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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments Here we are :)

Do you want to do a twisted Snow White or Red Riding Hood or another twisted fairytale?

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments you want to do this?

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments xD It's fine :3

No, it's not based off the movie (with Amanda Seyfried, right?) I haven't watched the movie either.

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments I actually have half of an idea right now for a twisted Red Riding Hood, but it contains romance, so it depends on you.

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments I was thinking that Red Riding Hood wasn't an innocent little girl, but she was a witch or assassin of some sort. She kills people by poisoning them and one day someone hires her to kill her grandma (something like that). The wolf she meets is a werewolf and she falls in love with him or something xD

Sorry. Like I said, it's half of an idea :P

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments :D Ooh - that sounds really good. It would be fun to mix fairy tales. Have you watch Once Upon A Time? Not saying I want to base it off that, but that TV series mixes up a lot of fairytales and it's awesome :O

Yes, I do doubles.

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments Or the werewolf was always sent to kill the Red Queen :P That's a great idea ^_^

Hmm... maybe.. erh, the second male... I'll think while I'm at dinner. C'ya in... 10 min?

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments What if: the person who hired the werewolf was very confident that he would kill the Red Queen, so he paid him in advanced. But the werewolf couldn't kill her, so he gets angry and sends his own assassin or something after the werewolf?

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments Yeahhh I came up with the assassin sent from the wolf's sponsor.

-Red Riding Hood
-Bad Ass Girl (Red Queen sends)
-Bad Ass Boy (Wolf sponsor sends)


But that sounds good, too :D

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments Who is who?

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments I hate making detailed characters, so is it fine if I had "Name, Age, Appearance"? xD

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments Okay :D

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments 'kay

eating though one sec

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments xD

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments Hey, old is she? Is she younger, or is she towards 19+ or something?

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments Okay
So Red Riding Hood will be 19
Bad Ass Boy will be 20 :D

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments {First Name} Veronica
{Middle Name} Elizabeth
{Last Name} Lavinia
{Titles} Red Riding Hood

{Age} 19


(view spoiler)

Veronica has been a highly praised assassin for most of her life, killing and slaughtering mercilessly for money. She disguises herself as a young, innocent sweet girl and poisons her victims and brings back their head as trophy to claim her money. She's cold, cut-off from the rest of the world, manipulative, and secretive. She has never gotten close to anyone and prefers not to.

Long, flowing red cloak that she rarely takes off.

Similar to this:

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments Sorry if my characters are bad xD I hate doing detailed characters :P Still looking for a face claim for my bad ass guy xD

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments Yes, please xD

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments First Name: Travis
Middle Name: Alexander
Last Name: Morangum
Titles: The Silent Assassin

Age: 20


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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments Oops wrong link

message 22: by anastasia (new)

anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments Do you want me to write a background for him?

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments I was planning to make it up as I went along xD

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments Okay :)

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments You can create a group out of it if you want xD Just make sure you mention that you came up with the idea with a little help >:)

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments So Red Riding Hood is on her way to the Red Queen's castle with her basket of poisoned food, right? And then the Red Queen finds out because she was expecting Red and tries to kill her and then the werewolf comes in? Are you going to play the Red Queen for the time being? And how long do you want my post to be? :D Sorry for the overload of questions LOL

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments I guess I'll just post anyway because I'm not tired enough to sleep yet xD

