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The dungeons are located in the south wing. The top level, often containing debtors, is on the ground level. All the other levels are located well beneath the castle, and the further the depth of the cell, the worse the crime of the prisoner.

Not much food is given to prisoners, and that which is given is often moldy. Disease and plague are problems in the dungeons. Rats are common.


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Asha Bellatrix, a minor lady but full-fledged member of the Ten, strode down into the dungeon after hearing word that one of her fellows had been capture. Walking in and finding the cell, she could not say that she was entirely astonished that it was sage who had been captured. She was a little a surprised that it wasn't Tenshi. He was one of the more volatile and less subtle of the Ten. She was a little irritated that Calbreed was here. She had just made arrangements to get Eliza, whom she planned to be their newest member, out. Though her knowledge and magical skill was severely limited, she knew enough through Moira that she was able to sense the spell that had been placed on Sage. She shooed the guards away by telling them that she had something from the eldest princess. "Sage," she said coolly.

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