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The Reader The Tower of Nero is coming out in the Fall of 2020! What are your predictions for the book? Here are mine:

-Apollo regains immortality
-We will see Percy, Annabeth, the folks of CHB and possibly the rest of the seven (now six :( )
-Meg will be put to the test whether she will remain loyal to Apollo or fall into Nero's grasps.
-Will Apollo defeat Python in his immortal or mortal form?
-If Apollo becomes immortal again, is he still going to hang out with Meg?
-We will get to see the Olympians and hopefully get an explanation on everything that has been going on with them since the war with Gaea.

What do you think? Let's discuss.

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Hellboy4 My theories:
1. Percy Jackson, Estelle Blofis, Leto, Styx, Zeus, Rachel, Sssssarah, and Annabeth Chase will appear or be mentioned.
2. Characters from the gods of Asgard, and Kane Chronicles will be mentioned.
3. Estelle Blofis has taken first steps and spoken first words.
4. We get to see more characters from Camp-Half-Blood.

Nico di Angelo, Sssssarah, Will Solace, Austin Lake, Kayla Knowles, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Python, Apollo, Meg, and Nero will appear.
There will be a battle between Python and Apollo (whether he’s mortal or not remains unclear).
Meg and Apollo will ascend to Neros tower at Manhattan.
Nero and Python will die.
Apollo will regain his godhood.

After the Battle of San Francisco Bay, Apollo and Meg go to Cyclops Books to get a prophecy from Ella. After hearing the partial version, Apollo realizes the rest of the prophecy will be at their location, (their is more to the prophecy that will be revealed in “The Tower Of Nero”).

O son of Zeus the final challenge face.
The tow’r of Nero two alone ascend.
Dislodge the beast that hast uspired thy place.
The son of Hades, cavern-runners’ friend,
Must show the secret way unto the throne.
On Nero’s own your lives do now depend.

Unraveling the Prophecy
.-This is Apollo’s final challenge to regain his godhood.
.-Apollo and Meg McCaffrey will explore Nero's Tower on their own.
.-As of yet unknown, but Apollo feels he must fight Python to get him away from Delphi.
.- The son of Hades, presumably Nico di Angelo, is a friend of the cavern runner, who shows the a secret way to a throne.
.-Presumably, Apollo and Meg will fail, possibly die, without the help of one of Nero's own, Luguselwa, a Gaul.

Any thoughts please comment

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The Reader Hellboy4 wrote: "The wrote: "The Tyrants Tomb is coming out in the Fall of 2020! What are your predictions for the book? Here are mine:

-Apollo regains immortality
-We will see Percy, Annabeth, the folks of CHB an..."

Thanks! I'll change it now.

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Marcus Gozali I think that Apollo has a big fight between python and maybe Meg dies and Percy will probably appear and help Apollo the conclusion will most likely be about Percy and Annabeth going into college in new Rome

Hellboy4 The wrote: "The Tower of Nero is coming out in the Fall of 2020!
It comes out in September 29, 2020

Hellboy4 Marcus wrote: "I think that Apollo has a big fight between python and maybe Meg dies and Percy will probably appear and help Apollo the conclusion will most likely be about Percy and Annabeth going into college i..."
I’m hoping Annabeth and Percy return.

Hellboy4 The wrote: "The Tower of Nero is coming out in the Fall of 2020! What are your predictions for the book? Here are mine:

-it comes out September 29 2020 and the book has been updated.

Unknown_RickFan Here's a fun idea! Maybe after the Apollo series are over, due to the recent war with Gaea awakens a bunch of other Primordial gods like Pontus or Tartarus and Apollo and both Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter along with some other mentioned characters from the series like maybe the Meliai or maybe some of the other olympian gods all fight one last battle.

Blue Muffin Jason comes back from the underworld cause the Ash trees rescue him

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Eddie There will be more deaths. Rick’s taking too long so putting more time to plot the deaths

message 11: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Percy, Frank, hazel. One of them dies

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I have a number of theories. Seriously.

