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This tavern has numerous horses and rooms for travelers. The food and alcohol are of poor quality due to the lack of supplies. This provides a safe spot for passers by.


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The door was opened by a burly middle-aged man. Liz ended up paying, what with Deese's reluctance to release hands, and they were admitted to their room.
The room itself was a bit small, but it was to be expected from a lower quality tavern such as this. Liz was okay with it; as long as her family had a place to lay their heads at night and clothes on their backs, Liz was content.
Hadrian half-flopped onto the bed positioned in the corner of the room, yawning.

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It was almost instantly clear from where Hadrian had gotten his behavior, for nearly as soon as they had entered, Deese flopped down on a bed and groaned. It felt so good to be off his feet, and it was like he could feel all the blood rushing back out of them. "Oh, thank the heavens!" He closed his eyes and stretched. A yawn burst from his lips without his permission. He had not realized how dreadfully tired he had been until he had fallen onto the bed.

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Liz remained standing, smirking at the uncanny resemblance between husband and son. "I'm hungry," Hadrian said sleepily from his position on the bed. Liz's own stomach grumbled a bit as well, but she could probably go a little longer before she started complaining.

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Deese looked up at both his wife and son. "I'm not moving." He raised his eyebrows at them. Then, he added, "I really am too tired." He yawned and stretched (again) for effect before he rolled over and shut his eyes. "Go get food." He would likely be asleep before they came back, but he was fine if they woke him even if he would get cranky.

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"Okay. I'm assuming you're not going to want anything, Deese," Liz said, knowing full and well her husband would probably be fast asleep before she even set foot out of the door; her questioning was more a formality than anything.

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Deese was, of course, not even awake by the time his wife finished asking. He didn't snore, and he didn't dream. Instead, he slept soundly and stilly, too exhausted for anything else. The sleep was very necessary. He was the one with the magic, after all, so he spent most of their time walking hyper-aware of everything around him. That plus the walking was extra draining.

((Time skip for until Deese wakes up?))

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((Okay. Still working on my reply to Kingsman's, by the way))

Liz awoke early the next morning; the sun hadn't even come through the window. She stretched a bit and yawned quietly, trying not to disturb Deese or Hadrian. Speaking of Deese... Liz thought back to what she'd said while they were walking - that she'd talk to Deese when they'd reached the tavern. Liz had forgotten by the time they arrived, but she knew she should make an effort to do so before they left.

"Deese?" she whispered, attempting to shake her husband awake.

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Deese groaned and rolled over before waking up. He stretched and accidentally smacked his wife in the face with his hand. He then opened his eyes widely. "Sorry. What is it?" he asked. His voice was still very sleepy. He blinked a couple of times in order to try to be able to see a bit better. He yawned and did not bother to cover his mouth with his hand. He was still exhausted but was not quite as much so as he had been when he had gone to sleep. He considered just staying in the tavern for the day so they would be more rested by the time they started off again.

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Liz rubbed her nose a bit where Deese had hit it. "It's uh, it's about what we started talking about on the road here." She gulped nervously, tucking a strand of her bedhead behind her ear. "Deese..."

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Deese, like every other oblivious male, did not immediately understand her hint. "Yes?" he asked her. He was slightly less groggy now. That was a rather fortunate coincidence, especially with the news he was about to receive.

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Liz gnawed on her lip, extremely nervous about delivering the news. She had no idea how Deese would react, especially since none of this had been planned. Liz inhaled deeply. "I...I think I may be pregnant."

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It took Deese a minute to process the information, but once he did, a large grin spread across his face. He put his hand on the back of Liz's head and pulled her into a long kiss. He was now fully awake, of course, and his heart was pounding in his chest.

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Liz opened her mouth in surprise, but she wasn't about to complain. After a moment, they broke away. "Oh, God," Liz said shakily, still experiencing some leftover nerves. "I was so afraid you'd be upset or something," she admitted breathily.

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Deese frowned. "Why would I be sad at such excellent news?" he asked. He couldn't keep the smile off his face for very long, and before much time had passed, he was grinning again. He hugged her tightly and then pulled away to make sure he hadn't done her any harm.

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Liz laughed at Deese's concern. "I'm fine," she assuaged. "At any rate, what are we going to tell Hadrian?" Liz still wasn't sure how she would explain to Hadrian the prospect of him having a new sibling, especially with all of the questions he tended to ask.

