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I have been Misprouncing names. Anyone else?
Shania Shania Nov 08, 2014 10:41AM
I can't be the only one! Can I?

I just found out that I had been pronouncing Gideon and Eva wrong for all these years. I swear to God it felt like losing a important family member. Now, I know what you're thinking "How? How can you even? What in the - ", but hear me out; I've only ever read them in print.

So as I so obliviously went about saying their names incorrectly in my special world of La La land, I can only think "Hey, there must have been others too, right? RIGHT?" (;_;)


My way: (Guide - on)

My way: (Eva) Like the word Eve + a

(Que the tears)

When really it's; (GID - eon) Like the beginning half of the word "Giddy" and the word eon (E + on)

When really it's; (Ava)

I mean come on! I get how I got Gideon wrong but Eva? That's just cruel word play, man.

Welp, too late in the game to begin changing my names now (even if I'm pronouncing them wrong) Don't tell Ms. Day but I like my version better ;)

So, were any of you lovelies saying them wrong too?

People make the same mistake with Eva Mendez, her name is pronounced Ava as well. It's the Spanish pronunciation of it.

I said Gideon's name right and well EVA to me is EVA and correct she is part hispanic so it should be EVA and not AVA but hey its all good.

And the next book comes out next Tuesday!!!!!! Woo hoo!

For me Eva is still Eva... I always said Gideon right :) but yeah its just playing with your head lol and it doest really matter I think everyone should say like they want to, its a book you need to use your imagination... :) But Ava or Ay-va its just sooo wierd for me...

Never had a problem with Gideon, but I'm with the rest of you in pronouncing Eva as exactly that - E-va.

I have heard Ms Day herself say Ava, & it's bugged me every time!! Even so, I still pronounce it my way when I'm reading.

Amanda I do the same thing!
Nov 14, 2014 05:21PM

deleted member Nov 08, 2014 02:39PM   0 votes
wait her name is Ava not Eva
but it's written Eva
been saying it wrong all this time

Call Gideon Ace that's what Eva nickname him if it makes it easier

I always pronounced Gideon the right way but like you I thought Eva was eve-a. I have a daughter named Ava and i its pronounced the way its spelled. I agree with Angie...I think the narrator is just pronouncing it wrong.

It's not so unbelivable that it can be pronounced another way.Pronunciation can be ee-va, eh-va, or ay-va.

I just read about another author getting questions on how to pronounce Asa. Lots of names have several ways of saying them.

In an interview Ms. Day called her Ava. It was such a shock. It's weird pronouncing her name differently. I've always pronounced her eve-a.

Shania That's how I found out too. I kinda sat in silence for a few minutes haha ...more
Feb 16, 2015 06:37AM

I'll buy that names have several ways to say them, but Eva's name is spelled 'E-va.' So what I have trouble with is how Gideon immediately knew her name was pronounced 'Ay-va' after only seeing her badge.

I'm guessing it was pronounced E-va, but when it went to audio, the woman narrating it pronounced it 'Ay-va' and they just went with it.

Ok I just read everybody post on here....Is Ms. Day saying that its suppose to be pronounced like Ava but spelled Eva? Why not just spell it that way then? lol

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