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Here you can say if you're character needs approving and the mods will have a look and the mods will tell you what you need to fix on your character sheet.

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Night Pack

Night: More info and don't use the name Night

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Dawn Pack

Sunny: waiting for approval

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Clover Pack

Holly: Please use the correct format

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Flame Pack

Aura: Please use the correct format

Tiger Lily: Under construction

Pebble: Waiting for approval

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Sky Pack

Holly: please use the correct format

Unnamed Wolf: under construction

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Lone Wolf/Rogues

Cipher: Under Construction

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rose — omigod, can u let me do what i need to do? Wolf Name Hurricane

Name: Hurricane
Age: 36 moons (1 moon=1 month)
Gender: Female

Pack: Sky Pack
Pack Rank: Alpha Female (If that's token, Beta Female)

Seeing from His/Her POV: Hurricane curled up in her nest next to Flame. She sighed. Would the pups survive the harsh weather?


Type of Wolf: Arctic Wolf
Eye Color:
Fur Color: White, with a light grey design.

Personality: Hurricane is very smart and crafty. Whenever Sky Pack goes to fight, she makes up the battle plan, and they ALWAYS win. Hurricane is also kind and caring to the other wolves.
Strengths Swimming
Being with Flame
Weakness Blood
History: Hurricane was treated with love and care. She felt bad for the lower ranked wolves, because they starved. She usually saved some food for them. Everyone respected her, because she was the alphas' daughter. Her father taught her battle tactics and how to attack, while her mother taught her how to wield her powers and hunt.

Family: Mother-> Autumn
Father-> Lightning

Mate/Crush: Flame (Open for creation)

Pups: Blizzard


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