Theory 1: Annabeth's appearance
Annabeth will probably appear in the Tower of Nero because she's the only one in the whole seven who hasn't appeared in the Trials of Apollo series yet. Percy will possibly make an appearance because you know...Annabeth.

Theory 2: Teumessian Fox
We will possibly see the Teumessian Fox because Thalia has mentioned it in the Dark Prophecy and the Tyrant's Tomb like it's some kind of big deal. According to mythology, it is destined never to be caught and that's why the Hunter's of Artemis are having a problem with their hunt. But in this case, Lester and Meg will possibly run into the Teumessian Fox accidentally. Or else they will have an encounter with a child of Thebes. The Fox is supposed to prey upon Thebes' children in the old stories. It will possibly catch the scent of the demigods of Thebes like other monsters do. But here, the Fox has a special taste. So...that's a possibility.

Theory 3: Python's defeat
I think Apollo will probably finish off Python as Lester 'cause he's wearing mortal clothes in the book cover and showing off as he's leaping to kill the big bad snake. If not, Lester and Meg fight Python and become tired and at the last moment...Apollo regains his immortality and begins firing off arrows. Also, Apollo might use the Arrow of Dodona to kill Python. That's another possibility.

Theory 4: Nero's Beast
Will definitely see the beast, I think so. Nero's probably angry at angry which unleashes his alter ego in the book.

Theory 5: Nero's Tower
Ella had stated that the Tower of Nero is in New York...but there's a Tower of Nero monument too, I'm not sure. It may be that particular Tower of Nero in the prophecy and Lester and Meg have to visit the real Tower before heading off to the real Delphi.

Theory 6: Godly Mothers
We will see Leto and Demeter. That's a pretty toned down possibility, according to me.

Theory 7: Apollo's Victory
This theory is about how Apollo regains immortality. He may ask for a gift to Zeus about Jason's resurrection and all that. Or RR might end the book like, "I walked into the Olympian Council at last."

Well, how was that? Seven theories. Like the Seven demigods.

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I thought about another theory I had had in mind long ago.
We will possibly hear the Third Great Prophecy which applies to the Trials of Apollo series. Or the prophecy will apply to the next Camp Half-Blood Chronicles series which will probably be issued by Rachel herself once Apollo frees the spirit of Delphi from Python.

Hellboy4 Eddie wrote: "Percy, Frank, hazel. One of them dies"
If Another person dies I’m going to be pissed.

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Hazel and Frank already had their roles in the Tyrant's Tomb. I don't think any of them would die. As for Percy, he's always the hero. He's not supposed to die or we'll all go crazy if he does. So that's a no. He won't die.

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The Reader Did any of you read the previews for the book yet? Chapters 1 and 2 can be found here:

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I already read the first two chapters from the Tower of Nero. It was dangerously awesome. I also think their next quest started right at the end of the second chapter.

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The Reader I agree, also what do you think of the new prophecy?