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Deese shrugged. What they would tell Hadrian hadn't actually occurred to him yet. "Perhaps that he is going to have a younger sibling?" he suggested after a long pause. He knew more questions would follow, but maybe just winging it would work.

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Hadrian shot up from the bed, abandoning his pretense of sleep. "I'm going to have a younger sibling?" he exclaimed. He paused in his excitement, a look of puzzlement coming across his face. "Wait...what exactly is a 'sibling'?"

Liz laughed at Hadrian's reaction, not having suspected one from what she thought was her son's deep slumber.

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Deese looked to Liz. He had expected a little time to think about how to explain it even though he did plan to wing it. "Uhhhh . . ." he began, searching for the words with which he could speak. "We're going to have a second child," he eventually tried when he finished floundering.

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"Really?" Hadrian said, eyes wide. More questions formed in his mind, almost faster than he could say them. "How? When? Why?"
"Sometimes stuff like this just happens, Hadrian. As for when, it'll be a little while," Liz answered, doing her best to avoid the trickier question.

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Deese noticed Liz's avoidance of the one question. If their son was anything like he and his wife, then Deese figured Hadrian wouldn't be satisfied until all his questions were answered. So, Deese knelt down and told his son, "It'd because your mother and father love each other very much and wanted to give you someone closer to your age that you could play with." Sure, it wasn't the full truth, but he hoped the answer would be enough.

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"That's awesome!" Hadrian cheered, enveloping his father in a hug (as best he could for someone so much shorter). Thank you, Liz mouthed, grateful Deese had managed to answer their son's remaining question so tactfully.

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Deese smiled at Hadrian and ruffled his son's hair. He caught Liz's look and nodded at her. He hugged Hadrian back. "It is," he agreed. He was glad that Hadrian was no longer trying to ask any more questions because he really had no idea how else to explain it.

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((How else what? isweari'mnottryingtocritqueyoui'msorry.))

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((Whoops. I thought I'f finished my sentence. XD))

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Hadrian pulled away from the hug, still grinning broadly. "I take it you're excited that you could have a baby brother or sister," Liz smirked, stating the obvious. "Yeah...where's the going to come from? I mean, it can't just randomly appear from thin air. Or can it?" Hadrian asked, mind wandering a little.

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Deese was glad his son was not upset about the matter. He figured it could be tough to have a new sibling when one had started out as an only child. Not that he had personal experience, of course. He sighed as the next question was asked. That was something he had hoped to avoid. "Er, your mother is going to grow very big." He was sure that would earn him a glare. "But that's because the baby will be inside of her. Then, she'll have the baby and she'll be back to normal."

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((None of this stuff popped up in my notifications. Sorry.))

Liz rolled her eyes at Deese's description. "Is that what happened when you had me?" Hadrian inquired. "Your father has an interesting way of describing it, but yes. He's right."
Hadrian looked at his mother as if trying to picture her 'growing bigger' as Deese had said. "Does it hurt, having a baby?" Hadrian didn't like the idea of having caused his mother pain. "No. 'Course not," Liz lied, seeing her son's expression and not wanting him to feel guilty.

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((It's okay))

Deese looked at Liz as if to say 'He's going to find out when you have his sibling. There's no way around it.' He gave her a small smile and patter his son on the shoulder. He hoped his son wouldn't be son wouldn't be too worried when it did come time for Liz to give birth. Especially with the new child coming along, Devon Cem Voclain wished he were able to provide his family with more money and with a stabler life. He knew from experience that it was hard to travel while Liz was present, and having Hadrian was just going to make things more difficult. They would probably have to head to one of the more out-of-the-way peasant villages. Most of the people in those villages welcomed the invaders because conditions in the peasant villages were so rough.

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Liz knew that the facade wouldn't last; she wasn't entirely sure why she hadn't just told Hadrian in the first place. Deese looked almost as stretched out as Gabbu's computer screen had been before she began typing this, so she made an attempt to change the subject to one less stressful. "Breakfast, anyone?"

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Deese nodded. "Food would be good." He hadn't eaten since about midday the previous day whereas his wife and son had eaten dinner. If anyone were hungry, it was him. He smiled at Liz and then grabbed both her and Hadrian by the hands to drag them downstairs to get food.

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"Food!" Hadrian agreed. He stumbled a bit as Deese pulled him down the steps, but managed to regain his footing. "I have good ideas, occasionally," Liz said. It didn't surprise her how either of the males had reacted to the prospect of food; any other response would have frightened her.

