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Ms. Flagg (MissFlagg) | 31 comments Mod
What is an important change that your character experienced?

Please consult your rubric and models to ensure that you are doing your best work!

For a “4”: Did I….
• Write a topic sentence that provided the claim and important text information, such as the title, author, and genre of my text?
• Provide context of what is happening in the text, so my reader understands what I’m talking about? What was he/she like before the change? What made him/her change?
• Find a direct quote from the text that proves that the change was important?
• Think about why the change was important, and then thoroughly paraphrase and explain the significance of the quote/how it proves my idea ("This proves that the change was important because...)?
• Write a conclusion sentence that restates your claim in a different way?
• Check for correct punctuation and spelling?

message 2: by Sammy (new)

Sammy | 26 comments Scorpions, a work of realistic fiction, by Walter Dean Myers, tells the story of Jamal Hicks, a twelve-year-old boy who lives with his mother and sister in Harlem, a very poor area of New York City. Jamal has been struggling with a few problems in his life. Everybody he knows keeps bothering and giving him a hard time. Furthermore, his brother, Randy, is in jail and Jamal is trying to make money for his appeal. Originally, Jamal was pursuing his dreams of becoming a basketball player to earn some money. Nevertheless, his friends Tito and Crazy Mack wanted him to join a gang called the Scorpions. Jamal did not want to be a member of the gang, but his friends forced him to and he had no other choice. They wanted Jamal to join because they thought it would make them cooler. Jamal joined the gang mainly because it was the only way to make money for Randy’s appeal. “I have to be a part of this gang, I need the money so I can pay for Randy’s appeal.” (94). This quote proves that being a member of the Scorpions is important to Jamal. In conclusion, all of Jamal’s friends are giving him a hard time because they want to know want is going on in his life. Jamal’s main goal is to have a better life for himself and focus on getting his brother out of jail.

message 3: by Simon (new)

Simon Torres | 1 comments when I read chicken boy I started to wonder why did Tobin ever care about how chickens do things well the book chicken boy had answered my question because on chapter 7 in the book tobin starts to write down little details about chickens in his little notebook. this shows that Tobin was being very productive with his time.although Tobins life was hard he had to learn to adapt ro life

message 4: by Farhanali (new)

Farhanali | 35 comments In the book Border Line by Allan Stratton a relistic fiction novel. It is a kid named Muhammad who is 15 years old who moved and is always doing the right thing and trust his family. Layter in through the story he found two friends named Andy and Marty are convincing him to do bad things and that Muhammad nicknamed him self Hummad because his dad didn't like them to call him the prophet because Muhammad was a Muslim and. Also that they tell Muhammad do things with out his dad and mom approval. For example Muahhamd said that "I knew I should ask mom, but didn't."(11) Hummad didn't ask his parents because they where going to crawl under the fence to go to the golf course.This shows that over the time Hummad is starting to change and that he I starting to do bad things that he knows that his parents wont allow him to do. But does it anyway.

message 5: by Adam (last edited Nov 09, 2014 12:07PM) (new)

Adam K | 8 comments Well In the fictional novel by Rick Riordan The Last Olympian Percy changes. Percy Jackson is a 14 year old demigod boy who is currently living on the protected grounds of Camp Half Blood. Him and his friend Nico were visiting Hades who had a arrand which needed to be done. Percy was wondering why he couldn't have done it himself. As they were walking by the entrance to his palace Percy was captured and was held over a burning pit of lava by his math teacher Ms.Dodds. He used his empathy link with Nico, but Nico told him " I'm sorry Percy this is my new lead, Hades, my father promised me that he would tell me about my family I had never known about. In this moment I would usually think of a plan with Annabeth, but she was not here. I lunged at him, but just as I went to push him on his back Ms.Dodds held me back. You tricked me you are so lucky that these hags are holding me above lava!" (119) This shows that Percy wants to attack Nico, but is being held back by demons that could kill him. This proves that Percy changed because rather than planning out what he is going to do which is what he always does, he changed and tried to attack Nico and believed in himself, but was stopped and knocked out. Therefore, because Percy was tricked and captured he changed.