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Everybody knows that trying to decode a prophecy has many consequences-who cares? Anyway, my theories about the prophecy is vast.
I thought more about the prophecy...there's a philosophy in those lines. Every prophecy from Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief-I mean every prophecy from that book to the Tyrant's Tomb-they differ from the stanzas of terza rima in the Tower of Nero. Every past prophecies were one whole and they predicted one particular important future. But here, in the Tower of Nero...they are split into stanzas, they're not one full prophecy. Thing is, each stanza, I repeat-each stanza predicts the immediate future, unlike the past complete ones which prophesised their whole quest. Each line of the past prophecies were fulfilled one by one in the immediate future-some two days at most. As far as I'm concerned, the terza rima is split into stanzas, so every time Apollo acquires one of those stanzas, each line tend to happen immediately. Let's try the two stanzas we already got as a preview.
Now, the first stanza:
--O son of Zeus the final challenge face:
This is obviously the most easiest line. The son of Zeus-Apollo is going to face his final challenge, that's his final quest, right? So that's one thing. Using my philosophy, we can say that this line predicts the immediate future. Apollo knows it's his final challenge even before he heard the prophecy. He and Meg had already started their final quest at the last line of the Tyrant's Tomb (Apollo: Come on, Meg. We've got a lot of miles to cover. We need to find a new ride). See, their quest had started immediately as the first stanza had predicted moments before. If the terza rima's stanzas were compiled in the Tyrant's Tomb, it will be like the past prophecies. Those lines will be fulfilled one by one and will predict the distant future. But it's not. I'm going to relate this to the other lines.
--The tow'r of Nero two alone ascend:
This may be not the immediate future, but it's their whole quest description. They started their quest to the Tower of Nero (Triumvirate HQ) immediately after hearing the prophecy, am I right?
--Dislodge the beast that hast usurped thy place:
As I said earlier, this one of the lines which describe their whole quest. Dislodge: dictionary meaning is knock or force out of position-Apollo will probably do that to Python. The word has another meaning-remove from a position or power of authority. So...they remove Nero out of his authority? Maybe Nero is the Beast in this line. The quest description is obviously the immediate future.
Moving on to the second stanza.
We will see it in a non-linear line set-up:
--On Nero's own your lives do now depend:
Luguselwa is Nero's own. Lester and Meg's lives depend on her. It's about how she saves their lives from the Germani on the train. So they depend on her. With my philosophy-she arrived immediately after Apollo heard the second stanza from the amphisbaena.
--The son of Hades, cavern-runner's friend:
Rick Riordan said Nico di Angelo is going to have a role in the Tower of Nero, and here he is! Apollo, Meg and Luguselwa are in Philadelphia, right? And their next stop is their base, Camp Half-Blood, in Long Island? After Apollo heard the second stanza, the trio is going to set off to camp to see Nico. I don't know about "cavern-runner's friend". It is probably the most difficult one in the whole prophecy we have received till now.
--Must show the secret way unto the throne:
My best guess, Nico is going to lead Apollo and Meg, using a secret way, meaning-he has got a way for them to win or he knows a secret pathway to Nero's throne-a way to destroy him. Or it simply means that he will help Apollo to become a god and go back to Olympus. Using my philosophy, Apollo and Meg's next stop is Camp Half-Blood, to meet Nico, along with Luguselwa. And they will gain the third stanza and fourth stanza so on to help them with their quest.
Conclusion: Till now, the prophecy is kinda simple. I think Rick Riordan is hiding the interestingly awesome stuff...for now. We still have a long way to September 29! What with the COVID-19 and all...I hope the book is released as planned, I don't want this virus to mess it up.

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The Reader Akilan wrote: "Everybody knows that trying to decode a prophecy has many consequences-who cares? Anyway, my theories about the prophecy is vast.
I thought more about the prophecy...there's a philosophy in those l..."

Interesting interpretation of the prophecy! I think the first stanza definitely represents the overall quest: to defeat Nero or Python (beast could refer to either one). It's possible that there will be more lines that are presented about the immediate future. My only issue is that I hope the prophecies don't give away what's going to happen next throughout the book. As much as I like how the prophecies provide a sense of direction, I like that there's a sense of mystery to prophecies where we know what might happen but at the same time we don't. I hope that makes sense. Also I think the book is being released on October 6 now.

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Did you see the UK cover of the Tower of Nero? It came out very recently. Apollo and Meg were inside the Tower, I think. The floor and ceiling was filled with mosaics: Nero's Tower, definitely. And they were being ambushed by two monsters. I don't know if they are monsters that already came in the past or not. If they were present, in the earlier books, they must be cynocephaeli, dog-headed men. Because they were like that (I would say their heads were bears or raccoons). But mostly, the chances for cynocephaeli to be in the book is major. And they were protecting a golden eagle which was sitting on some box.
You do remember the line-"Must show the secret way unto the throne".
Maybe it's the eagle that is the throne. Anyone knows why it's so important?

