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made it

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I go by Coco, could you put Coco instead?

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Thanx, what's the topic?

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I don't know,

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In my request, I asked for an already made topic.

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oh yeah, hold up

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Is that you in your profile picture...

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bestfriends go on a vacation and on the vacation they hook up but what happens when some one interfers with there relationship and one becomes pregnant?

Guy and girl are bestfriends, but girl starts cutting herself and goes into a coma and soon girl wake sup and the guy is getting married and its her job to break them up.

Girl goes to paris and meets a guy, they hate each other at first, then she goes back home and finds out that he lives next to her, and they soon fall in love

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{$t0|€n~Ki$$} wrote: "Is that you in your profile picture..."

And the first one...

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k charries

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Name: Lindsey

Age: 17


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Name: Jaylen (nickname: Jay, j)

age: 18


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Do you want to start off...I'm not a good starter.

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okay how many sentences/ lines

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It doesn't matter, just as long as you have good grammar and ll that and your not lazy ^_^ lol

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Jaylen was at the airport waiting for his best friend Lindsey. She always took long because she had to look pretty. He took out his phone and texted her "where are you" he waited for her to reply. he had his suitcase and made sure he had his phone charger. his friends had helped him pack and his mom had sent some snacks for him and Lindsey, on the go. He got on instagram and posted a picture and put the hash tag #ready for the summer# he smiles and looked around to see if his sexy friend made it.

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Lindsey was in such a rush. She slept in and got ready quick, but couldn't decide what to wear. Good thing she packed last night! She was in her car and just arrived at the airport. She got a text from Jay. She texts him back...."I'll be their in a few." She ran in the airport and did everything she needed. She stopped and got a Starbucks just to get him mad, inside jokes. She looked around scanning the crowd for her one and only Jay.

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Jay saw her and waved her over. When he saw her coffee, he says" really Lindsey" he smiles at her and hugs her" so good to see you" he hears them call his plane number and grabs her suitcase and his and rolls down to security where they get checked and then heads to the plane. He looked at her and says" so, what took you so long this morning" he had known her since pre-k when she walked up to him and slapped him for calling her pretty. he had always remembered that, probably because it hurt.

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"Oh, you know.....had to look pretty!" Lindsey said. She smiled at Jay. "Thanks for taking my suitcase by the way." Lindsey was nervous about the trip. It was her first trip around the world and she didn't know what to expect. She boarded the plane, sitting next to Jay.

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Jay knew she wanted the first flight so he got first class seat. he says" well, you are adorable" and pinches her check. When he sat down the waiters brought wine and champagne. Jay takes a red wine and asks Lindsey" what are you getting to drink?" he couldn't stop starring at her for some reason she was even more sexier than normal.

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"Oh stop, Jay." Lindsey said smirking, in response of him pinching her cheeks. She sits down when a waiter came by. "No thanks, I've got coffee." Lindsey was definitely not a morning person. She would have 4 cups of coffee before she got totally awake on normal days. She glanced over and seen Jay staring at her. "What?" She asked and bit her lip.

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" nothing, your just very ugly today" he says in a joking matter. He smiled at her and drank his wine and started to draw. he couldn't draw but Lindsey said he can. He gave her a drawing he had made of her when she was listening to music. he asks" do you like it" he knew he probably didn't.

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"Uh thanks, Jay!" Lindsey says at his first comment and elbows him in the side. He showed her a picture. "I love it! Let me guess, it's me? This is absolutely amazing!" She smiled and said, "oh and by the way, I don't look that good." She finishes and gives him a quick peck on the cheek.

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Jay says" your adorable, and it didn't take me long to draw that picture, I messed it up" He looked at it and cocked his eyebrow. He looked at his phone and saw his mom texted him so he texted her back and pulled his head phones over his ears and listened to himself singing.

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Lindsey had nothing to do, so she decided to listen to music as well. Music was her life.

((Time Jump, Paris?))

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((gtg, but you can reply and I will reply tomorrow ))

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((It's k, I'll wait, bye! :* lol hehe))

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Lindsey got her luggage out from over her head and woke up Jay from his sleep. "Its time to go..." She said in a sweet voice. She pulled her earbuds out of her ears and stuffed them in her bag. Lindsey looked out the window and seen the pretty night lights of Paris, France. She had always dreamed of coming here.

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Jay awoken when she touched him and had put his things in his bag. He pulled both bags down and grabbed them and headed off the plane. He couldn't wait to go to the lake behind the cabin. He always loved to swim, he had started when he was 4 and he liked it. He looked at her and says "We are finally here my love"

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"Your love?" She whispered. She had never thought of dating her best friend. She knew Jay was only kidding though, as for he calls her love all the time. Lindsey ws over excited. She wanted to see what Paris looked like. She wondered if Jay had plans.

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Jay says" so want to go to the cabin first, its getting dark." He looked at her, when he smiles his left dimple always appeared and his British accent always made the girls go crazy over him. He saw one girl staring at him and just to mess with her he winked at her and smiled.

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Lindsey shook her head as a yes and seen what Jay was doing, "Uhh, what do you think your doing..." She smiled and jabbed him in the side. She knew that he was only kidding with the girls but it made her kinda jealous.

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Jay says" just messing with the ladies, you know my accent gets all the girls' he smiled at her and grabbed her hand. He walks to the cabin with his hand in hers. When he gets there he walks into there cabin.

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Jays touch made her get butterflies in her stomach. She tighted her hands grib on his when they walked in the cabin, in which she seen who beautiful it was. "Jay..." She started. "Have you ever thought of us as more than friends?" She asked out of curiosity.

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Jay barely heard her, but he only heard friends. He says" of course" He looked at the cabin and says" my uncle says this cabin has 5 rooms. He smiled at her, and sat on the couch. He couldn't wait to go swimming that's all he wanted to do.

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Lindsey looked at him when he said 'of coarse'. Did he really think so, she thought. She walked around and explored the cabin. She looked at rooms, the kitchen, and outside.mit was so beautiful. She went back in the kitchen and cooked some dinner because she was starving and it was late.

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jat says" after dinner lets go swimming" he was behind her and his arms were on her waist he smiles and kissed her cheek.

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Lindsey was surprised by the kiss but kissed him back. She laughed, "Isn't it a little to late to go swimming?" She locked eyes with him and smiled.

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Jay says' its never to late for me" she of course should have know he loved swimming, he would live in the water if he could. He looked at her and says": food smells good, or is it just you" he smiled and sat down.

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She thought for a second. "I'll go swimming with you after dinner, ok?" And she listened to what he was saying. "No, it's just me. " She laughed. Dinner was done so she played it and set it in the table where Jay was sitting. She sat cross from him enjoying their meal.

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He eats, and says" this is delicious, lind" he looked at her and drank some water and ate some more food, till he was finished. He put his plate in the sink and cleans it and puts it up and cleans the rest of the dishes, then lets his food settle before he heads to go swimming.

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Lindsey finishes her dinner and cleans her plate. She heads to the room she put her luggage in and gets out her bathing suit, putting it on.

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He heads to his room and changes into his swimming trunks and grabs a towel

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((not finished))

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He heads downstairs and waits for Lindsey and when he sees her he smiles and says in his head" dam she fine" ((sorry it cut off.))

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She giggles at his face expression. She walked passed him and outside, diving into the cool lake water. She loved swimming as much as he did.

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