The Broken Eye (Lightbringer, #3) The Broken Eye question

voting for the 2014 BOY
infael infael Nov 07, 2014 06:59AM
It was tough to pick one fantasy book. I made my choice by picking the last truly awesome book I had read.

It would be really nice if we could pick 3 books in the opening round, 2 in the next round and 1 for the final!

Beverly (last edited Nov 10, 2014 05:21AM ) Nov 10, 2014 05:12AM   0 votes
There are so many excellent books in the semi-final round. I liked Broken Eye a lot but some things in it let me down and the end was another dark cliffhanger. I am tired of books ending like that. I almost picked Prince of Fools, a fun, fast paced story with a good solid ending that promises more of the same in the next book. I also loved Tower Lord, but there was a lot of drama and no fun at all in it, though the mystery of the magic keeps me intrigued to read the next one.

However, Skin Game by Jim Butcher is a lot of fun, very exciting, and has more promised intriguing "things to come" in the next book that I had to pick Skin Game.

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