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The Reader Yea I've seen the cover. I think they could be cynocephaeli as well. I thought that the golden eagle was just a decoration but you may be on to something. I thought the prophecy stated that Nico would guide them to the throne. Maybe the eagle's the "cavern-runner's friend?" Still don't understand what "cavern-runner" means though...

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I have one more theory, I mean we're progressing to the release of the book, am I right? We'll certainly find out more.
Anyway, as I was saying, I had a theory about "cavern-runner". To find this "cavern-runner", Apollo and Meg have to meet Nico. So this, cavern-runner will probably help them navigate the caverns of Delphi to find Python. I don't know if this theory will ever work out.

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The Reader Maybe. Are they heading to Camp Half Blood or the Tower of Nero first? I'd assume that they would go to CHB first, decode the prophecy, get Nico's help, and figure out how to get to Delphi. Then they would probably go to the Tower of Nero (don't know why) and then Delphi.

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I think I can summarize what's going to happen in the Tower of Nero without the impact of prophecies:
--After Luguselwa and the train incident, there will be some obstacles, entering New York and returning to CHB.
--Regrouping at CHB. Meeting Nico. Discussing with Chiron.
--Preparing for a quest. Apollo, Meg, Nico, Will, Kayla, Austin, even though there are more questers than required. Or even the entire Apollo cabin.
--Entering the Tower. Nico leads the way.
--They gets separated: Apollo and Meg. Encounter dog-headed men while climbing the Tower alone and acquire the golden eagle.
--Regroup with everyone.
--I don't know what will happen in this part but...they fail to kill Nero.
--Nero prepares for a full-fledged war.
--Percy and Annabeth arrive to help. Maybe the hunters will arrive too.
--Nero's army attacks camp. Maybe the Teumessian Fox is one of his monsters. Percy and Annabeth fight here.
--Apollo and Meg use the Labyrinth to travel to Delphi. Maybe Percy and Annabeth will, too.
--They reach Delphi. Nero follows.
--Big fight with Nero who subsequently becomes the Beast. They use the golden eagle to kill him.
--Some more obstacles from Python.
--Encounter with Python. There will be some answer to kill that snake.
--When Apollo shoots his Arrow of Dodona (possibly), and kills Python...there's a burst of energy and he appears in his godly form. Maybe he will be glorious and not the human-vaporizing thingy.
--The other gods arrive. He sees his sister. And Zeus would arrive grumpily and let him off with a warning, but Apollo's very happy!
--Maybe, jumping from the cliff to kill Python is the fall of the sun and it is the last straw, being the final verse.
--Maybe, Rachel will be present in that cave and will utter the third or fourth great prophecy because the spirit of Delphi has been freed. It will be the third great prophecy because of this reason but also can be the fourth because our terza rima stanzas combine together to form the third one possibly.
--Percy and Annabeth take a break.
--Apollo says goodbye to cabin 7 and also Nico. And Chiron.
--The gods have returned to Olympus. It's his time too. Finally he says goodbye to Meg who starts liking him very much. She says him to be good out there in the world and tells him that she's a demigod and that doesn't mean she'll not have anymore adventures.
--Apollo, being the god of prophecy, thinks about the next great prophecy.
--And also, he thinks about Percy and Annabeth and their future, "will their future be pleasant or not?" His thought drifts to Jason.
--He promises to himself that he'll remember, he decides to get an apology from Styx as he enters the Olympian Council.
I have not mentioned the lines of the next stanzas, and how'll they be. I'm going to put that on hold. Deciphering a prophecy is dangerous. I came up with all of this, without the prophecies. Maybe I'll be mistaken. And I think this book will be a large one-who knows?

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The Reader Akilan wrote: "I think I can summarize what's going to happen in the Tower of Nero without the impact of prophecies:
--After Luguselwa and the train incident, there will be some obstacles, entering New York and r..."

