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Please use a face claim (I've used this site before, not a picture or drawing, as well as real (not made up) first names (I use this site for names), and there's also one for surnames, if you to the bottom of the home page.

A character must have a name, appearance (photo included), at least a paragraph of personality (remember flaws!), history and a family. Include their clan, age, birthday, gender, sexuality... just the little things that add character.

If you don't have a template, use the one on the template page. Remember to remove the periods/'.'s to make it work. Include everything on it, and you can expand if you feel the need.

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||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) ↛[Collette Valentine Winters]↚

⊱Age: 28
⊱Birthday November 19th

⊱Gender Female

⊱Sexuality bisexual(secretly)
⊱Crush None, though she does sometimes observe her students with a touch of interest.

⊱Clan Amethyst


⊱Faceclaim Elizabeth Banks

Collette is an extremely intelligent and wise woman. She is brave, and determined on her cause to destroy the ignorance of others. She can act a little proud at times, but it is only because she doesn't to be treated badly. Collette has always felt the need to hide her secret. And that secret is the affection she has toward men, and women. She loves to dress nice and fancy, glitter is her best friend. Call her a girly girl with caked on makeup and pearls, but Collette knows what she is and isn't. She is a genius, not a fool. That is the only thing she is sure about when it comes to herself.

»the unknown

Collette was born and raised in the Amethyst clan. She had two loving parents, a sister to call her own and a brother who was already old enough to live on his own. Collette's family was more of high class. They had a nice big house, the finest education in Agoroth and more money than they needed. Her and her sister were the best of friends, they could talk to each other about anything. It was here that Collette started to grow an affection for girls as well as boys. Her parents must have noticed, because they started making Collette and Juila spend less time together. But the "damage" was already done. Collette was sure to never tell anyone else again.
As she grew up, people in the city started to recognize her for her wisdom and smarts.
They gave her a teaching job at a well known school in the inner city. She works there still, observing her students and defeating ignorance and the unknown.

⊱Family ɞ
Mom: Taylor Winters
Dad: Harold Winters
Sister: Julia Winters (anyone can make her)
Brother: Robert Winters

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Collette Valentine Winters || APPROVED

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Carme Iria Rocha || APPROVED

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) [ ¤ BASICS ¤ ]
[ҩ Quinn "Q" Grace Inola ҩ ]
ɞ First name ɞ Means "chief" in Irish Gaelic || Irish
ɞ Second name ɞ From the English word grace, which ultimately derives from Latin gratia. This was one of the virtue names created in the 17th century by the Puritans || English
ɞ Last name ɞ Family name, no meaning applicable || Family name

ø Age ø 17
ɞ Birthday ɞ 6th of December

ø Gender ø Female

ø Clan ø Greenstone


Quinn has brown hair that reaches down to back. When doing work or fighting if she has to, she ties it back so it is not in her face, but most of the time her hair is let loose. An average height for her age, Quinn isn't much taller than most people, and is skinny due to exercise and good eating habits. Her eyes are a piercing grey, and they suit her features well. In a crowd, she would probably stick out in quite a positive way. To most people, Quinn is a very pretty and charming young girl.

ø Image ø


ø Personality ø
Quinn always tries to speak her mind, and she is usually calm and collected in her open ways. She likes having a say in everything and most of the time cannot be kept quiet. She is strongly opinionated about most things, and doesn't often change her mind. When speaking to people, she keeps it shot and simple, never sugar-coating anything and staying blunt. Even though she has nothing against anyone and she is quite friendly, Quinn likes to spend long periods of time alone in the fields.
Most people find Quinn to be a cute and fun-loving girl, and she is mostly liked be everyone. Some people however find her to have quite a big mouth and they envy her confidence.

ɞ Sexuality ɞ Heterosexual
ɞ Crush ɞ none really

ɞ Likes ɞ
» being alone
» animals
» fruits and vegetables
» reading

ɞ Dislikes ɞ
» being ignored
» pollution
» fighting and conflict
» the color red

ɞ Strengths ɞ
» public speaking
» being optimistic
» plant growing
» interrogations

ɞ Weaknesses ɞ
» fighting (though she will do it in defense)
» lying
» keeping quiet
» stepping back from situations

ɞ Fears ɞ
» an all out civil war
» the dark
» losing people or other creatures who are close to her


ɞ History ɞ
Quinn's parents were voted in as representatives a few years before she was born. They are a well known family in the clan because of this.
Whenever there is a meeting, she is always there with them. Quinn has always been viewed as the "important child", as her father wants her to take his place in one of the representative seats when she is older. Quinn sometimes gets bullied by kids who envy her and her valued position. They call her weak and anti-work, but really all Quinn does is work.

