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dany (elothwen) RONNIE'S CHARACTER

Name: Annex
Aliases: Nexus

Age: 18
Date of Birth: 29th of Mid Year, 4E 183

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Affiliation: Imperial Legion
Rank: Footsoldier

Race: Khajiit
Abilities/Powers: Stealth; Claws; Night-Vision

Description: Her fur is that of a snow leopard, and she has red eyes. Her ears are especially pointy.

Personality: Annex is very loyal and disciplined, but her priorities still stand; if something is wrong, she will not do it. Annex takes most things extremely seriously, but in a conflict situation, she manages to keep her cool.
Likes and Strengths: likes listening to stories; good with blades
Dislikes and Weaknesses: bad with bows; hates complaining; vulnerable to magic

History: Annex was born and raised in Elsweyr and grew up poor and defenseless; her life was surprisingly boring, however. She came to Skyrim looking for a job but instead was attacked by thugs near the border. Before they could do anything an Imperial patrol came down that road and saved her, so she decided to join their cause and fight against the Stormcloaks.
Place of Birth: Elsweyr
Relationships: None

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