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If you want a special position (leader of Coates/Perdido, Healer, Reader, Mother, etc.), apply here. There are a lot of positions in the book, and I can't think of them all. More will be added as the story progresses.

Leader of Coates [0 available]
The leader of the Coates kids.
↳ claimed by ❄ sʜᴀʜᴅɪᴀ

Enforcer [0 available]
Enforcer of the Coates rules.
↳ claimed by asmaa ♠

Leader of Perdido Beach [0 available]
The leader of the Perdido kids.
↳ claimed by αℓιуα

Healer [0 available]
Gifted with powers to heal, and acts as a doctor.
↳ claimed by asmaa ♠

Nurse [1 available]
Doesn't have healing powers, but acts as a doctor in the absence of the Healer.

Mother [0 available]
Takes care of the little children (likely at the daycare).
↳ claimed by Lauren

Daycare Workers [5 available]
Helps the Mother care for the little children.
↳ claimed by Ƭʀɪssᴄᴀʀ
↳ claimed by ᴄ ᴀ ᴅ ᴇ ɴ

Bully [4 available]
Even Pre-Anomaly, bullies the other kids.
↳ claimed by caden

Reader [1 available]
Can read other freaks' power levels in bars.

Other [unlimited]
Does any job aside from those listed above.

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Sure thing :)

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Can you please remove my claim on the nurse?

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Lauren | 2 comments Can I claim mother ?

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Yes and yes!

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