Quinn goes out into the forest each and everyday to get away from everyone, and, because of this, Quinn knows her way around the huge forests and fields, and can navigate her way through with her eyes closed. But despite her efforts, Quinn always must come back from her sanctuary of wildlife.

Quinn concerns herself with the threat that the Onyx present and she expresses her thoughts during the clan meetings often. She doesn't want conflict, but the way she sees it is the other clans are egging it on. Quinn has always felt an indifference towards the other clans, even though they are allies. She fears that they will turn on her clan and that Greenstone will be taken down first.

ɞ Family ɞ
Father: Jacob Christophe Inola
Mother: Annabelle Patricia Inola
Younger Brother: Sam Julius Inola

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Quinn "Q" Grace Inola || APPROVED

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katie (kaaaaaaaaatie) | 90 comments Mod
Astrid Valkalund || APPROVED

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katie (kaaaaaaaaatie) | 90 comments Mod
Sibylla Aurea Fontana || APPROVED

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Fυℓℓ Nαмє╣ Luna Felicity Clements
Nιcᴋηαмє/Aℓιαѕ : None
Mєαηιηɢѕ αη∂ ρяσηυηcιαᴛισηѕ :
[LOO-nuh]-Italian, Latin-“moon”
[Fell-ISS-sit-ee]-English, Latin-“happiness”
[Clem-ents]-Old English, Latin-“merciful”

Agє╣ 17
Dαᴛє σƒ Bιяᴛн : 8th of June
Tιмє σƒ Bιяᴛн : 12.00 am
Pℓαcє σƒ Bιяᴛн : Moonstone Clan, Agoroth

Agσяσтн Cℓαη╣ Moonstone
Cℓαη Aвιℓιᴛу : Precognition [Users have the ability to foresee possible futures and observe what may happen]

Hαιя : Curly, brown-blonde waves reaching past her chest
Eуєѕ : Wide and milky silver
Sᴋιη : Smooth and slightly pale
Wєιgнᴛ : 55 kg (121 lbs.)
Hєιgнᴛ : 174 cm (5’8)
Fαcє Cℓαιм : Jasmine van den Bogaerde [Birdy]

• anxious (view spoiler)
• imaginative (view spoiler)
• indignant (view spoiler)
• quirky (view spoiler)
• optimistic (view spoiler)
Lιᴋєѕ : sketching • music • winter • storms
Dιѕℓιᴋєѕ : poverty • Onyx • neglect • mess
Sᴛяєηgᴛнѕ : optimism • lying • making quick decisions • sketching
Wєαᴋηєѕѕєѕ : panic attacks • being alone • trusts others too easily • controlling emotions

Hιѕтσяу╣ Luna was born at exactly midnight in an old, two-storey shack close to the port. She grew up there, living with her parents, Estelle and Sterling, and her sister Ariel. Life, despite the poverty, was cheery, and Luna made the best of it in her young years. Her father worked on the docks, loading the ships that came in with all types of cargo, while her mother was a fisherwomen, spending half the day out in fishing boats reeling in catches for the markets.

Luna and Ariel spent most of their time running through the port and the black market like two grubby street-urchins. They loved the ocean, and would spend lots of time swimming as well as running. At a young age Luna knew how to strike a bargin, and learned from other-stall holders how to cheat someone, but she never did. In fact, it was Ariel who was most skilled in the black market trade. Ariel also liked to pick-pocket and steal, much to Luna's disappointment. She was always scared of her sister getting caught, and was often Ariel's right-hand-man, to warn her of trouble. Luna herself preferred to simply browse, and didn't like spending what little money she earned on useless stuff.

As Luna grew older, her parents' work increased. They had to spend more time at their jobs and less time with their children, forcing the sisters to become more independant every day. Luna took to looking after Ariel, and she was 14 when made the ultimate sacrifice to keep her safe. The pair were caught by authorities after Ariel stole food from a stall, and they were chased through the streets of the port only to be caught on the waters edge. Before the authorities were right upon them, however, Luna grabbed the food from Ariel and, although she was completely terrified, she claimed to have stolen the food, and that Ariel had no part in it.

Luna was thrown into prison with a bunch of other street-urchins waiting to be released. She was only kept there for a week, but it was enough to scar her. She tried to stay happy inside, and tried to liven up the spirits of her fellow inmates, but when she was finally released she left with anxiety, after having frequent panic attacks during the week.

