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would you do it.?

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Alex ight now im reading the last hunger games book Mocking jay and what its about how katniss and half of her dstict have to go the secret district 13 which people tough were destroyed. the reason they have to go there because her district was destroyed because what she did in the last hunger games witch was her destroying the force filed. so they everything is different they live underground and all there lives have changed. they want to take down president snow for good so to do that they need a leader so katniss agrees to be there mockingjay and she is their symbol of hope if this was me i would take this responsibility to led them to victory no matter what the coast my question for you is would you be their mockingjay the symbol for hope? or would you be afraid to take on this role?

Susie Barnes I'd agree to takeon this role but I'd be scared as hell. I'm also not quite as talented as she is but I'm probably as scrappy.

AgCl nah, i'm not very good at handling lots of attention, i prefer to be someone like Haymitch strategizing in the background.

Ilana i think that's a really loaded question. i feel like being outside of the situation, it's easy to say no - since you're talking about someone who's just a teenager and who doesn't have the experience and knowledge to understand why things are as they are. i mean, for ever everyone though that the government was doing things for one reason and it turns out to be for another. there are hidden secrets - so that leads to the fear.

i think that for myself though, i'm always hopeful and always looking to fight for something better. i think that if i knew that i had people to support me and back me up, i'd certainly lean towards being a voice for people to hold onto. i think that given the nature of the story - the masses wanted someone like them to be the voice, not someone who grew up in the capital and lived a life of luxury. they wanted someone who was young and who was able to really make a change for them since they knew what their lives were. i feel like that's how i am - personally. i'm not from a place that's above anyone. i'm very middle class - middle ground and i think that would give me a good foundation to be a leader.

Nikita I really don't know. If I was in that situation I would want to help but would be beyond scared that anything I do would come back to hurt others.

Izzy I would be afraid, but also I would take on the role. I mean they need something to hold onto and if the Mockingjay is that something and I'm supposed to be the Mockingjay then I would certainly do it.

Chloe Armstrong That question is deep. It's not a split-second decision hastily made. When we commit we don't always follow through, but in this case there no backing out. So yes. I would be the Mockingjay, the peoples symbol of hope. Because even though we are just pieces in the game, each piece has a role to play and if I had to take on the role of the Mockingjay, I would. Not for the rebels but for the chance to take down evil. For me.

Izzy Wow...

Chloe Armstrong Hungergames19 wrote: "Wow..."

Haha what do you mean Wow...

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