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments Red Riding Hood glanced up at the looming top of the Red Queen's ominous looking castle as it crept up above the forest's trees. The skies were filled with dark, gray clouds and the weather was cold, as it always was. Red's breath appeared as mist as it escaped her mouth, but Red was grateful for the coldness. She loved it, even. It was winter when she was able to kill more people and claim more money and gold for herself, especially since the winters were always harsh and bitter. It wasn't hard for Red to pretend to be a young, innocent little girl around these times. She would have a reason to wear her long, draping red cloak, too, which raised many eyebrows during the hotter seasons. Strangely, no one has ever confronted Red in any way about it and Red was glad for that; she knew that she would have to kill anyone who figured out her little secret. Even if she didn't consistently keep up her innocent little girl act, plenty of people would already think of her as one: Her beautiful, flowing black locks that draped down her back in thick layers. Her lovely, warm hazel eyes and her pale, fully formed lips. Her round, child-like features and her rosy skin tone... Despite her age, Red looked like a young child, roughly around twelve or thirteen rather than nineteen. That wasn't the only surprising thing: Red was an assassin, working from sponsor to sponsor and killing just to save her own skin. She played on her innocent girl act and poisons her victims with food without thought or hesitation. It didn't matter to her as long as she was able to feed and fend for herself. Although she's a lesser known assassin, she's still fairly rich from the amount of money paid to her by her sponsors. And today would be a huge payday for Red, as her new victim is the infamous Red Queen.

That was where Red was heading: The Red Queen's castle, and it wasn't far away. She could already see the peaking tops of the castle from where she was, on the forest pathways that would lead her to the entrance of the castle. The trees in the forest were large and stood broadly by themselves, but they were nothing compared to the Red Queen's castle, which reached high enough into the sky to be seen from quite a distance. Red already had her plan mapped out and perfected all the tiny flaws that she found in them. She would get into the castle by convincing the guards that she had a gift for the Queen, which wasn't uncommon during the winter days. Red had a basket of fresh strawberries and other fruits, which were scarce during the winter season. It made them especially special. Red would give the Queen the fruits, stay and chat, let her eat the fruit, and leave with the basket of fruits, to hide her evidence. The poison wouldn't kick in quickly: It took a while to settle into the person's bloodstream before poisoning them and sending the venom into their heart, stopping it completely. This was why Red used that specific type of poison as her signature kill; it mimicked heart attacks and would point the victim's death towards natural causes, instead of a human one. All traces of the poison were usually gone a few minutes after death. Yes, the poison was lethal and rare, but it was the most effective way of killing for Red to use. No one would suspect anyone, much less her, the sweet, innocent little girl.

The Red Queen would die merely minutes after she left the castle, destroying any chances for the guards to track her down--if they decided they needed to. It was highly unlikely, anyway. She'd go back to her sponsor and receive the money and leave, simple as that. She didn't even care who the sponsor was or why they wanted the Red Queen dead; all she cared about was getting her money. This time though, her plan was slightly different. She wouldn't be cutting off her victim's head, like she usually does. Red does this to keep a trophy, but it was too risky to do that to the Red Queen. It would ruin her supposed natural cause of death and everything would crash down on Red. Change was good, though.

Red trudged on, her cold, icy fingers gripping the handle of the basket. Her legs were sore from walking such a long distance and despite the thickness of her red cloak, her entire body was freezing. It would all be over soon, though. She just needed to execute her plan. A smile tugged on the side of her lip when she thought of that. The sacks of money she would receive for killing the Red Queen.... It almost seemed like a dream, yet it would be so simple. The top of the castle began to grow nearer and nearer and Red felt excitement grow inside of her chest.

Finally, after a long, hard walk, Red reached the enormous entrance of the castle and she looked up at the tall, forbidding castle walls, wondering how anyone could ever live in it. Sure, it would look more festive in the spring or summer, but it looked so solemn and unwelcoming during this time of year. She paused for a second to catch her breath, her basket still in hand, before pulling herself together and skipping joyfully to the guards stationed near the entrance.
"Hello!" she greeted the guard, plastering on one of her fake smiles. She thought her voice sounded convincing enough, so she didn't try to alter it. She sounded like a little girl and that was exactly what she was aiming for. "I have a present for the Queen!" she announced shortly after, without waiting for the silent guard to reply. The best thing about the poison was that it was nearly undetectable. Red held out her basket of berries out to the guard, showing him the multicolored fruits that filled her basket. "They were so hard to get, but I figured the Queen would like some during this bitter winter, right?" she beamed at the guard, waiting for him to let her into the gates of the castle. For a second, she though she wasn't convincing enough and irritation pulsed through her. She was convincing enough. She knew that herself--and she knew she was a little arrogant, too. The guard finally nodded and let her into the gates, without giving her another look. Red took a long, deep breath before beginning to head towards the actual castle doors, still keeping her skipping stride in case the guard was still looking. In little than less than an hour, Red would be paid the largest sum of money she had in her entire life.