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Delandre J | 8 comments In the historical fictional novel Fire From The Rock by Sharon M. Draper, Sylvia Patterson changes from being happy about how her life was to making the hardest decision of her life. Sylvia Patterson is a smart 15-year-old girl who lives in Little Rock, Arkansas during the year of 1957. She is an African American who lives in a white neighborhood. Being one of the 7 black families that live in the neighborhood makes Sylvia nervous. She goes to Sunday Church with her grandmother, and attends Horace Mann High School, where she spends time with her friend Reggie. But when the federal government wants certain students from Horace Mann High School to attend Central High School, Sylvia and other students will be the first African Americans to attend an all white school in history. When Sylvia was just about to make her decision to go to the school, just until white cops come to stop Sylvia to attend the school because they are afraid that if she attends the school she will change discrimination and allow black and white people to be together instead of separated. Before the police came Sylvia says, "I like my school, I feel comfortable there. I know everyone, and we all understand each other. It just feels right. But when I look at Central High School and I see how big and wonderful it is, how much they have and we don't." (59) She chooses that she wants to go to Central even though there are a lot of dangers for her because she is black. This shows that the change Sylvia had made was important because she had to chose if she wants to leave behind everyone she loves or to attend an all white school and will be able to have new opportunities for herself and other afri. This proves that Sylvia will do anything to help herself but more importantly for african americans who doesn't have opportunities to change history. Therefore Sylvia Patterson changes from being happy being happy about how her life was to making the hardest decision of her life.

message 7: by Besa (new)

Besa T | 9 comments In veronica Roth's fiction novel Divergent, the best trait that describes Tris is brave. Tris lives in the abnegation faction which are the selfless people. So then it's the day of when she has to take the test to find out what faction she will be in but then she finds out she's divergent the women who tested her had to change her results to abnegation so no one could find out that she's divergent. Once the time came for her to choose which faction she wanted to go to she chose to be in dauntless to the brave and strong people she thought it was best for her and felt that she belonged to be in dauntless. Her parents weren't very satisfied with her decision. Tris said "tomorrow at the choosing ceremony I will decide on a faction I will decide the rest of my life I will decide to stay with my family or abandon them" (2). This shows that Tris was making a big decision in her life no matter what would happen even if she had to leave her family or even if she stayed in abnegation. This proves that she is brave because rather than just staying in abnegation she is taking a big step in her life and trying something new that she thinks she can do because she believes in herself. Therefore even though this is a hard decision for her she believed what was good for her that's why the trait that best describes her is brave.

message 8: by Brooke (new)

Brooke Christina | 30 comments In P.C and Kristin Cast's fantasy/sci-fi novel, the trait that best describes Aphrodite is outspoken. Aphrodite is a teenage human that use to be a vampire. Everybody is mad at her because she didn't tell anyone about her turning into a human. Zoey is the only one that is on her side and that understands. Even though Aphrodite is human, she is still having visions about things that she shouldn't be having visions about. Aphrodite says "I didn't say I wanted to be your friend!" (13). This shows that she felt like she had to stand up for herself since she's not very used to doing that. This proves that she is outspoken because she felt like Damien needed to know the truth and felt like this is not her fault that she turned into a human , she wanted him to know that. Therefore, the trait that best describes Aphrodite is outspoken.

message 9: by Noah (new)

Noah S | 6 comments In the Fantasy novel The Serpents Shadow by Rick Riordan Carter changed from working and listening to people in charge to becoming a leader. Carter lives in a mansion in Brooklyn with other kids, Sadie his sister, and other kids that train with him with either magic or combat. Carter is now in charge after his uncle Amos left to become the next Chief Lector of the house of life. Carter feels that it's hard to be the leader because you have to be tough and encourage everyone and call all the shots. After Carter and the others cleaned up debris, they flew on Carters Griffen back to home. While Carter was riding on the Griffen in the front his eyes were stung but it wasn't the wind, and he turned so his friends didn't see, he then thought, "Your leadership is doomed. Apophis would say anything to throw us into confusion and make us doubt our cause. Still, his words hit me hard. I didn't like being a leader. I always had to appear confident for the sake of the others, even when I wasn't. I missed having my dad to rely on. I missed my Uncle Amos who'd gone off to Cairo to run the House of Life." (37) Carter didn't want to be a leader and was used to looking up to his father or his uncle, but later on he starts to learn that he has grown up and needs to lead/train the young magicians. When Carter said he "Didn't" want to be a leader it meant he used to not want to be a leader, but now he isn't so upset anymore. This proves Carter changed from looking up to others for answers and help to becoming a leader, Carter now knows he needs to lead his friends and help them save/change the world to be better. Therefore Carter Kane changes from looking up to others for help and answers to being a leader and helping his friends.

