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Shadow on the Eclipse  (Bloodbound Iron, #1)
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J.A. Self (jaself) | 2 comments My "Iron of Mages" series takes place in a world where one kingdom, Salentia, has learned to use metals with magically enhanced properties to create impossible machines. Like what, you ask?

-A mobile fortress
-Battle walkers (imagine a steampunk-like magical mech)
-Adaptive armor for mages with the proper training
-Warships capable of high speeds
-Iron horses - something like a clockwork motorcycle
-A doomsday weapon on par with modern times
-Lots more!

It's not all toys and explosions, though. The surrounding kingdoms respond to Salentia's sudden rise in power just like you would expect: trade restrictions, espionage, and intrigue, intrigue, intrigue. Worse, the cost of producing the magical metal that makes these technologies possible is high, horrifyingly high...

And yes, some discoveries are better left unfound. Salentia's expansion of power brings them up against a force capable of bringing them low. Surrounded by wily, desperate enemies and an inhuman foe bent on their destruction, the warriors of Salentia will need every fancy gadget they have just to stay alive.


For those interested, I currently have three books in the series for which I'd love to receive more reviews. Respond here or email me for a Goodreads version review copy. If you'd like to take a peek first to see if it's horrible hack writing by a pathetic wannabe, you can check the first chapters over at my website. (

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J.A. Self (jaself) | 2 comments Wow, getting some interest via messages already. Don't be shy! I'm relatively friendly. Relatively.

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