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments ((So, I normally don't write as much as that, but since it was the beginning... I started a little long. I hope it's not too much because towards the last paragraph, I sort of wanted to stop since I felt like I was writing a tad too much.))

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments ((You don't have to write that much. I usually write more at the beginning, but for the rest of time, I write 1-3 paras xD))

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments ((Okay c:))

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments ((I'm not in a detailed mood right now, so I'll reply in an hour or when I start feeling detailed xD))

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments Red Riding Hood stopped her skipping when she reached the gigantic castle doors and her fingers collided with the cold, red surface of the double doors. For a brief moment, Red wondered if she would be able to open the doors, which looked to be nine times her height. Yet, the doors glided open easily as Red pressed against it with her hands, which were frozen stiff from the bitter cold. Her breath hitched in her throat at the sight of the palace. It was simply... magnificent. Usually, it was rare for something to impress Red, but this palace did. The room was enormous, stretching out further than Red could see and the walls were layered with a scarlet, decorative paint. The floors were covered with a long, red carpet that stretched throughout the entire room. The floor itself was gold, but most of it was covered up by the carpets. Despite this, the gold flooring shimmered in the light of the chandeliers hanging above them. Oh, the chandeliers were simply wonderful. They hung high in the room because of the height of the roof, but they were enormous and shone with the light of hundreds and hundreds of white candles, illuminating the entire room in a luminous, yellow light. Off to one side was a giant set of staircases that led up... to who knows where? The castle was way bigger than Red thought it would be... it was a shame it was so empty, though. One would think that a place like this would be filled with festivities and marvelous dancers and handsome men... Yet it was empty, the giant halls filled with nothing but the carpets, paint, and the chandeliers.

This isn't what you came here for, she reprimanded herself when she realized she had been standing at the doors for a solid two minutes. What a waste of time! She could've been done with the job already if she hadn't been fooling around and inspecting the castle for no reason. Idiot. Red stepped into the hallway, closing the doors behind her, but not before letting in a blast of cold air from outside. Without looking around any longer, she began pacing towards the staircases, wondering how far up the Red Queen's chambers were. Very high up, she supposed. Three or four stories up... There was a lot of stairs for her to climb, but she climbed them nevertheless. One step, two steps, three steps, four steps. A few minutes later, Red found her legs were beginning to numb from exhaustion, the basket in her hands was growing heavier, and sweat was protruding from her neck and forehead despite the cold weather. She was almost there, though. Finally, she reached the end of the staircases and was faced with yet another red hallway, leading up to a large door, similar to the entrance but smaller in size. This was it, obviously. Even though the Red Queen was rich, she wouldn't waste money heavily decorating a spare room in her castle, would she? No, this was definitely her living area.

Red walked towards the doors, her legs still sore from climbing the stairs, yet it didn't bother her very much. She could take a vacation from her less-than-pleasant job when she finished the Red Queen off, and she could kiss killing people goodbye. At least for a couple weeks. Red's shoes made a weird clanking sound against the floor despite the carpet; her footsteps echoed around, but no one seemed to hear. This made Red realize how empty the place really was. Did the Queen have no servants or maids or anything like that? God, it must be lonely.

Red didn't even bother knocking when she reached the door. She pushed it opened without thinking and plastered on her biggest smile at the sight of the Red Queen, sitting by herself at her table, looking impossibly small compared to the enormity of her room. The Red Queen glanced at Red with her unblinking eyes and beckoned her forward without saying a word. Was it just Red, or did the Red Queen look slightly... woozy? Why should she care, though? She was just there to kill her.

