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Please use a face claim (I've used this site before, not a picture or drawing, as well as real (not made up) first names (I use this site for names), and there's also one for surnames, if you to the bottom of the home page.

A character must have a name, appearance (photo included), at least a paragraph of personality (remember flaws!), history and a family. Include their clan, age, birthday, gender, sexuality... just the little things that add character.

If you don't have a template, use the one on the template page. Remember to remove the periods/'.'s to make it work. Include everything on it, and you can expand if you feel the need.

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||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217)
↛[Raz Chandler]↚

⊱Birthday:July 12th

⊱Gender: Male

⊱Sexuality: Heterosexual
⊱Crush: None (open)

⊱Clan: Moonstone


Raz is a tall lanky kid. He has brown eyes and side swept, blond hair. He usually just has a blank expression on his face but when he is amused, it's easy to tell. Raz's whole face seems to light up with a grin at these times. Most people would think he is quite innocent at first look, unable to figure that he would do some of the tings that he has done.
Thomas Brodie Sangster

Raz is a sweet and kind young man. He is a bit of an introvert at first meet, but once he's warmed up to you he might be the funniest person you ever met. Raz has always been an overachiever. People usually doubt him because he seems too innocent or soft, but he definitely has a shady side. He has been known to drink a bit more than most people his age do. Call him an alcoholic in the making, but he doesn't care. Raz can also act a like a kleptomaniac at times, but he would never hurt anybody.
Raz is very much into business. He is known to hang around the black markets at times and trade around to see what he can get. It's sort of a habbit of his to have fun making deals and bets. He is very intelligent and logical so he usually makes out with good rewards.

»skilled people
»judgment day

Raz was born on a cool night, on July 12th. He and his parents lives on the outer parts of the Moonstone clan, their tidy apartment overlooking the water port. Raz had a happy life then, good loving parents who cared for him.
But then chaos broke out.
His mother and father were murdered on their way to the Emerald clan. They were going there on 'Classified Business'. It is unknown exactly how they died, because there are so many sword slashes and bite marks and possible causes of death. But Raz has always believed it was the horrid Onyx clan that did it.
He moved in with his Uncle Moe who lived more on the inner city. He and his uncle grew a tight friendly bond, but life was never the same. Raz started to drink behind Moe's back when he was 16. Along with this, Raz started doing business in the markets and on the streets. He really only picked and traded odd items that people seemed to yearn for. Nothing too interesting. Sometimes he would pickpocket the jerks and pushed their way through the crowded paths of the city. The way Raz saw it they deserved it and besides, he couldn't even stop himself. He still lives with his Uncle Moe to this day, going about life with small strokes of risky behaviors.

⊱Family ɞ
Mom: Alli Chandler (deceased)
Dad: Evan Chandler (deceased)
Uncle: Moe Westerly

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||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217)
↛[Andrew Hale Cindra]↚

⊱Age: 24
⊱Birthday February 3rd

⊱Gender Male

⊱Sexuality Heterosexual
⊱Crush none (open)

⊱Clan Emerald


Ki Hong Lee

Andrew is just about the most big mouthed, sarcastic person in Agoroth. He is stubborn and hard willed, and knows how to drop a proper f-bomb on those who need to go boom. Andrew is also very manipulative, and can use his strength and cold manner against people. Despite this though, deep down inside he's really just scared and depressed. Andrew never talks about his feelings, and if he can actually even say one sentence about what he really feels, it means he trusts you. Don't make him regret trusting you. Cause' seriously, he will beat you down, then after you're dead he'll resurrect you and beat you down a second time. Despite this though, Andrew is actually a pretty cool guy to hang out with. He's super fun and pretty good at giving advice. But don't expect anything sugar coated from him. And secrets are his worst enemies, so don't you dare hold anything from him.

»loud thunder

Andrew knew the tension between all the clans. His dad had told him of the war that had happened in a time before him. Frankly, the history of it all astonished him. His mom, dad and older brother Matthew decided to join the Onyx clan. He was only 16 at the time, but he disagreed with them on this. Matt tried to beat some sense into Andrew (he always beat up his brother, sometimes leaving broken bones and blood), but that didn't work for once. He knew that his family was wrong, and he didn't want them to go getting into trouble with those wretched Onyx's.
One morning he woke up in their cottage, and they were gone. All that was left beside some food and all of Andrews stuff was a note.
It read: My dearest son, we're all sorry for it to come down to this, but we have to join the Onyx. That means we leave with or without you. Agoroth is growing weak, and the other clan is right. It is time for action. I wish you good health and shelter from the dangers of life.