Wow, are you sure you're not Rick Riordan in disguise? Interesting predictions. I agree with you in the beginning that they will go to CHB and then head to the Tower of Nero. I hope there will be an epic fight between Apollo, Meg, and Python. I feel like Apollo will have to turn into a god before he fully kills Python since Python is thought to be very powerful - especially since Apollo had a hard time defeating him when he was a young god. Maybe there's gonna be a sacrifice involved where Apollo dies in the middle of the fight or Meg and then Apollo turns into a god? I heard people are going to die. Any ideas of who? The ending part is nice although I don't think Apollo is gonna stay at Olympus. Perhaps he stays at CHB and takes Dionysus's place (I see that as the most logical choice) or actively try to persuade the gods to be more understanding to humans. I also hope that this book will be long - like BoO long - since not only is this the finale of the series, but also the finale to the CHB Chronicles.

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I'm more interested to learn about Percy and Annabeth's future after the Tower of Nero. That's the question I want to be answered: Will Rick Riordan continue with them or not? Or are they going to retire being a demigod and some other character replaces them? And will that character worthy to be the next Percy Jackson if anything unexpected happens to Percy?
RR will focus only demigods from now on, as he said earlier this year. My biggest worry is...what will happen to Percy and Annabeth in the Tower of Nero or after?

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The Reader I think Rick Riordan will make sure to provide some closure to all the characters of the CHB Chronicles, including Percy and Annabeth. After ToN, he will probably write stand-a-lone books that may feature Percy or Annabeth as a cameo.

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Rick Riordan already said that he was going to take a break from the Camp Half-Blood Chronicles. I would want to know about what's going to happen to Percy. Even if he's isn't much of a big deal in the next books, I want him to be at least a main character. Or even a strong character, I mean he already is, but...I would want him to be looked upon by whoever's going to be the hero in the next series, like how Fury is for the Avengers. Yeah, like that. Percy will be so awesome after that. And if the future of this series is in the Tower of Nero...I am expecting to see a preview of the next series in the book. I'm expecting a good preview, like how PJO predicted HoO. Not like how HOO did for ToA. It must be enthusiastic. I would certainly like to know whether there will be a preview in this book. And I would like to know about that and wait, while RR takes his mind off CHB Chronicles and come back again to restart.

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The Reader Same, he might tease another upcoming series.

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

Another thing is that...I would want Apollo to forget (antonym to "remember" by Jason) about human life. I mean, it would be nice if he learnt something from being a human when he becomes a god, and continue being the same old big head from the next series. Gods are gods, their personality cannot be changed. A good character ending in the Tower of Nero would be nice for Apollo. But from the next series onwards, I'm going to look forward on him being stupid. But, anyway, he learned something during his humanly months. Apollo's a talker, all the way from the first book.

message 32: by The (new) - rated it 4 stars

The Reader I have to respectfully disagree. First of all, if Apollo's the same character after the series ends, it would undo all the development. Secondly, I'm sure Apollo will remember because in the Burning Maze, it is hinted (for a sentence or two), that Apollo is writing everything down he has experienced in human life (we're also assuming he's a god again). I do agree that the Olympians' personalities are difficult to change and I don't think Apollo's personality is going to do a 180 but he will understand humans more.

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Yeah, but the Tower of Nero will definitely change the course of the next stories. I guess the list of everything in Greek Mythology never seems to end.

message 34: by The (new) - rated it 4 stars

The Reader Agreed.

message 35: by Blue (new) - rated it 5 stars

Blue Muffin Undisputable

Rhianna Ball Based on the recent tweets by Becky Riordan, I think Percy is going to die. My second one is more of a hope than a theory, but I want Apollo to turn down immortality. Instead, I want him to either stop the gods from sending more demigods on quests or bring back Jason (and Percy if my first theory is correct).