message 10: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy Romero | 6 comments In Barry Denenberg's realistic fiction novel, A TRUE PATRIOT, the important change my charter (William Thomas Emerson) experiences is after living with Mr.Heath for two years William runs away and starts living with Mrs.Thompson in her home.The change is living with someone else in a different home.William is a ten year old boy and is living with Mr.Heath because Williams family died in a storm.However,he can't stand living with Mr.Heath because he is a alcoholic and would "beat me till I was black and blue."This shows that William can't live with him any more because he drinks a lot and is abusive.This proves that William can't live with him because rather then taking the beating and being covered in bruises he makes his life better by running away and finding a better place to live.Therefore,because he is unable to have a good life that he desires to ensure a better life,the important change William went through is living in someone else's home.

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Ekram (Dragontamer3000) | 1 comments In the book "The Lighting Theif" the fantasy novel by Rick Riordan, the important change in my charater would be when he found out that he was a son of a god. Percy is a bot who is atleast 14 years old that he figured out that he had powers to control water, because he is THE SON OF A GOD. He was chased by demons to get a thunder thing that he really didn't steal, the person who actully stole it would be percys kind of freind luke who stole the lighting bolt and try to frame percy.
This shows that it was a big change because if he wasnt a son of a god then he would of not have to deal with these obstacles like fighting the 3 monsters with the perals. This shows that percy would have been regular and would have not have faced all of those problems and almost dieing on the way. Therfore, because he was a half-blood he had to face many obstacles.

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Besa T | 9 comments In Ally Condie's realistic fiction novel Matched, cassia has an important conflict in her life because she has to make a big decision with who she's gonna end up being with in the future. She thinks it could be her best friend Xander that she will spend the rest of her life with because she knows everything about him and she then she starts to wonder who her match will really be Xander or ky. Cassia responds that her and Xander would be a good match but doesn't know if they will end up together. Cassia thinks that "once you want something everything changes". This shows that she has a really big decision to make with who she's gonna end up with in the future and it's a conflict that she has to face and a hard one because she doesn't know what she wants for herself she just thinks what might happen for her in life. This proves that cassia if facing a conflict in her life because she's scared if what might happen and how she's gonna end up either if she's gonna be with ky the boy she has been seeing or her best friend Xander that she has known for a really long time. Therefore, because this is a hard decision for her to make and doesn't know how her future will be like rather than, just thinking about how her future is gonna be like she is also focusing on her life and her job and her family or maybe even What her family thinks is best for her to do. And this also shows how she has an important conflict that she has to face.

message 13: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy Romero | 6 comments Sharon Creech's novel, Chasing Redbird tells the story of Zinny (Zinnia) Taylor and the truth about the overgrown trail that runs through the woods behind her house.By writing this chapter Creech wanted to give readers necessary information about Zinny and her family's life.Zinnia is a thirteen year old girl who experiences a lot of death in her life.She lives with her parents and her brothers and sisters on a farm in Bybanks, Kentucky.Her cousin Rose died."She placed Rose inside, and lit a dozen candles on the mantelpiece.Aunt Jessie believed that a newborn baby's first bed should be a dresser draw (pulled out from the dresser, though), and a person's last bed, before her coffin, should be a dresser drawer.This shows that Aunt Jessie believed that you should die where you were born.This proves that by writing this chapter she wanted to give the reader necessary information about Zinny and her families life because this is a big death experience in her life.To give relevant information about the charter she wrote this chapter.Sharon Creech's novel, Chasing Redbird,tells the story of Zinny (Zinnia) Taylor and the truth about the over grown trail that runs through the woods behind her house.

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