up right now who don't understand how to turn the pages of a book; or how to sit quietly alone and absorb meaning from a printed page. Or how to tell reality from fantasy. Teens who don't know what country America fought in the Revolutionary War.

When all learning becomes 'visual' you will wind up with a generation of sheep who possess no critical thinking ability whatsoever.

So no--I don't put any stock in theories of 'using the whole brain'. I don't believe it makes one whit of difference. What good is using 'more of' the brain if we're using it incorrectly? Incompetently? For poor purposes? A 'whole brain approach' to the world is useless when combined with the internet. It's like a bazooka trying to shoot through a straw.

Under the current digital onslaught the #1 thing to do is to hang on to traditional matriculation. Proper, proven, vocabulary building. Reading skills. 'Digital' is simply happening too fast. Its wreaking too much havoc.

Thinking ahead to 'using the whole brain'? To me this is grotesque. It's like planning the color of drapes for a house when the foundation is crumbling.

message 12: by Feliks (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) p.s. nifty book on how the brain stores info and 'sees' the future:
(it's really about the history of sleep studies and what conclusions they can yield)
Landscapes of the Night: How and Why We Dream
Landscapes of the Night How and Why We Dream by Christopher Riche Evans
Written by a pioneering computer scientist!

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Lance Morcan | 2898 comments The science of mind games http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/li...

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