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The Reader Rhianna wrote: "Based on the recent tweets by Becky Riordan, I think Percy is going to die. My second one is more of a hope than a theory, but I want Apollo to turn down immortality. Instead, I want him to either ..."

Really? Here it says otherwise: .

message 38: by Dinny (new)

Dinny maybe nero's alter ego is like the hulk and he is actually really nice and the only way for him to live and be nice is by killing apollo

message 39: by Dinny (new)

Dinny maybe something about jamie and a 3rd camp with completely different goods

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Gwen Personally, I would love to hear mention of/actually see the mcga peeps, given that thats why Annabeth was absent in the Hidden Oracle. I really want Percy to quote Alex on the "you have to flaunt the weird" thing, like he said he would. I read the first two chapters, and I was shaking for about an hour because of the prophecy lines involving Nico, my personal favorite character. Although, if Rick kills one more person I'm emotionally attached to, I swear on the River Styx I will plot his murder in my mind, but not actually go through with it.

Rhianna Ball The wrote: "Rhianna wrote: "Based on the recent tweets by Becky Riordan, I think Percy is going to die. My second one is more of a hope than a theory, but I want Apollo to turn down immortality. Instead, I wan..."

I felt like that was a "He lives on in the books and our hearts" kind of never die.

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Lizzie Hellboy4 wrote: "Eddie wrote: "Percy, Frank, hazel. One of them dies"
If Another person dies I’m going to be pissed."

Same bro buts it's the last book, what do ya expect? He's most likely gonna kill of at least one other "prophecy of seven" member or maybe Will, Nico, Rachel, or one of the Apollo campers.

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The Reader I don't think one of the "prophecy of seven" (now six) would die. I feel like that would be too repetitive or predictable especially since Rick teased Frank's death in TTT. I also don't think Will or Nico will die either. I think Rachel or one of Apollo's children would die. It would also make sense for Rachel to die - since Nero wants to eliminate the Oracles. I also think Meg might have a chance of dying (which would be a twist) but it could happen since in Chapter 20 (?), Meg says that "killing the master sometimes frees the slave" (foreshadowing?). I don't think any one from the Magnus Chase series will pop up since they would take away from the main storyline and wouldn't make sense. There could be a mention though.

message 44: by Lizzie (new)

Lizzie To be honest there might be a mention of Magnus or Alex but they won't appear because according to the timeline, The Ship of the Dead and Tower of Nero both take place during June, and at the end of the Ship of the Dead we read about Magnus talking to Annabeth and Percy (who are in California, aka Camp Jupiter) which means that Annabeth and Percy will live through Tower of Nero, but they were both crying which means something big will happen to either Camp Half-Blood or someone close to Percy and Annabeth, i.e. Thalia, Nico, Rachel, Reyna (possibly), Clarisse (unlikely but im just gonna say it), Grover, Tyson, or one of the other original campers. But Percy and Annabeth live, yay!

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The Reader That's what I'm thinking.

Deathbringer996 Any thoughts on what the new prophecy can be or what will the joint task force bring up? I'm getting a crossover vibe.

message 47: by Di (new)

Di Angelo I have a few theories.

1) the gods of Asgard will be involved because the goddess frigg can only tell the immediate future. one of the comments stated that each line of the prophecy apollo has found are stanzas, which could be organized by frigg. if magnus goes to visit annabeth, then maybe he helps out some how.

2) Nico di angelo is going to be a big part of the book. we already know that. But, the cavern runner we don't know. Hazel was my first thought but if it were hazel then the prophecy would've said "children of hades". So, im guessing its grover who leads them.

3) Apollo will defeat python. once again, we know that. But, will he return to godhood while doing so? i think that there is a possibility, but Zeus let jason die. apollo could've saved him but zues didnt allow him back to godhood yet. I dont think zeus would let jason die and not fully punish apollo.

4) Meg will learn something and become more mature. this is a weak theory, i just kinda thought about it.

those are mt only theories, but the book already came out, but i wanna get it for free so ima use my b day.

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