Andrew has lived alone in the Emerald clan since then, having turned a bit bitter. He always tries to travel out, see if perhaps he can find his family again. Even though they were the ones who betrayed him. They left him. But he still looks.

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katie (kaaaaaaaaatie) | 90 comments Mod
Raz Chandler || APPROVED

Andrew Hale Cindra || APPROVED

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↛[Arvid Thane Crassus]↚

⊱Age: 23
⊱Birthday April 24th

⊱Gender Male

⊱Sexuality Bisexual
⊱Crush None [As of yet]

⊱Clan Greenstone


Arvid has tan skin from working outside, and callused hands from pullings weeds. He has long legs, as does his family. He has a muscular build from working outside most of his life. He normally wears a simple leather jerkin with jeans, or perhaps a doublet if he is feeling extra fancy. When it gets cold, he normally wears a fur-lined coat he got from another town.

⊱Faceclaim Jensen Ackles

Arvid is a truthful person. He will tell you the truth, no matter how hard it is to grasp, or how much it may hurt you. He is awfully suspicious of anyone or anything. Arvid considers himself to be crafty with his hands, making fires, prepping food, and sometimes even setting up small shelters. When he gets to know you better, he can be friendly, and most loyal. Arvid prefers not to confront his fears rather than facing them, and doesn't mind being called a coward if he needn't want confront them. They were his fears after all, and you couldn't change his mind on the matter. Arvid was always too stubborn for his own good. He will haggle a shopkeeper until they give in. This is obviously more helpful to the people on his side of the bargain. He likes to be friendly to any animal and/or wildlife and insist 'It has feelings.' He may or may not be right, but thinks himself correct nonetheless.

»The sea
»House Fires

Arvid grew up learning the ropes of farming and general survival. Growing up he sadly had no siblings, as the second child his mother had birthed was stillborn. Of course this was only one of many unfortunate events to come to shape Arivd into the person he is now. His hut, or family's hut had burned down when he was only a clumsy little boy, and they had lived in a tent until it was finished. Luckily he and his parents were not harmed in the incident. He was forced to help out with many tedious tasks around the house after this, farming and crafting, mostly. Every two months he and his father would go into town to sell their crops and crafts. He lives in a small extension to the hunt now, next to his parent's room and the seperate (for obvious reasons) kitchen.

⊱Family ɞ
»Annabeth Crassus, 43, Mother
»Richard Crassus, 45, Father
»Janice Crassus, 0, {Deceased} Sister

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katie (kaaaaaaaaatie) | 90 comments Mod
Arvid Thane Crassus || APPROVED

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↛[Halcyon "Hal" Jones ]↚

⊱Age: 21
⊱Birthday: May 21st

⊱Gender: Male

⊱Sexuality: Heterosexual
⊱Crush: Keeping his options open

⊱Clan: Emerald


⊱Faceclaim Drew Roy

Hal is a man who's prepared for any outcome within any scenario, just due to the sheer amount of thoughts that pass through his consciousness. As a result, he speaks far less than what he thinks he could have said. In a nearly constant state of meditation, Hal can regulate his powers in a precocious manner. Despite all of this, Hal desperately desires to discover someone that can surprise him and truly form a connection with.

» Being stuck within a situation
» Losing his ability to compartmentalize his thoughts
» Death -but not death itself- making no impact on the world

Halcyon was raised as the son of a high-ranking official within the emerald clan. In his father's footsteps, he learned all that he needed to become successful as a negotiator on behalf of the clan. When Hal was 15, his mother became ill with a terminal disease. Hal tried desperately to keep her alive as his father was too buried within his work to pay any attention to it. After her death, Hal has not spoken to his father and turned into a different man.

Hal went from an dominant over-achiever temperament to a monastic lifestyle. He went from being a strong orator into an adherent to an oath for 5 years inside of a monastery. After his servitude to the study of the way of the Emerald clan ended, Hal reentered to the world he had left behind with a different paradigm. Halcyon now is no longer bound to silent, but it is rare for him to speak.

