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There you go.

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alessia (classick)
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↳ Cillian's white and grey room is usually kept neat, tidy and clean, with everything organized. It's not that hard of a task, considering how simple his room is. Sure, his shelves and drawers are packed with books and papers, but thanks to his discipline, his room is spotless.

There aren't many things in Cillian's room besides the books. His clothes are all hung in his closet, his CDs are placed under the television table and his homework is stacked on his desk, arranged by datelines. There aren't many decorations, besides the twelve small portraits hanging on the wall depicting the twelve Olympian Gods.

Cillian spends a lot of time in the library reading and doing homework and only returns to his dorm to relax. And when he says "relaxing time", he means lounging on his bed or at his desk surfing the net and watching ridiculous movies or sitting by the window reading.

Cillian doesn't like to invite people to his dorm, thinking that they'd just mess it up. And for the record, nobody besides him has set foot into his dorm.

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alessia (classick) Ha, no problem. c:

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