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What Do Think About This Book
deleted member Nov 07, 2014 12:51PM
What do you guys think about this book.What do you like about this book?Why do you like it?What was your favorite part??

This book is a wonderful book to read aloud to children. I roll my eyes and shake my head when adults write their opinion on a book and say things such as" a little predictable" or "childish". It's was written for young readers! This book is to introduce children to adult historical topics in a very engaging way; which by the way takes incredible talent. {unlike writing a book review}. My favorite part of the book from what I remember {its been a couple years...but it is a favorite} was the believable, engaging, funny dialogue, coupled with emotions and questions that children can relate to. If you want this generation of over stimulated, dumbed-down children to start reading it has to start there, no question, or they will not read it our listen to it.

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Julia W You are right!
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Michele well said Leah;)
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I read this aloud to my children 10-19...each night the older two would make sure I didn't miss. This and The Rat's of Nimh.

I enjoyed this book much more than I thought I would. Great dialogue and an interesting plot. I regularly recommend it to my students (6th grade). Never done it as a read aloud, but after reading this, I might give it a go this year.

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