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Possible error or am I confused?

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Sherry First off, my apologies as I'm reading this on my Kindle so I have no idea what page. It is in Chapter 9: Jenna approximately at 32%. I am referring to the paragraph "My mother smiled up at him. "I could have been the one to deck you," she said. For the past ten minutes, I've been sitting on an examination table observing the mating behavior of the Fundamentally Alcoholic, Washed-Up Male and the Oversexed, Overblown Cougar." Prior to this paragraph Jenna was reminiscing about about a past incident between her mother & father which carried on in the first sentence of the above referenced paragraph. The next sentence "For the past..." Jenna is then discussing what what is happening at the present time with Virgil. Is this paragraph the same way in the book or is there more text? I feel as if I am missing something. Thank you!

Michelle In the hardcover book, the two scenes are on pages 126-127, and are divided by three small gray circles - the same device that is used in other places in the book. But no, besides a clear break-point, you are not missing any text or dialogue. My guess is that the implication from Alice to Thomas is that if "I could have been the one to deck you", then it could have been worse than what Maura dealt you! Enjoy

Bobby Karmakar Yup. "My mother smiled up at him." paragraph is the last on page 126 and the circles we see in the print version indicates a scene break. Which means the next page, 127, is a new scene. I finished the book the other day. Happy reading! :)

Jill wow, Im glad I listened to the audio and trust me it too was still a bit confusing, I had to go back and listen over a few times in this book!

Michelle Oh yes, audiobooks can sometimes be a little confusing - scene breaks, which character is speaking, even words or phrases that you just can't make out (even after you rewind five times!!). I've started checking out the print book along with the audiobook from the library, so I can clear up anything I can't figure out. On the plus side, I think that a good narrator can make a book more enjoyable, they have the perfect accent and pronunciation, and I go at a faster pace than if I'm reading alone.

Bobby Karmakar On audio books, I haven't listened to many in school and any on my own. But if I remember well, maybe in high school, there was this sound that used to play to indicate a scene break at the least. I would otherwise follow along with the written text in hand too. I think scene breaks need to be clear in audio books. I don't know if a sound or a blank pause would either work. The blank pause would have me thinking maybe there's a damage in the file itself which would be scary for a moment. Or the narrator could say "Chapter one, scene one or part one" and so on.

Kathy Loved this book and did listen on audio while driving - the readers were great! I only missed a little bit while driving as a great blue heron crossed over in front of my car and I had to just about come to a stop on the parkway so I wouldn't hit him/her!

Michelle Herons and elephants - it's like you were in the Kalahari! :)

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