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Deese's stomach growled loudly enough to be heard by both members of his family if they were paying any attention. He blushed faintly. To his further embarrassment, he tripped on a loose floorboard. And then he accidentally cursed in front of his son. He figured Liz was going to be livid.

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{Here was one}

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Hadrian glanced curiously at his father. "I don't think I've heard that word before..." Liz also looked at Deese, but her look was more of a glare. "And hopefully I won't hear you or your father say it again," she said pointedly.

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Deese blushed and grimaced. "No, son. Don't ever say that. We're all lucky the sky didn't rupture or anything because of it." Deese was pretty sure he'd be getting an unimpressed look for that one too.

"Why'd it do that?" Hadrian asked curiously.

Deese nearly banged his head on something hard. He should have known his son would ask something like that. "Because I shouldn't say it."

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Liz shook her head in exasperation. It was during times like these she began to question exactly how she'd fallen in love with Deese.
"Now, if you're quite finished with the talking and causing damage to yourself and this poor tavern, I do believe we came down here to eat."

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"It's 'cause I'm stubborn as --" Deese coughed, "Stubborn as a mule. I was going to say ox." He grinned cheekily at her as if he already knew her well enough to know what she was thinking (he kind of did, but that was beside the point). Why was he wanting to curse so much today? It was mildly problematic.

Hadrian looked at them both confusedly.

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Liz closed her eyes and inhaled deeply; by the the time she exhaled, her eyes were open and a closed-mouth smile was plastered on her face. "Deese, I love you. I do. But I'm tired and I'm hungry and I'm cranky, so would you be a dear and order us some food without the tripping and swearing? Please?"

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Deese grimaced. "That will work so well, luv. I have such a great track record. Hadrian, think you could order us some food? I don't think I can manage it."

Hadrian grinned and nodded, excited to be entrusted with something that was obviously so important. He scampered off to go get some food (preferable accompanied by something sweet).

Deese prepared himself for Liz's incredulous look.

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"You sent our child to get the food? Deese!" Liz exclaimed. She sighed in exasperation. "I'm not even sure that that's a bad thing considering the way you handle this sort of thing."

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Deese pouted at her, but he knew he kind of deserved that. And the part that Hadrian would handle it better was probably true as well. Deese was practiced in things like magic -- despite his clumsiness, he was a powerful mage, but he was incredibly awkward in day-to-day interaction outside his family. "Thanks," he said sarcastically.

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"I'm only being honest," Liz smiled and placed a quick kiss on Deese's cheek. "Besides, can't have your head too swollen up, can we?" Even as the words left Liz's mouth, she had a hard time picturing her husband as egocentric or vain. He'd last maybe thirty seconds before falling flat on his face and ruining the whole charade, by Liz's figuring.

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Deese scowled. "Yeah, and as if yours is any better, Ms. Bossy-skirt." She was bossy, but she wasn't vain. You didn't exactly traipse around the wilderness with a vain wife -- or a vain anyone, really. The wilderness and physical appearance did not make a habit of friendly relations. Hadrian returned a moment later.

"Help me with the food?"

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((sustainable wifi at last!))
Liz reached down to grab some of the stuff Hadrian was carrying. "We should probably find a table now, shouldn't we?" she said, looking around for an empty one that would seat the three of them as she spoke.

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Deese nodded. "I'll defer to your judgement, loving wife," he decided, knowing full well there would be no way he'd pick out a halfway decent table on his own accord. Actually, he might have judge magicked up a table to save himself the trouble. Yes, it was a very good thing his wife was the one picking out the table.

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"Here," Liz said, setting the stuff she'd been carrying down at a table. It was near a window but not in direct sunlight, and it was far enough away from the strangers in the tavern that they wouldn't have to expose Hadrian to the strangeness of the people in the borderlands.

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Deese nodded and sat down. He noticed the other tables in-between them and the other people. Of course Liz was trying to keep him from others. "I can talk to people without sounding completely mental," he protested, pouting. He had helped set up the Ten, and it wasn't his first time travelling either.

((It amuses me how different Devon Nyx and Devon Cem are))

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"For once, it's not you I'm worried about," Liz said, inclining her head towards a group of people who, even at the early hour, were downing pints.

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Deese saw the people she was indicating. Their type was all-too-common these days, with all the turmoil that was happening. He sighed. "They won't try anything. Besides," he grinned, "I'm magic. They couldn't do anything to us." He winked at her. "Milady."

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