Ariel was terribly sorry but, even thought Luna tried to forgive her, she held a strong grudge and wouldn't talk to her sister for weeks. When Luna was still 14, she and her family recieved grave news from a dock-worker; Luna's father had been dragging a heavy piece of cargo up a gangplank when he slipped and fell into the water below along with the cargo. It had fallen on top of him, crushed and drowned him. Although Luna hardly saw her father, she was heartbroken. She felt anxious around ships and sort of around the sea from then on. Her mother, meanwhile, was crushed but this time emotionally. She no longer worked and slaved away at home; it was only up to Luna and Ariel to make money. Ariel found work in the black market, while Luna ran errands for others as well as sending messages to and from others.
Fαмιℓу :
Estelle Clements [mother-48-alive]
Sterling Clements [father-49-deceased]
Ariel Clements [sister-13-alive]
Sєxυαℓιᴛу: Heterosexual
Cяυѕн : None
Rєℓαᴛισηѕнιρ Sᴛαᴛυѕ: Single, mildly interested

Oᴛнєя╣ She always wears her father's bracelet, which her mother gave to her:

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katie (kaaaaaaaaatie) | 90 comments Mod
Luna Felicity Clements || APPROVED

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↛[Trinity Jade Clark]↚

⊱Age: 27
⊱Birthday: May 17th

⊱Gender: Female

⊱Sexuality: Asexual.
⊱Crush: None as of yet.

⊱Clan: Amethyst


Trinity usually has her eyes closed, as it is such a bother to keep them open for a long time, as she does not use her eye muscles very much, seeing that she is blind. Trinity has long, black, curly hair that is just about past shoulder-length. Trinity isn't exactly muscular but not exactly skinny either. A little meat on her bones, yes, but not overweight. As for her height, well, she is average for her age, about 5"6. Trinity has thin lips, and a protruding chin. Her teeth are slightly yellow. As for her attire, she normally wears a simple top and some jeans, or her hooded cloak, which she adores. It doesn't matter what color, and she doesn't really care because she can't see it. Sometimes this will make her look a little missmatched. Of course, she always carries her cane with her. Which also doubles as a sword. She considers it to be quite adequate, but a bit too fancy for her liking. And secretly admires it, because cane swords are awesome, in her opinion, anyways.(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
⊱Faceclaim Kenya Moore

Trinity is a no-nonsense person. If you insult her, or disrespect her in some way, she's most likely going to leave or whack you with her cane. Seeing as she grew up in the city, she isn't exactly defenseless either. Her senses are high-tuned, well except her sight, so she can sense an attacker coming, and will not hesitate to bonk them on their noggin with her cane. Or, if the threat big enough, stab them with her cane sword. A little extreme, but yes, she probably would. She's a little more than crazy. Trinity doesn't care much for fancy things, and is quite practical with what she has. Trinity will probably run at first sight of work. She's a bit of lazy-ass, see. She'd prefer not to get her hands dirty, but she will if need to be. Trinity is a good friend, in that sense. Of course she will complain for about half the duration, but she will do it all the same. She gets in bad moods sometimes, and you'll probably want to stay away from her during them, as she does get quite irritable, and slightly murderous. Only slightly, though.

As a young girl, Trinity was pretty cheerful. She had a normal, happy life in the city. A little bit cramped, but happy all the same. Her father was often gone at work, but her mother was often home, repairing clothing, cooking, basically taking care of the family, and then some. Trinity's relationship was healthy, but she held a little bit of disregard towards her dad, since he was away a lot. Okay, maybe not exactly the happiest life. When she was only about 10, her father had taken ill with a sickness. He soon died thereafter. Trinity's mother couldn't manage 2 girls, and the bills at the same time, so Trinity and her sister Amelia worked at the local bakery for a while. And then Trinity went blind. It was a bit of a surprise. She wasn't sure what had caused it, and the doctors couldn't tell either. Trinity became depressed and stopped working at the bakery as often. They were barely affording the roof above their heads, and Trinity felt that she was just a burden on them, as she needed more care. She started to slowly detach herself from both friends and family. When she got older, about 19, she moved out. Trinity felt a lot better after this, as she thought that she was no longer a burden to her family. But she got a little more, one could say, wild, being exposed to the world that her mother had tried to shield her from. As of now she normally just roams the streets, looking for an ally in the world full of enemies, as she liked to put it.

Felicia || Mother || Alive ||
Connor || Father || Deceased ||
Amelia || Sibling || Alive ||

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Trinity Jade Clark || APPROVED

Rosaline 'Rose' Harris || APPROVED

░I░Y░A░N░A░-“ᴰᵒʷᶰ ᶤᶳ ᵘᵖ˒ ᵘᵖ ᶤᶳ ᵈᵒʷᶰˑ ᴳᵒᵒᵈ ᶤᶳ ᵂᶤᶜᵏᵉᵈ˒ ᵂᶤᶜᵏᵉᵈ ᶤᶳ ᴳᵒᵒᵈˑ ᵀʰᵉ ᵗᶤᵐᵉᶳ ᵃʳᵉ ᶜʰᵃᶰᵍᶤᶰᵍˑ ᵀʰᶤᶳ ᶤᶳ ʷʰᵃᵗ ᴼᶻ ʰᵃᶳ ᶜᵒᵐᵉ ᵗᵒˑ”⁻ᴰᵒʳᵒᵗʰʸ ᴹᵘᶳᵗ ᴰᶤᵉ (thechoseni) | 7 comments ↛Ajellica Evanska↚
⊱Age: 16
⊱Birthday: august 13

