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Jim Vuksic Imagine a world in which there is no war, crime, hunger, poverty, inequality, prejudice, bigotry, envy or greed.

Imagine a world in which everyone, without exception, has access to the exact same quantity and quality of food, clothing, housing, medical care, formal education and social advancement opportunities - a world in which being different is not just tolerated or accepted, but is considered admirable.

Now imagaine that, in this world, the words father, mother, daughter, son, brother, sister, family, marriage and religion do not exist, because the concepts themselves do not exist.

Imagine that, in this world, the inhabitants are occasionally transported to a place they never knew existed or required to do something, without having the slightest idea of what they are doing or why it must be done.

Can you imagine such a world? I did. If you should choose to visit it someday, I sincerely hope that you enjoy reading about the world of Levels* as much as I enjoyed creating it.

* Levels is available in 4 formats: paperback (376 pages), e-Book download (Kindle/Nook/Tablet), audio book on CD (9 discs) and audio download - 8 hours listening time, narrated by Stephen Rozzell.
Distributed internationally by Ingram/Spring Arbor.

Levels is currently available through the following vendors: (U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, India)
Barnes and Noble
Better World Books
Christian Book Store
Just Audio Books
Powell's Books


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Jim Vuksic Excerpts from Chapter I of Levels - Main Level

It was strictly forbidden to ever challenge or even ask a question regarding anything spoken by a Revered One. (Page 9)

The tales of the Ancient Time revealed that Main Level had once received its light from a single massive source and that the overhead had once been blue in color. (Page 11)

"I wonder what happens after cycle eleven. Come to think of it, has anyone ever seen someone who has advanced beyond cycle eleven?" (Page 17)

Three of the Revered Ones were dressed in the traditional brown, hooded robes. However, the one who now stepped forward wore a robe that was as white as the overhead during awake-time. (Page 21)

We did not know where anything came from, how it was made, or how it found its way to main Level. It never occurred to anyone to ask. (Page 23)

We were unable to travel long in any one direction before the column would encounter one of the countless barriers that form the diverse and complex geography of Main Level. (Page 23)

No one moved. Each appeared to be waiting for someone else to take the first step into Next Level. (Page 28)

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Jim Vuksic Excerpts from Chapter II of Levels - Next Level

A head suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and it seemed at first to be floating in thin air. (Page 30)

"What happened to all those people?"
The Revered One's answer was immediate, concise, and utterly terrifying: "Most of them died." (Page 40)

"I don't care what the Revered One says. I am slowly becoming a Changed One!" (Page 46)

Back in Main Level, replacement clothing and footwear had always appeared on our sleeping pallets as if by magic. (Page 49)

I was convinced that some terrible catastrophe must have struck while we were sleeping that had caused the Revered Ones to lose their sanity. (Page 54)

After one mini cycle, the aches and pains were barely noticeable. Our bodies were beginning to harden, and we no longer looked upon the various forms of exercise that we participated in as torture. (Page 56)

Throughout our entire lives, any environment to which we had been exposed had always been neat and orderly. That which we now gazed upon was totally alien and impossible to comprehend. (Page 58)

"Edward, you can talk, can't you?"
When Edward just nodded and smiled, Alfred continued the interrogation. (Page 67)

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Jim Vuksic Chapter III of Levels - The Crossing

"Where's the overhead? What could have happened to it?" (Page 71)

He landed in an area completely surrounded by killing strands...(Page 74)

I pretended not to notice his wounded legs and hands. I had never seen so much blood. (Page 75)

There is nothing dramatic or heroic about death; it is depressing and permanent. Those left behind ache terribly inside because their hearts have been broken and never completely heal. (Page 77)

We reformed our column of twos except for me. I walked alone. (Page 78)

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Jim Vuksic Excerpts from Chapter IV of Levels - Procreation

"I wish the Revered One had explained why we bypassed Level Three and were transported directly to Level Four instead." (Page 80)

"Everything has a beginning and an end. For you and me, the end comes with death. Does anyone here have any idea of how we begin?" (Page 84)

"Others inhabit our world. Thay are very much like you yet very different from you. You share many common physical traits but differ in some areas. You will soon meet them." (Page 86)

We were informed that our cycle had attained the stage in our mental and physical development that would now allow us to participate in an activity absolutely essential to the continued survival of our society: procreation. (Page 87)

I found it difficult to look directly at her face, so I lowered my eyes and, in doing so, made a discovery that caused me to temporarily forget my name.
"They are called breasts. There. Now you know my name and that of the objects of your attention, but I still do not know yours." (Page 88)

I had always assumed that the mouth and tongue served only two purposes: tasting and forming words. I was wrong." (Page 94)

Edward announced a startling revelation. He had spotted a Revered One wearing a blue robe coming out of the Solemn Place. (Page 102)

"Do you mean to say that there are females who are attracted only to other females?" (Page 111)

"You have fulfilled your purpose. You have created a life inside of me." (Page 113)

Like it or not, we could not deny that the explanation and justification provided by the Revered One was logical and served the common good. Still, I could not help wishing that it would not have to hurt so much. (Page 116)

Apparently, they too had moved on to wherever their Next Level might be. (Page 116)

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Jim Vuksic Excerpts from Chapter V of Levels - Revelation

"Isn't it rather odd that we never get to visit more than one or two sectors in any level?" (Page 121)

I had known Cecil for nearly twenty-four cycles, yet his ability to logically arrive at a totally illogical conclusion never ceased to amaze me. (Page 126)

Their clothing resembled ours in style; however, instead of the traditional gray color, theirs was covered in scattered patches of various shades of brown and green, the edges of which appeared to blend seamlessly into one another. (Page 133)

"Brain damage is the only possible explanation for how your mind works." (Page 136)

For the first time in my life, the term outside took on a whole new and disturbing connotation. (Page 140)

The ability to see through the boundary was nothing short of miraculous, but the scene beyond it was even more astonishing. (Page 142)

"How could we stuff ourselves at every meal and not once seriously question where the food came from or how it got to us?" (Page 151)

For the first time in our lives, we now experienced oppressive, searing heat. (Page 152)

Although the flames were immense and actually made contact with the port, they did not seem able to penetrate beyond it. (Page 153)

"There are three distinct mysterious substances that fuel the various power sources." (Page 154)

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