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Jesse (JesseTheReader) (jessethereader) | 210 comments Mod
Let's get started! How are you feeling about this book?! If you're re-reading it, have your thoughts/feelings of the book changed at all?

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It completely breaks my heart when Katniss goes back to visit District 12 and it is completely reduced to rubble. She fought so hard to keep her home safe, but what she thought was inevitable still happened!

I'm actually re-reading it after reading it for the first time in August. I didn't like it for one HUGE reason, but it's a spoilery reason. I'm hoping that now I've come down from those excruciating feels, I'll actually enjoy this book.

message 3: by Elize (new)

Elize Russell (bookscookslooks) Ashley wrote: "It completely breaks my heart when Katniss goes back to visit District 12 and it is completely reduced to rubble. She fought so hard to keep her home safe, but what she thought was inevitable still..."

Do we have to avoid spoilers if it is in this section?

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Vikki | 4 comments Ashley wrote: "It completely breaks my heart when Katniss goes back to visit District 12 and it is completely reduced to rubble. She fought so hard to keep her home safe, but what she thought was inevitable still..."

I completely agree that it is heartbreaking. But in someway I love this part as well. Katniss finding Buttercup, getting her father's jacket, and her parent's wedding photo. And I think she need to see the complete destruction of District 12 for herself, in person. She had to come to grips with the fact that the only place she has know as home is gone.

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Taylor | 22 comments I was estastic when she went to get proms cat buttercup

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Taylor | 22 comments Prims

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Taylor | 22 comments Prims

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Haylie Grace (hayliegrace) | 5 comments This is my second time reading the book, and I've found that I can't remember a THING. I feel like I'm reading it with completely new eyes. Yay!

I love when Katniss goes to visit District 8 because I feel that her personality really shines. I've always loved Katniss' character because she's always herself and follows her heart despite what the over-riding government tells her to do. The way that she interacts with the injured people of District 8 really reflects her genuine and caring nature. The passion with which she speaks after the bombings there also show that she's passionate about others and really cares for the people she deals with, which is something I just LOVE about her character!

Like I said, I can't for the life of me remember anything that happens in this book.. so I'm super interested and intrigued to keep reading and find out what happens to Peeta!

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Kylea | 4 comments This is the first time I've read Mockingjay without reading The Hunger Games and Catching Fire first. It feels different this way, even though I'm familiar with the story.

I think this is my 3rd time reading it, maybe 4th. I can't express how much I love these books.

message 10: by Elize (new)

Elize Russell (bookscookslooks) As a disclaimer, this is a re-read of Mockingjay and I didn't re-read Hunger Games and Catching Fire before this. (I have read them once)

It is very different to how I first interpreted the book, maybe because I have matured and it no longer has the relevance to me as it did 2 years ago. It feels contrived and boring (if I can say that).

The main thing that gets me is the way she describes the thoughts and emotions of Katniss. This may have been in the other books as well and I just didn't pick them up because I was younger but it is quite frustrating. Instead of showing us the way Katniss feels of how she responds to events, we are told exactly how and what she expects will happen. She tells instead of showing. This has made Katniss into a less likeable character than what I remember her to be.

Part of this may be due to the fact that I already pretty much know what happens so it may have taken some of the magic out for me, but the profound messages about society and social systems that is common in dystopian novels are not explained well. She could have left it up to the reader a little more instead of laying out everything and allowing you to predict what will happen. The suspense has gone, but again that may be just because I know what happens.

One good thing I have noticed so far is what a quick read it is. Since not many heavy things have happened (I mean the bombings in district 8 were a big deal but it didn't feel tense particularly, you knew because it was the start of the book that she wouldn't die) it's a pretty easy and digestible book.

I'm excited to here everyone's thoughts!!! :D

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Brynn  Smith (brynnsbookshelf) | 9 comments I'm a huge, huge fan of the Hunger Games trilogy and I first read the books when I was in 5th grade (I'm in 9th now), the year Mockingjay came out. I haven't reread Catching Fire or Mockingjay since I first read them, so I was excited to finally read it again. When I first read it, I thought it was terrible compared to the rest of the books and in these past nine chapters, I have no clue why I ever thought that. Unlike my nine or ten year old self, I appreciate Katniss' character a lot more this time around. I find it much more heartbreaking.
I thought I wouldn't get that emotional reading it again, but I was getting teary multiple times while reading. I think this might become my favorite of the series.

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Alex Currently re-reading it and currently in chapter 4. Re-reading this; my opinion on it is much lower than what it was originally (and originally I really didn't like this book either! I think it got 2 stars from me the first time). She's just so whiny in my opinion and I understand she's messed up and traumatized from the Games but it's like she's 18 years old and still acting very irresponsible. Yes she didn't want to be the MockingJay but neither did Harry Potter being The Chosen One but he was in more danger than Katniss yet he was younger and took on the role of leader spectacularly. Moving from HP, she just bores me and her whining makes me wanna hit her in the face and her flipflopping with Gail and Peta just sigh.

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Luke Dyess | 4 comments I am re-reading it (for about the fifth time) and every time I read it, I enjoy it more and more. I like understanding how Katniss thinks and how she reacts to what happens. I have often asked myself if I were in her shoes, how would I react.

message 14: by Tove (new)

Tove (tovemaria) | 4 comments I actually love the part when Katniss travels to district 8, it's my favorite scene in the first part of the book, and I'm really psyched to see it in the movie! :)

message 15: by Kendra (new)

Kendra (NurseKendraReads) (nursekendrareads) | 6 comments I'm enjoying reading this again before the movie. I forgot how much I love this series. I loved the chapter in district 8 and can't wait to see how the are going to do that in the movie.

message 16: by Gabriela (new)

Gabriela (hey it's gabs) (heyitsgabs) when i read this book last year it felt a lot longer and was more confusing.

i love this book because it actually makes me cry.

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Alexandria (starkovalina) | 1 comments I'm reading Mockingjay for the third time right now. I love the special bow and arrows that Beetee designs for Katniss

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