"Hello!" Red said happily before pretending to forget her manners. "Oh! How stupid of me! I mean..." she paused, placing the basket onto the ground, "Good evening, your majesty," she curtsied low and good before looking up at the Queen and picking up her basket full of fruits. She waited for a sign from the Queen for her to step forward and after the Queen nodded to her, she skipped to where the Queen was sitting, resuming her sweet, innocent girl act. "What brings you here on this bitter winter day?" the Queen asked Red in a smooth tone, her voice a little monotonous. She eyed Red over, as if inspecting her in every way possible. "I came to gift you these, your majesty!" Red produced the basket filled with berries and showed them to the Queen, smiling proudly like a little girl would. "They were so hard and expensive to find, but I thought you would want something sweet to eat during this winter! They're supposed to be enough to last you the entire season!" She placed the basket onto the Queen's table without waiting for a reply and smiled blankly at her. "My guards just... let you in here?" she asked Red, accusatory lacing under her words. "Yes!" Red replied, "Is something wrong?" The Queen merely shook her head. Eat the damn berries already! Red thought inside her head while smiling at the Queen. "No, dear child. Everything is well. What is your name and where do you come from?" she asked Red, her fingers reaching tentatively into the basket and drawing out a single strawberry.

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments (('kay :D))

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments ((It's totally fine! I can wait! :D Hope you get things sorted out with your family and such things soon :) C'ya!))

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments ((Hi. (: ))

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments ((Yeah XDDD It's fine, by the way. Take all the time you need.))

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments ((Wait, so what's going to happen in my next post? o.o))

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments ((So it's just the Queen and Red chatting?))

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments ((Because if the Queen eats the berry, there's no cure...))

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments ((Okay. It's okay if my post isn't as long as my other ones, right? xD))

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments Red watched as the Queen picked up a single strawberry from the basket she laid down on the table. She felt anticipation rise up inside her at the thought of the Queen collapsing dead minutes after eating the berry. No one will suspect a thing! She thought victoriously to herself as the Queen surveyed the berry thoughtfully in her thin, ivory hands. Yet, much to Red's dismay, the Queen placed the strawberry back into the basket. She knew that her dismay had flashed across her face--in a split second or so--but she quickly masked it, replacing it with a pleading look. "I thought you would like them..." she mumbled quietly, averting her gaze towards the red carpeted floor and lacing her fingers together in front of her. "I got them specially for you... I thought you'd want some during this bleak winter," Red sighed and was about to start her next sentence when the Queen stopped her by holding up one, bony ivory finger. "Take them away!" she called out, but she wasn't addressing Red. She was, however, addressing her servants, who had left the moment Red had stepped in. Red let hurt flash across her face, but inside felt pissed. Her plan was going so well, and yet, now, it takes a sudden, unexpected turn. Well, she couldn't have thought it would be easy, could she? She was attempting to take the life of the Red Queen for God's sake. It wouldn't be easy.

The Queen scrutinized Red over for a few seconds, the basket of poisoned fruit sitting untouched at the table. Red was still staring at the floor, fuming at why her plan didn't work. "I must save them, of course, dear child," The Queen spoke again, after studying Red over. "But they're better fresh," Red retorted. The Queen shook her head before yelling for another servant to come take the fruits. Then, something shifted in the atmosphere. Red couldn't quite place her finger on it, but she could've sworn she felt it. Something seemed... off. She could sense it somehow. A rational part of her mind told her to get the hell out of the castle and run as far away as she could, away from the Queen and her failed assassination plan. She could forget about the money she'd receive for the assassination. It wouldn't work. "I think I should be leaving now," Red said, a little too hurriedly. She took a tentative step backwards from the Queen.

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments ((I'm not going to reply. I have to go >.< But I find it funny that your character is named Roux and Roux is red, and my character is Red Riding Hood and she's trying to kill the Red Queen LOL))

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 528 comments ((I was wondering why Roux was acting so nonchalant, too. xD I'll try to reply ASAP, but I'm trying to finish some invitation thingies for this party thingy. By the way, though, how old do you think I am?))

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