⊱Gender: female

⊱Sexuality: Heterosexual
⊱Crush: None (open)

<.b>⊱Clan:<./b> Moonstone



Ajellica gets her platinum blonde hair and looks from her mother. She looks nothing like her father. Her blue eyes are the only things that she gets from him. She's not fat but not skinny so she's just right. She has really good posture when you look at her but if she's not having a good day, that posture can disappear. Has a habit of move her hair behind her ear when nervous.
⊱Faceclaim:Emilia Clarke

Ajellica keeps to her self a lot. No one could ever figure out what she's thinking. She taught herself how to keep her face neutral even if she has a strong feeling inside. She can be difficult and stubborn if you bother her but, on the other hand, she's really nice if you get to know her.

» Her father ( if he comes back, what will he do.)
>> Heights ( what if you fall?!!!!
Her whole family was really close and they where one of the favourite families until everyone figured out her fathers dark secrets. He was a traitor to the Moonstone clan. He was from the Onyx clan but he came to the Moonstone clan to get information. It was lucky that they didn't tell him anything but, it was still close. ever since he left, Ajellica's family has been hated. No one would talk to her and they would make fun of her. Except for one person.

Father: {alive but unwanted}

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georgiabread | 15 comments Ajellica Evanska || A P P R O V E D

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Wren (wrenlee) ↛[Josiah Wintern]↚

Sixteen years
June 8

Transgender female (Male turned female)

Pansexual (She will date anyone.)


Erika Linder

Josiah is outspoken and brave. She isn’t easily scared by things. She’s brash and a bit rude at times. She’s the first person to jump into the unknown but is reluctant to enter relationships. She is afraid of hurting her heart because of what happened in the past. She is a voracious reader who devours books. She likes learning even if she doesn’t show it. She is cut-off at first until you get to know her better. She opens up slowly, revealing her past. She is vulnerable at her weakest. She hides her fears with sarcasm and lashes out when scared. She is cunning and clever. She is lithe in battle if she has to. She uses dirty tactics to get what she wants. She is protective of Blakely Finn and will do anything to protect him.

»People judging her change into a female
»Losing her family (even if she was disowned)
»Being caught by the police
»The dark
»Losing Blakely
»Being betrayed
»Opening her heart to someone

Josiah was born a male named Rudolph Arlington. He was born into an Emerald household. At an early age, he got urges to put on his mother Marie’s clothing. He wore her dresses and corsets when Rudy his father and Marie his mother were out. He kept his urges hidden. On his tenth birthday, Rudolph/Josiah came out in a dress by accident. His parents Marie and Rudy ousted him, throwing him onto the street for the night. Rudolph/Josiah stumbled about until he found a person to accept him. He spent the day with one Ellingston who kept his last name a secret. Cousin Blakely Finn found the boy with Ellingston in a local library where Ellingston was teaching Rudolph/Josiah his letters. Rudolph/Josiah was wearing a gown Ellingston purchased for him. Blakely tried to convince Rudolph/Josiah to come back, but it ultimately fails. Rudolph/Josiah told Blakely he would return when his family, his brother Davis and mother Marie and father Rudy, accepted him. Until then, Rudolph/Josiah stayed with Ellingston in his apartment near the library. The two hung out, reading books. Each day, Ellingston bought Rudolph/Josiah more dresses and hair accessories until the boy took the name Josiah and became female fully.
Blakely returned once more, telling Josiah of her family’s acceptance. Josiah was doubtful but returned. Her return to the family home was less than celebratory. Blakely had lied to her. Her family didn’t care if she left. Indignant, Josiah left in a huff, Blakely trailing behind. Outraged, Josiah attacked Blakely, deeming him a liar. Blakely tried to defend himself but was hurt. Josiah, shocked by her actions, fled into the depths of the city. Without an apprenticeship or anything, Josiah turned to thievery. She learned the trade. There, she found Ellingston once more. She discovered his true nature as a thief and a conman. She joined him as his partner, and the two plundered the countryside with their knives and cunning.
One night, Ellingston was wounded, and stuck between leaving or helping her friend, Josiah helped him. Ellingston only held her down as he fled. Josiah was taken to trial but escaped with the help of her cousin Blakely who forgave her for her attack. The two stuck together and wandered, lost and confused.
And she still wanders.

Josiah doesn’t contact her family anymore.
Cousin: Blakely Finn (17)
Younger Brother: Davis Arlington (11)
Mother: Marie Arlington
Father: Rudy Arlington

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Josiah Wintern || A P P R O V E D

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