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why are all this heroines so forgiving?

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Anna not shere i should ask it on here but thats just generally the impression i get reading captive and captor books that even the strongest heroines forgive the guy who does unspeakeble things to them and plans to do even werse things in the future and quite often does werse things to other inocent people yet the heroine always sees good in the guys dark soul and gives him a chance which is quite often the reoson for his redemption this makes the heroine look either a Saint or realy dumb i like dark books but am just curius if heroine ever makes hero pay herself for his wrong doings i think thats probebly why im liking Connie in book two better so far even though some might think shes a bitch

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Fariha Rahman because they are completely and utterly stupid

Anna Fariha wrote: "because they are completely and utterly stupid"

good point,but i try to think its cause authors sometimes dont see another way to make hero and heroine tougether,whithout heroine being a doormat in the process

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Fariha Rahman Yea but why would you want to end up with someone who treats you like a doormat? Why would you want to strive to be someone like that? And just because the two main character end up together doesn't make it a good ending. It sets bad examples (not a very good author) and it just annoys the hell out of me. Honestly, I had the same question and decided it just better to read good books instead of ones like this

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