»Serina Jones, 42, {Deceased} Mother
»Miguel Jones, 45, {Astranged} Father

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katie (kaaaaaaaaatie) | 90 comments Mod
Halcyon "Hal" Jones || APPROVED

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) ↛[Axel Rubin Gattez]↚

⊱Age: 19
⊱Birthday January 14th

⊱Gender Male

⊱Sexuality heterosexual
⊱Crush none (he's definitely looking)

⊱Clan Ruby


Devon Bostick

Axel is what most would call a top notch actor.
He is very good at getting people (especially the ladies) to think he is a macho tough guy. But when it comes down to it, he's a bit of a coward. Axel is however very skilled with art, it being a secret passion of his. But he is scared that the Ruby clan will look down on him for taking art instead of combat.
Axel is a total flirt, anytime there's a girl around he's sure to interact with them. Even though he hasn't been in an actual relationship with anyone, he knows how to treat a girl right.
Axel is a good guy over all, he wouldn't want to hurt anybody's feelings or anything. He would be a good choice in a friend. Just make sure you pull him out of any risky bets. Those types of deals don't always go well.

»His father

Axel was actually born into the Moonstone clan, his mother and father caught off guard. When they had the baby, his father Lawrence was furious. He didn't feel that it was fair for him to have to deal with a child, not right after he'd just gotten married.
Axel's mother Tess thought otherwise. She saw the infant as a gift, as she had always wanted a child to call her own.
The two new parents moved into the Ruby clan, with money growing tight from living in the city. Lawrence got a job as a guard there, his wife staying as a housewife.

Axel grew up fearing his father. He felt that one day Lawrence would swoop down and kill him. His father had actually threatened to do so once. This is one of the reasons why Axel is closer to his mother.
As Axel grew older he started to run around his village flirting with all the pretty girls and talking smack about the bullies that ran right behind him. Sometimes he'd get caught in his act, and it usually resulted in getting beaten up.

Axel's sister Nora was born when he was 9. She was adorable, and frankly much quieter than he had been as a baby. He felt very protective over her from the moment he laid eyes on her. Axel promised himself he would make sure that Nora was as happy and safe as she could be.
When Nora was old enough, about three years old, he taught her how to draw. He had always loved to sketch and color, so he decided it was best to show his little sister too. She picked it up right away.

Axel still lives with his parents, though he hopes to get his own place one day soon.

⊱Family ɞ
~Lawrence Gattez/Father/Alive
~Tessa Gattez/Mother/Alive
~Nora Gattez/Younger Sister/Alive
(It'd be cool if anyone made these people, since I can picture them with interesting backgrounds and stuff)

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katie (kaaaaaaaaatie) | 90 comments Mod
Axel Rubin Gattez || APPROVED

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katie (kaaaaaaaaatie) | 90 comments Mod
Hunter Falland || APPROVED

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↛Julian Ridge↚

⊱Age: 18
⊱Birthday: 31st December











Cody Christian


Julian is a very kind boy who hates fighting with anyone. He always wants everyone to be happy with each other, not angry, upset or disgusted. He is a pacifist, not able to hurt even a fly. He would rather it flew around and annoyed everyone, then kill it. However, he can get very stressed over little things, which affects his mood, making him more grumpy and touchy. Still, he wants to be a doctor when he's older (even though it is a taxing job) because he loves caring for people and helping them get better. He would always use his powers to help anyone good, no matter how much it hurts him. He still believes that he should do everything to help others, never mind himself.


» Loneliness


Julian is an only child, with loving, caring parents. They owned a street store, selling beautiful jewellery, such as necklaces, rings, bracelets and more. They made enough to give Julian a good life, which he was very grateful of. His parents didn't use their powers very often, unless anyone was really hurt, because it was specifically taxing on them for some reason. Luckily for Julian, he was passed on this problem, but it was still painful for him to heal people, just not like it was extra painful for his parents.

Julian first used his power by accident when he was nine years old, to fix a little toddlers knee, since they had fallen over and scraped it. Julian didn't know how he had done it, but seeing the little girl's brightened face and dried tears erupted his passion to become a doctor. He told his parents how he had healed the girl and they were proud of him for helping someone else, but also fearful for his health, in case he accidentally healed someone who had a much worse injury than a scraped knee. As a result of this, his parents kept a closer eye on him and stopped him going near ill people until he was about fourteen. Before that, they had been teaching him to control his powers. By the time he was fourteen, he knew when and when not to heal people, so his parent's became less protective.

Julian has never had a girlfriend or a crush really, since he likes everyone so much. He is yet to meet that special person who can help him and make him feel as good as he tries to make everyone else feel.


Mother: Kate Ridge ~ 40
Father: John Ridge ~ 42

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Julian Ridge || APPROVED

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Giles Aleberic Dykstra || APPROVED

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