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message 1: by Meg, Goodreads Expert Team Lead (last edited Dec 17, 2014 12:01PM) (new)

Meg | 29 comments Mod
Hi everyone,

Thanks again for your feedback on the Manual - we’ve added many of your suggestions. Here’s an update on what we’ve done:

New general guidelines

We’ve moved the “upload photo” section from Work-specific data to Using the Book Edit Page Pt 2.

We’ve added a new section on Non-book items that should be removed from the database, including shorts and bundles: We’ve also added some clarification in Not a book regarding serialized books.

A new section has been added to Work-specific data that covers literary awards.

We know that a major pain point is the removal and replacement of cover images, so we’ve explicitly stated that this is a violation in several sections of the Manual. See here for an example:

We’ve addressed the deletion of placeholder cover images.

Rounding up for audio hours and using Calibre’s Count Pages plugin for page numbering has been addressed here:

Ebook designation for Kindle editions with ISBNs: has been added to the list of unacceptable cover sources:

We’ve clarified that Amazon and Audible ASINs are treated as separate editions - the ASIN that’s been added shouldn’t be stripped out, and either or both editions can be added to the database. Also, books with no ISBN should not have the Amazon-assigned ASIN listed in the book record.

We’ve added to our list of unacceptable book page official urls, including library urls and Library of Congress.

Author roles/combining rules for adaptations: and

Do not remove series info if already listed:

Alternate cover editions should have the date the new cover was pubbed rather than the original publication date:

Updated NAB section, with details on how to NAB items with ASINs.

We’re still working through your suggestions and hope to post more soon. If you have any more feedback, please let us know in the original thread. I’ll use this discussion space for updates and additions only. Thanks again!

As of 12/17, here are a few more updates:

Info on ARC exceptions for moving ISBNs and ASINs:

Some (but not all) disambiguation issues:
1. Disambiguation by middle initial is allowed
2. How to properly disambiguate an author with initials (second space after middle initial is preferred!)

message 2: by Meg, Goodreads Expert Team Lead (new)

Meg | 29 comments Mod
A few more updates from the last couple of months:

Now that NAB supports ASINs, we’ve added the correct instructions here.

We’ve cross-linked acceptable sources for cover images and book data with instructions on uploading cover images here and here.

We’ve added information on requesting Goodreads Author profile merges here.

In addition, we’ve reorganized the entire manual so that similar issues are grouped together. For example, we have an entire section on combining, separating, and merging editions:

You can still click through to each separate section, but all the info can be tracked back to one place.

The manual looks much better now, and hopefully it's easier for librarians to find the information they need.

message 3: by Meg, Goodreads Expert Team Lead (new)

Meg | 29 comments Mod
We've posted guidelines for author sort by and shelf display fields:

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