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The Secret Root
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Book Discussion: The Secret Root by D. S. Cahr

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Tom Merritt (tommerritt) | 1158 comments Mod
This is the fifth of six threads to discuss books on the show nominated by Kickstarter backers!

Ira picked The Secret Root by D.S. Cahr

Ira writes: "It's book one of a YA series. Full disclosure: it's written by a co-worker, but my wife and I and my tweenager all read it and really liked it. I'd love to see it get some love."

Who's read it? Any of you planning to read it? Let us know what you think!

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D.S. | 3 comments Hey! I'm D.S. Cahr, and I'm the author of The Secret Root - I hope everyone here take the opportunity to check out the book and talk about it with the folks at Sword and Laser before the next podcast (also, Sword and Laser rules! and that was an only slightly mercenary comment!) I'm totally thrilled that so many people have loved the book, and I'm hard at work on book two in the series (which will be called "A Time To Change" and should be out in 2015). The Goodreads page for the book is here: Can't wait to hear what people have to say!

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Ira (kalii) | 1 comments Thanks S&L team for discussing The Secret Root. My wife, oldest daughter and I loved this book and hope that more people are exposed to it. It was a very thoughtful and fun take on time travel and harder sci-fi in YA trappings.

Louise (lowies) | 47 comments I really liked the book (but would probably never have heard of it if it wasn't for Ira and S&L).
I found it to be an interesting book that reminds me of plenty other stories in books and on TV. But as I said in my review I think that I'm supposed to be reminded of parts of other stories since that seems to maybe be part of the premise. At least in the way I am reading it.

I liked it and am glad that Ira recomended it.

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D.S. | 3 comments The sequel - Time to Change - is now out!

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