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Common Area:
Living Room:

Sebastian is Darius' dog, or more professionally known as Darius' human subjugate. He cooks, cleans, and is the perfect snack of whenever Darius feels like eating, since male type O blood is his favorite.

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments After looking over his quarters and studying the grounds from every angle outside his windows and from the roof, Darius began pacing his room, sitting quietly in the corner Sebastian watched, finally Darius threw himself across his bed in frustration and dramatically yelled, “I CAN NOT STAND THIS PRISON!” making Sebastian jump. After laying there for a few minutes, he felt Sebastian nudge his hand and sit down on the bed next to him, rolling over he looked at Sebastian and announced, “Seb, I’m going out, I can’t stand it anymore.” Sebastian pouted dejectedly and returned to his corner. Sitting up Darius patted the bed beside himself and lovingly said, “Come here boy.” Sebastian returned to the bedside and sitting on the floor, pooled himself around Darius’ feet and lay his head in his master’s lap. Darius pet him absentmindedly for a little while talking quietly to him, “look boy, you are special, and I love you, but I need wander I need to hunt,” then he added, “Ok you be a good boy and I'll bring you back a treat.” Sebastian looked up sadly and getting up walked back to his corner to curl up and sleep.

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Markl walked through his bedroom door when he heard yelling from his infamous roommate's chambers. "This should be interesting." he muttered to himself, knocking on the door before phasing through. "Are you this dramatic normally?" he asked, strengthening his human half so that he wasn't transparent. "Also, I didn't realize we were allowed pets." he raised an eyebrow at the human, who moved like a dog almost, it was kind of pitiful, well really it was completely ridiculous.

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Sebastian glared toward the boy who was beginning to materialize inside his masters room, a slow growl raising in his chest. Darius lazily patted Seb's head while saying "hello ghost boy," then raising an eyebrow, and sniffing the air, he tensed with desire saying thru clenched teeth, "do they not teach manners at this school?" then licking his lips and considering his options, he continued with a false calm, "I'm assuming even ghosts know how to knock I think" Then trying to ignore the desire to drain his roommate dry, he continued attempting to calm Sebastian. Cocking his head to the side at the boys pert remark Darius dismissively said, "Well you apparently were incorrect," then pointing to the door he added "I'm sure you can find your way back out, before you become dinner," baring his fangs he began to get up with thoughts of draining this annoying boy dry.

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Markl rolled his eyes, but let his ghost come out more anyone just in case. If he hadn't spoken he could have watched the strange pair for hours, not that he wanted to, but sound was normally the only thing that drew attention to him. "Before I'm whose dinner? Because I highly doubt you could catch me, let alone actually feed on me before I got away. Dimitris said you were a strange one, but I gotta say dude, y'all both are kinda freaky." he glanced at the mostly naked muscular man, completely weirded out by the fact that a guy who looked at least ten years older than him was sitting on the floor like some crazy overgrown puppy.

JaneAddict...  (janeaddict) | 160 comments Darius, kept petting Sebastian as he watched this new roommate phase back into ghost form and without missing a beat said quietly, "We shall see little boy, we shall see." Then ignoring the last statement entirely Darius politely pointed once again to the door, saying lazily "next time try to use some manners you insolent child and knock." Then returning his attention to Sebastian who was now laying curled up happily kn the corner he said "Now let me go see about finding us some treats boy," before he left the room heading out in search of a snack for himself and the kitchens for a treat for Seb.

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