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Finding Jordie (The Love Lies Bleeding Series #1)
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Tina (trlykins) | 85 comments Mod
Here is this month's book to read!! Hope everyone enjoys it!

Tina (trlykins) | 85 comments Mod
Here is my review!

T.R. Lykins's review Nov 04, 14 · edit
5 of 5 stars
Read from October 31 to November 04, 2014

Jordie was getting by with her daughter and she thought she didn't need anyone else in her life. Until one night, a bar fight happens in her bar. While taking care of the hateful guys, she is hit and when she goes back to take up for herself, she is grabbed out of the way by Nathan. Nathan enters her life and her whole world is turned upside down. In this story, we have so many twist and turns that you will be wondering what is going to happen to everyone next. Can their love withstand all that they have to go through? Love they way this story takes you on a wild ride.

Tina (trlykins) | 85 comments Mod
Hope everyone is finishing up this story!! Questions at the end of the month.

Tina (trlykins) | 85 comments Mod
Hope everyone has finished reading November's book!! Posting Q&A later today!!

Tina (trlykins) | 85 comments Mod
Questions for Finding Jordie by H J Harley

1. What is the name of the Jordie’s bar bouncers? Mike and Carlos
2. What is the name of Jordie's best friend? Rachel
3. What concert did she meet her best friend? Backstreet Boys
4. What is the name of Jordie's bar? The Post
5. What is the name of the guy who pulled her away from a bar fight? Nathan
6. What happened to Jordie's husband and what was his name? He got killed special ops. Jason
7. What is Jordie's full name? Jordan Marie Spagnato
8. What is Jordie's sisters name? Kelly
9. What is Jordie's and her best-friend's favorite saying? Holler
10. What is Jordie's boyfriends lead bodyguard's name? Frank
11. What was stolen from Isobel? Her camera
12. What is Jordie's boyfriends full name? Nathan Miles Harper
13. What is his job? Actor
14. What did Jordie's boyfriend get Jordie's best friend? Airline tickets and hotel for her trip.
15. Where did Jordie's boyfriend take her! Los Angeles
16. What item did she buy on a shopping trip there? Vintage Channel Jacket
17. Who helped Jordie's boyfriend pick out her engagement ring? Rachel
18. Who was stalking Jordie? Jason
19. Who played a double agent? Charles
20. Who got shot? Nathan

Bonus: Who tried to kidnap Jordie’s daughter? Jason her father.

What happen to the person that got shot? He got amnesia.

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